Mars Volta Collection

Top: De-Loused in the Comatorium, first press on double silver coloured vinyl, presented in gatefold sleeve.

2nd Row: De-Loused in the Comatorium, gatefold jacket, silver vinyl and inner sleeves.

3rd Row: Francis The Mute/The Widow, 12” limited edition single on green vinyl.

4th Row: The Widow, 12” limited edition pic disc single.

5th Row: Francis The Mute, first press on triple vinyl, presented in tri-fold sleeve, side 4 etched with man climbing tree picture (see the Widow pic disc).

Bottom: Francis The Mute, gatefold jacket.



  • Noctourniquet, 1st Press, Orange & Blue, /6000

probably the band i listened to the most throughout highschool. helped me through grade 9 and 10 when i didnt have many friends and much things to do with my spare time. the one thing i did have was The Mars Volta. They always please me (yes, i LOVE octahedron… deal with it) and they always make me feel better. enjoy the photos guys