Kagerou Project Can Badge Set

These can badge sets were sold at ANIMATE stores last December. Apparently there were neither online orders (yes, only if you pay 1100 - 1300 yen for a 540 yen set) nor any kind of official news whatsoever available about them.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky trying to re-learn how to drive a car

"My driving is fine, Steve.”

We are eighty miles over the speed limit.

"Yeah, on an empty road in the middle of nowhere. Don’t be a buzzkill!"

"Would you rather I be roadkill?"

"I was there in Nazi Germany, Steve. I know damn well what your driving looks like.”

"That was different! We were being chased by a tank!"

"And I’m being chased by cops, probably."

"And you think that’s an argument in your favour, do you?"

"Damn right I do."


"Admit it. You’re having fun."

"…little bit."

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hi omg i just wanted to say that your zosan gives me life and your art is so very pretty in general and hhhh i love it!!

OMG,I can not stop smiling!
Thank you so muchhh.
And I have to tell you that I do love your art too!Especially how you colored it,that is so so so fantastic!!/screaming


“Under normal circumstances, humans should have continued to evolve as the greatest creatures upon this earth, but we were actually regressing. A rotten world. Politics, law, education… Was there anybody around who could correct this world? But someone had to do it.”

Happy Birthday Yagami Light (2/28-2015)


supernatural url-inspired graphic challenge
↳ glorioustiel vs wiccasam