Some of my favorite Barry Messy Ass Allen moments

1. Barry Allen has never felt the need to use his poker face around Eddie. Why bother? We all know he barely tolerates Eddie.Funny how whether he is in the Flash costume or out of it he always finds time to ask Iris how things are going with her and Eddie. He longs to hear the words it’s over.

2. Barry giving Iris a replica of her mother’s ring that she lost as a child. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice gesture, genuine, thoughtful, heartfelt but inappropriate given she has a man. They have been friends for years so why now when Iris is in a relationship he decides this is the right time to give such a gift? This is so messy. So Barry.

3.Confessing his love to Iris. I know he confessed his feelings with no expectations. Yet he declares his love for Iris while she is in a relationship. Add this act to his ever growing messy column.

4.Barry introducing Linda to Iris. Now on the surface it seems innocent. Right? Barry is just trying to move on…..Introduce your “new girlfriend” to your best friend. This is Barry Allen we are talking about so look at this fool with his hands on his waist and I’m not sure if it’s a smile/smirk or smugness that is on his face while he’s looking at Iris. He’s hoping that Iris will get jealous.

5.Shared messiness is the best. I loved every moment of this scene because Iris is not messy at all but she joined his royal highness of messy. These two were just being themselves, being best friends and in their own little world. This was loaded with mess because of 1) Iris wiping Barry’s mouth….I mean she dashed across the room to do so and 2) Barry and Iris both acknowledging that bowling is their favorite thing unbeknownst to their respective partners. 3) this also confirmed Eddie and Linda’s suspicions that Iris and Barry are more than just friends.This was really a date between Barry and Iris.  MESSY!!! 

6. I said this before if you looked at Barry’s body language you would think he was asking Iris for her number. It was like Iris was bowling with her friends and Barry interrupted them to come over to talk to her. Dayum.

7. So here we have Barry having a drink with Cisco. Barry is telling Cisco he and Linda broke up. He is smiling. He is happy. Cisco is confused over Barry’s reaction to the break up. Only Barry is aware of what happened between him and Iris before time reset. So in Barry’s mind this is a celebration. As far as Barry is concerned it’s about to be on with Iris West.  Damn. Messy. Barry Allen.   Linda who???

8. This scene was just awkward. Barry was bursting with excitement. Bless his messy heart. Barry wasted no time by telling Iris he knows how she feels about him and  if that wasn’t bad enough he tells her that they should stop talking and start doing. Barry didn’t realize until it was too late that the special moment he had with Iris was erased in this timeline. Things have not changed for Iris. So, Iris rightfully is annoyed and angry at Barry. He’s coming off as so disrespectful to her and her relationship with Eddie.  

9. Of course being messy has its consequences. Eddie punches Barry after learning how he made Iris uncomfortable.To add to the mess Barry goes along with Caitlin’s lightning psychosis to explain his odd behavior

10. Meeting with Iris as the Flash. Now if this isn’t the epitome of messy I don’t know what is…..he is flirting with Iris as The Flash. He is having moments with Iris on rooftops as The Flash. He is all up in her space….and loving every second of it. He is listening to his best friend talk to the Flash, asking him to help her friend who has lost his way. 

Wearing my Westallen shipper’s hat the scenes between Iris and Barry/The Flash were great. Just take a look at that gif. Seriously how could you not love it. Confident Barry. Look at Iris. My messy shipper’s heart was hoping all kinds of things would happen….Sigh….

Taking off my shipper’s hat this was the messiest  because of the level of trust she had for The Flash/Barry. Most times I usually enjoy when Barry is being messy but the lying reached absurd levels. So I gleefully wanted Iris to drag his lying ass when she found out the truth.  

Barry is not perfect. He makes mistakes. He is flawed. His messiness and pettiness (increases especially when it involves his feelings for Iris and Eddie was around ) is what makes me enjoy his character so much. I hope for Season 2  there will be much more of Barry Messy Ass Allen

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“They’re two great tastes that taste great together,” goes the classic advertisement, but what if you have two tastes that aren’t so great? “The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone” answers that, as it combines the questionable flavours of “Bats!” and “Over a Barrel” to create something more palatable than either, but still likely to leave a weird taste in your mouth.

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Paradise Lost The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills.
Original two sided postcard advertisement for the release of the first documentary from HBO on the West Memphis Three child murders.
The three convicted killers; Damien Echols, Charles Jason Baldwin and Jessie Lloyd Misskelley Jr. have been released from prison, though their convctions not overturned.

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[TYER] English Mouretsu Pirates ED - "LOST CHILD" [Feat. Group]

Title:    “LOST CHILD”
Artist:    Momoiro Clover Z 

Lyrics:   Spiral
Vocals:  Chioku, Mero, Rachellular, Spiral, Sorachu, AmyAnn, Janie, Saki
Mixing:  Jefferz






Into the space




what ís going on

Here we are, are you ready now? Cause we’re breaking out at the speed of sound
Can we fly beyond To the world unknown?
My future in the atmosphere

This is my time; this is history Cause the future is bright and i’m sure you’ll see
Is it true if I hope for a better world
That my dreams will be waiting there round the bend?

Here in my heart
It’s hiding deep from within

You’ll never know
The other me I never show




What ís going on

Can I reach you?

Go go go go calling out so- go go call me out

Will it all end

Go go go go calling out

I’ll keep on searching til you’re found

Is there really a world where we’re never lonely
A place we’ll never lose our way
We’ll cry~ out~ “what’s the meaning?” “what’s the reason?”
“How can we make it through?”
Cause the future waiting- is slowly falling out of sight
We were destined to throw the shadows in the light
So now~ we- know the meaning, know the reason
Why we must make it through

We’ll believe this much is true

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The Lost Child (Handmaid’s Theme)

Could you imagine being bought up around no one of your own species, having no lusus and constantly being told you have a dead end existence? Never being able to make friends, to be intimate with anyone before you’ve time traveled away and they’re gone? And finally when you can meet someone who acknowledges that you exists, its too late and you die.

You’d feel lost too…


All my love to those whose mothers have died.

All my love to those whose mothers are abusive or neglectful.

All my love to those mothers who’ve lost a child.

All my love to those who want to be a mother but can’t.

In short, all my love to those that find Mother’s Day to be painful.