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can you do a blurb or imagine (your choice) about what Justin would do if you have a miscarriage after buying all of the babies things and being ready to have the baby?

ok this is so sad omg so i think Justin would be trying really hard to be strong for you but of course he just lost a child too. you guys already had all your baby stuff and the nursery all set up. you guys would probably go and sit in there. sometimes you would sit on the floor against the crib and you would prob start crying he would pull you even closer and tell you that everything is gonna be ok. that you guys can try again. he wouldn’t want you to know that he’s crying too but you could feel his tears on your head and i cant anymore omg byE

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╥ ((Alicandra being a lost child is the best way for her to meet people))

The sounds of sobs echoed throughout the cold halls, but the one making the sound was mostly hidden from sight, wolves resting as his lap and on his shoulders, trying their best to comfort their distraught master.

Mairon glanced up with tear-stains and mascara across his freckled cheeks, eyes going wide as he noticed the stranger.

She did not move, her lips did not part. Her fingers creating swirls
in the dusts upon the windowsill. She had been committed against
her will, locked up and left behind in a place she knew nothing about.
Even though she was seventeen years old, she felt as if a child.
Lost in her own world, oblivious to the chaos around her. 

When I was younger I fucking loved Pocahontas. I loved it so god damn much. I was constantly watching the movie and dressed up as Pocahontas like 3 years for Halloween. She spoke to me on some kind of 6 year old spiritual level. One day my dad took me to this water park called Big Surf. It’s super crappy, but I loved it. I was playing in a sand pit when my dad told me he was going to the restroom but he’d be right back, I didn’t care I was building hella tight sand castles. But some well-meaning mother thought I was a lost orphan child and took me up to the office where they’ll make lost kid announcements. So these guys asked me my name but the thing is, I’d been going on this super strong Pocahontas bond. So I told them my name was most certainly Pocahontas, and yes that absolutely is my real name and they had no choice to call it over the intercom. My dad told me that he could hear a ripple of laughter through out the park and even the guy making the announcement was laughing. Luckily, my dad had a pretty good idea who it was.

2 May 1998: the battle of hogwarts

17 years ago today, people fought for freedom. 

17 years ago today, Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin died fighting for what they believed in: love and equality. 17 years ago today, Teddy Lupin became an orphan.

17 years ago today, Fred Weasley died fighting for family and joy. 17 years ago today, two became one and nine became eight.

17 years ago today, Colin Creevey and Lavender Brown fought for education and their friends. 17 years ago today, a boy lost his older brother and role model and two couples lost their child.

17 years ago today, Severus Snape died because he stayed loyal to the man who gave him a second chance. He died fighting for forgiveness. 

17 years ago today, 50 others died too. Leaving family and friends.  

Let us raise our wands in memory of all who fought bravely for what they believed in. They all fought for freedom and love, knowing that if they’d lose, they’d lose many friends and family. They didn’t want to live in a society were muggle-borns would be killed or had to go into hiding. They didn’t want to live in a society filled with darkness. They fought for light and goodness, because they knew that living without love isn’t living at all.