Some say Caduceus fell in love with a patient’s intestines, and since then he’s been diving into open wounds of hapless victims cut up upon the Medic’s operating bench in search of happiness. She swears he’s probably not poisonous.

I went and redesigned YLO Medic’s pet snake after seeing the Backstabber’s Boomslang (and surprisingly learning the differences between snakes that constrict to snakes that bite).

And here he is.



I also guess this is now the first (kinda) concept art for an item, since you know, there’s Archimedes as a cosmetic item. So maybe once we see more of the YLO mercs, it won’t be long till we see a Caduceus model.

And yes, Cad’s YLO Medic’ little good boy. Go ahead and imagine YLO Medic saying baby talk to her little boy (Oh and she has other snakes too btw :P All kinds of snakes…ssssss).

I like to thank Mrs-cheese ( for help on the German. Description written by Numbuh37


Ichiban Kuji Mekakucity Actors ~Let’s「play」!!~

Release Date: January 17 2015

520 yen/time

Twitter Campaign: December 15 2014 ~January 17 2015

○ Life set(A, B, G set) 3 people
○ School set(E, F, Last one Set)3 people
○ Character Set(C, D, H Set)3 people

A: Big blanket 

B: Mekakushi Cap

C: Sports towel .Boy’s ver

D: Sports towel .Girl’s ver

E: Multi Pouch

F: Clearfile set

G: Wristband

H: Rubber strap

Last one: Tote bag

Double chance: Tapestry


Native People, Art, & New Ideas Come Together:
In Active Process, critique and creativity, time allows for everything. I didn’t know Indian Country Today newspaper used my images in their #NotYourMascot article. I’m honored.

As an artist and curator I tire easily of most artistic & visual cliche’ metaphors. I often hope my photographic work helps people take a glimpse into a more powerful & positive reality of Native life here on the res. Not a glamour shot via new anthropology, but our reality with respect to the everyman and woman here on the res. The hardworking single Mother, the kid who skates for fun , not fame. The young lovers holding hands with oppression while looking to a future and the young displaced academic creating ideas to take “home” are all important.

I never liked white lies and manipulation. I’ve seen enough “poverty porn”, “plight of the Red Man” and “Vanishing Race” anthropology / pity images to last a life time. How can Native kids become proud if all they’re ever shown is negative stereotype, thug, savage, artifact, anthropology & mascot images in American mass media? Even the noble red man photos stylings of history give us the sense that this time of Indian Power & Respect is now gone (never to return). 

This is false and Indian people are in a constant process of self-discovery, renewal, creativity and self-preservation NOW, whether you see it, understand it, like it, or not. 

Of course I do not have all the answers on how to address every issue that faces us all. I do have a mind to share and thank you for sharing yours (& time) with me. For inquiries about publishing the photography of Douglas Miles email

Douglas MILES

Artist / Photographer
( all photos except group photo of Apache Concepts mural in Durango CO, c. Douglas Miles )

saved the world, but lost myself. was it worth it? i guess it’s too late to ask now.


Project 21: Washington Redskins Rebrand

Sports are a big passion of mine. I love the loyalty, dedication, and community involved with being a fan of a sports team. So, for my rebrand, I really wanted to have fun with this and go in a totally different direction that the current Redskins branding. 

I decided on the name ‘Washington Agents’ because the D.C. area is appropriately home to countless security organizations. The idea of an ‘Agent’ also has a lot of visual markers that immediately come to mind that would allow the name to be embraced and ownable by the fans.

I’m a huge fan of when sports teams and a library of secondary or auxiliary marks that can be taken advantage of in different contexts, mediums, etc. So, I created a handful of secondary marks that the fans can go crazy with.

I hope y’all had as much fun looking at this project as I did making it :)


I feel like I got to a point - with Boss Monster - where it really was an unhealthy obsession. My contributions to “my own project” were not good, and the idea of abandoning a project at first really scared me, but I get more and more annoyed going back to offering “closure” on the project that I KNOW not working on it was the best thing for me. I still feel a weird mix of embarrassment and guilt and anger seeing Sebastian as my icon, everywhere, but I don’t know what else to shift to. I am an artist with no mascot or tied-on project, currently, other than “hobbyist with stupid characters”.

I get angry at myself, sure, because there are so many brilliant artists who stick with a thing and hammer it out, and there are these great sources on how to STAY with a project, to motivate people to keep working, but.

I’d hate to undo the work and legitimacy of those thoughts, but I feel like quitting THIS PARTICULAR PROJECT was the best thing for me, after I spent eight years redoing it. I feel better not stressing over the deadline of a comic with a story that I couldn’t commit to. I don’t have to worry about makeovers of designs and personalities that I have to make careful choices about, after writing them from a narrow, hamfisted and problematic point of view I can now avoid in future stories.

I’m just not sure if this makes me a loser or a quitter, or embarrasses all the people who supported me at first, or not. I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed anyone who isn’t me.