Sirius: “Evans, you haven’t stopped smiling since we got here. Did you really miss us that much?”
Lily: “It’s just great to see all of you.”
Remus: “Awwww, it’s great to see you to Lily.”
Peter: “Ya James hasn’t stopped talking about you since break started.”
James: “Shut up Wormtail.”
Peter: “Well it’s true.”
James: “Whatever, it’s great to see you Lily.”
Lily: “It’s great to see you to James.”

ok so we’ve all seen that post about how the avengers would react to a creeper hitting on a girl in a bar

but imagine how the harry potter characters would react

  • harry would quickly slide in, using his “boy who lived famous 5ever” status to distract the creep, giving the girl a chance to slip away
  • ron would just walk up and be like “oi what the hell is your problem” because fuck it he was no tact
  • hermione would either calmly tell the guy to leave and invite the girl to sit with her or go BALLISTIC and hex him depending on her mood
  • ginny would just hex him
  • luna would start talking about nargles or some shit and scare the guy off
  • neville would approach the guy, a bit nervous, and politely but firmly tell him to back off
  • dean and seamus would start making out to make the guy uncomfortable and make him go away
  • so would james and sirius, i guarantee it
  • lily would OWN that motherfucker verbally and we all know it
  • hagrid would just loom over the guy and just glare until he left
  • mcgonagall would turn into a cat and yowl in his face really loudly
  • remus would tell him to leave and if that didn’t work, after three warnings, he’d step aside so lily could hex him
  • fleur would distract the guy, get him to hit on her instead, and then slam that motherfucker’s forehead into the table while bill cheered in the background
  • bill would start hitting on the guy in an equally creepy fashion
  • mclaggen… was probably the guy tbh

I feel like we always assume the marauders found out Remus is a werewolf because they’re clever–which, in part, yes–but remember that Remus Lupin nearly flings his briefcase across the room when Harry asks if he knew Sirius and he’s like NO WHY DO YOU ASK??? So, I think more realistically, 13 year old Remus was probably even a worse liar than 33 year old Remus and it’s a miracle the whole school didn’t find out

What actually happened while the Marauders were at Hogwarts
  • Sirius:I'm gonna do the thing!
  • Remus:No.
  • James:Me too!
  • Remus:N-
  • Peter:I might join in doing the thing as well!
  • Remus:...
  • Sirius:Come on Moony, do the thing too!
  • Remus:The thing would get us all in trouble.
  • Sirius:*puppy dog eyes*
  • Remus:N-
  • Sirius:*puppy dog eyes intensify*
  • Remus:Fine.
  • Remus:I told you so.