Well, that certainly clears a few things up…


Picture 1: A very intelligent discussion about what kind of leaves make the best makeshift blankets.

Picture 2: In which the prom hosts have to restock their entire meal inventory because two starved foals got to the buffet line.

Picture 3: It started with the two speaking about spiders. It ended with Misfit declaring how upset she was that most ponies give spiders a bad name and how cute she personally thinks they are.

Misfit at the prom with dontstarveponies, Webber. I felt like these two needed a little more than just ‘prom date’ picture. As such, have a (still little) prom montage of them being adorable.


Sometimes as a teenager you get into trouble. Sometimes that means you end up in community service with other young offenders who must pay penance in the form of scraping dog shit off sidewalks, and scrubbing graffiti off walls. Sometimes you wind up in an ice storm that gives you super powers, and you have to learn how to live with them– while serving community service.

Mad Max: Misfits AU
concept by a meaningfuldeath


Mod also has a weakness for cute collabs with other people and excuses to draw Misfit in lil’ outfits. It’s a terminal weakness, actually. One day, it may just lead to my death. Totally worth it, though.

If I were to rewrite The Craft pt.1

Setting: New York, NY

Nancy -> Nicole: Feminist, plus sized and proud of it. Lives with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. She constantly tries to get the two apart telling her mother her boyfriend is abusive. She likes leaving tampons in his beer case in the fridge to piss him off. Puts sexists teacher’s down in class. Leader of the group. 

Sarah -> Sera: Moved to New York from Louisiana. Deep roots in her blood line from powerful witches. Her mother owns a Garden Shop, and keeps Sera’s heritage from her. Sera hates the city, and can’t understand the “fast-talker’s” of the city. She sees a misfit group and wants to get to know them without seeming desperate. She’s into photography and uses it to get information about the friends. And eventually Nicole catches on and pulls her into the group.

Bonnie -> Blaire: She is dealing with her gender identity in the movie trying to dress more feminine finding her friends has helped her to come out of her shell more and gain the confidence to dress how she wants but is still quiet, reserved. She uses the group spell to transition. 

Rochelle -> Renee: Grew up in the city and loves it. Both her parents are activists, and she often participates. Her parent’s wanted her to go to a really good school to forward her success in life but also has to deal with racist upper class brats. She uses smart remarks to deter them but they’re ignorant so they always return for more garbage to spew. She is very creative and up-cycles almost all of her clothes, she hopes to be an earth friendly fashion designer though her parents high standards may not let her go after her dream. 


                                 ——— ⊰ ╰ℊ╮⊱ ———
        ❝ Fuck… ❞   
        Flynn groaned as she kicked the vending machine.
                                 ❝ Listen, I’m sorry. Just give me back my
                             money? I mean. I know you’re hungry but I was
                            thirsty and you haven’t given me my pop yet.❞

i want to finish misfits but i want to start x files (start as in actually appreciate because i used to watch it as a kid but never understood it)