Encounters of a Demonic Kind

Xeria is surprised to find herself dreaming when she sleeps one night. Normally her sleeping pills prevent dreams from coming to her so this one takes her by surprise. She’s in some forest at night wearing nothing but a simple white dress. It doesn’t seem exceptionally dark or threatening like mosts forest do at night. There’s a clear sky and the moon and some fireflies provide enough light to see by. It’s just peaceful.

She wanders through it a bit before she finds a strange clearing. It’s strange due to the presence of a large bed at it’s center and the fact that theres moss growing on the trees and ground that give off a soft glow. She simply shrugs though. When she was little, before she started taking the pills that stopped her dreams she would dream up stranger things than a bed in a forest with some glowing moss. She goes and sits down on the bed finding it’s very comfortable. Laying back she admires the stars above her.

She suddenly hears a strange noise from the forest and sits up frowning a bit, “who’s there?” She calls out, wondering what it could be.


Blue Ghost Fireflies, North Carolina

A forest floor in North Carolina is traced with the movement of blue ghost fireflies in this time-lapse image by Spencer Black, who says the element of surprise compels him toward long-exposure photography.

"These fireflies are unique because their blink pattern is much longer than the common firefly and they hover about a foot off the ground," says Black. "Witnessing them by the thousands, floating above the forest floor in complete darkness, is truly an incredible experience."

Photograph by Spencer Black