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What if Ayato and Hinami found a human child lost and orphaned in the streets, and instead of eating them they instead raise the kid? While being a human living in the Ghoul world and having as parents two high-ranking Aogiri executives, the child would be feared, hated and desired all at the same time. This child would grow up into being a mix between Juuzou and Arima when it comes to "human who kicks ghoul ass hard and is feared by them".

Oh my god I’m down with that

lets think about something better. like jotaro and kakyoin working together at a fast food restaurant and jotaro having to go into the play area to retrieve a lost child coworker (its polnareff) whilst joseph is the owner of the place, abdul and iggy are regular customers, and dio is that one guy who frequents the drive through (always hijacking a strangers car and having them drive him through) and has absolutely no idea how to order properly and is a pain in the ass takes 10 minutes to order and everyone pities the guy who has to serve him.

Sometimes I think about kid!Ryouma and Hinoka trying to rescue Kamui themselves. There were tons of totally sound reasons why the adults weren’t launching a rescue mission themselves: they lacked the manpower, the chance that they would succeed is very low, they had just signed a truce and invading Nohr would risk all out war and they couldn’t put the entire country on the line just for one person. All of this was lost of Ryouma and Hinoka (ages 12 and 9) who could only see that their sibling had been kidnapped and no one was doing anything about it so it fell to them. Takumi and Sakura (ages 5 and 3) were too young so they were left out of this. And so the elder two nab some weapons and armor that is only slightly too big for them and plan this grand scheme to save Kamui…and are promptly caught by the guards outside the Hoshidan palace. Their mother was furious when she found out that they had tried something so stupid. She had already lost one child, and wasn’t about to let her oldest two run off on a painfully naive suicide mission, so she had to have a very difficult and brutally honest talk with them about how Kamui wasn’t coming back and couldn’t be rescued and that they needed m to accept that they would probably never see Kamui again. That was the first time Ryouma cried since Kamui’s abduction, when he finally realized that Kamui wasn’t coming home.

Shiro throwing a snowball at Kuroh and initiating a snowball fight in which Neko comes out the winner.

Neko helping a lost child find their way home before nightfall.

Neko comforting Kuroh and Shiro whenever the two really need it and being known as the best hugger in the group.

Neko and Shiro playing a prank on Kuroh and neither of them recalling who originally came up with the idea.


This scene looks fab. Great lighting, great set, obviously bigger budget so there’s a lot of scope and height and space to create this alien forest with more chance to do different shots. And Susan is actually scared finally. When she was sent off to retrieve the drugs she put up no fuss at all (and neither did any of the adults strangely!) But here she really does look like a real child lost in the woods, and the green glow makes it kind of eerie and really captures the alien feel. 

Let’s Talk Chuck - The Lost Cunningham Child 

One of the joys of Classic TV is watching a character develop over many episodes. Seeing a vaguely sketched in, stereotypical even, person develop into someone that we really love as we view their actions across time. The exact opposite joy is watching a show introduce a character (usually at the start of the series) and for whatever reason getting rid of them or phasing them out. Some prime examples are: Coco the House Boy on The Golden Girls. All those young ladies in the first season of The Facts of Life. And, a favorite of mine, Oliver Wendell Douglas’ mother in the first couple seasons of Green Acres… [more]

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The Lost Child (Handmaid’s Theme)

Could you imagine being bought up around no one of your own species, having no lusus and constantly being told you have a dead end existence? Never being able to make friends, to be intimate with anyone before you’ve time traveled away and they’re gone? And finally when you can meet someone who acknowledges that you exists, its too late and you die.

You’d feel lost too…