“I am adult Simba, which I am always fond of telling people. Adult Simba always had a slight X-rated sound to me.”

-Matthew Broderick

In honor of The Lion King's 3D release, we'd be remiss not to mention Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) as the voice of “adult” Simba. 

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"The Lion King is my favorite movie of all time and it affected me so much when I first watched it. I cried passionately for Mufasa even though I was just two years old. So, when I heard it’s coming out in 3D again I was so excited to see it.But at the movie theatre, all the people sitting around me were rude and noisy, kicking my seat and giggling at the emotional parts. I already knew people have lost their respect…but I had no idea that they could still be so disgusting during a Disney movie."

Confession: I'm expecting to cry during Circle of Life and Mufassa's death when I go see The Lion King in 3D.

I’ll get to the theatre and be like:

I’ll take my seat like:

The sun will rise over the savannah and I’ll be all:

Simba will be presented to the animals and I’ll be like:

And then Mufassa will be killed and I’ll be all:

Ya. Welcome to my life.


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