“Emerge” by Danielle Trudeau

Face the light.

I like bears. My local zoo has a pretty impressive Polar Bear exhibit (including one bear that was hand-raised, the zookeepers will be the first people to say that Hudson is a terrible example of a bear, but a fantastic dog), so I’ve spent a lot of time observing polars lately. They’re magnificent animals with a story that has the potential to become sad.

I couldn’t resist the gorgeous lighting I caught in one of my photos, dramatic lighting makes everything better.
It was a struggle to properly paint wet fur, its all triangles triangles triangles. But I also got to include little water droplets so yaaay~

Acrylics on canvas

Day 3. Sorry for the late post, was running around all day. Anyways one of my favorite of the Harry Potter films “Prisoner of Azkaban.” Alfonso Cuaron use of lighting in his films is just gorgeous.

What I Learnerd: Less is more. The ability to simplify lighting into graphic shapes really helps to push the mood of a scene. The lighting encases the actor almost as bars of a prison. Something you may not get but you definitely feel as a viewer.

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Can I be honest with you guys for a second?

Forget about sentence structure or writing style, this is what has been on my heart:

God has broken serious barriers. God has tore away the walls of depression in my life. God has validated my existence by sending HIS precious Son. He has removed my sin as far from the east from the west. God, The Creator of the Universe took me out of death, into His life. He took me from the darkest nights of shame into His gorgeous light that revealed all of His mercy and grace. The powerful blood of Christ has been poured out, not just for me, but for the entire world. He left His throne and lowered Himself, to our place. He died and rose again, forever glorified- In this there is endless joy, perfect peace and the salvation of souls who believe in it. This is the gospel. 

But let me just tell you who I was before I came to truly accept and know this. I was insecure about every in and out of my entire life. I hated the way I looked, I hated my voice, I hated the idea that I couldn’t change who I was. I did everything possible to please everyone around me in attempts to find meaning and purpose. I looked out for darkness and dwelled in it, thinking that’s where I would find my place. I took note of those who wronged me, I let those who bullied me change me. I allowed the negativity to seep into my heart. I was a hateful person, though I claimed to know God, I really did not. But He knew me. He formed me, He knew how I felt. He understood my human nature. And He still lavished grace upon grace, He still poured out His love upon my life. He waited with arms wide open for the day I would come back, but I didn’t. 

It took me 19 years to do so. When I was so wrapped up in fear and anxiety, He brought me in. He took me out of the pit I wallowed in because I was too comfortable to leave it. This is God. An eternal, holy, worthy, being, who is also completely personal, wonderful, good, faithful, gracious, kind, perfect and oh so good. So good that He reached down the pit of death to pull us out of it. Recently, I have grown so much, but with a past like that it’s difficult for the old self to not come back. So I battle with insecurity, I battle with fear, I wrestle with knowing God, I am lazy in devoting myself to Him, I constantly compare myself to others, I criticise and fail Him daily, but He gives more grace. His perfect peace abounds far beyond my anxiety. He gives me strength to love others, He empowers me to speak even when that is the last thing I want to do. His Spirit quenches my thirst. I will continue to fight this fight and walk this walk because God is faithful. I will fail Him daily, but His grace catches me. We all want to be validated and loved and accepted, but through faith and by grace God has already done those things for us. Through His Son we are unconditionally validated, completely loved, truly accepted. We sin a lot more than we think we do, yet He has grace. Seek Him now. Everyday is a battle, but He has the victory. Don’t let your sin affect how you love and serve Him (and others), It is finished. Trust in Him. 

I love you guys.


The Signs as Different Types of Flowers

Aries: Hibiscus; come in beautiful shades of yellow, peach and red, look to be full of life, very big but come in small amounts

Taurus: Baby Blue Eyes; gorgeous light blue, very gentle flowers, grows best in summer

Gemini: Plumeria Flower; yellow in the middle faded to white or pink at the tips, used in Hawaii to make leis

Cancer: Water Lilies; provide shade and protection (for the fishies), turn many different colors warm and cool

Leo: Dahlias; catches peoples’ attention, very big and colorful, can be damaged easily

Virgo: Jade Vine Flowers; pointed on the ends, come in bunches

Libra: Lilacs; memorable fragrance, might come in blue, lavender, pink, red, purple yellow or white. also are low maintenance

Scorpio: Rose; romantic but they have their thorns, lovely smell

Sagittarius: Gardenia; heat-loving, evergreen shrubs, best planted nowhere near concrete

Capricorn: Honeysuckle; work to provide nectar for humming birds and butterflies, colorful trumpet-shaped flowers

Aquarius: Spirea; produce so many flowers in the spring!!!, easy to take care of, come in pink, red, yellow, or white

Pisces: Wisteria; bloom in spring in big clusters, sweet smelling, might come in blue, white, red or lavender

I freaking love Crestwood!! The post-rift-sealed lighting and the colour palette are GORGEOUS, the landscape is beautiful, and it’s not frustrating to run around (you don’t have to backtrack half the map if you can’t jump up the damn cliff). And the story is so intense! Sad but amazing, makes me feel. It gave me strong Tien’s Landing (Jade Empire) feelings, and man, do I love Jade Empire. Crestwood is my favourite location in DA:I. They really did a fantastic job with it!