they say time heals all wounds
but that’s a lie
time hides all wounds
but not well enough
it can’t hide the shadows
it can’t silence the demons
it can’t make me sleep at night 
because at nights the shadows come out
the demons run free
they torture me with skeletons from my past
make me re-watch my saddest moments
on a video that’s stuck on repeat 
it means I see the moment you left
I watch you walk out that door
leaving a whole in my heart 
that remains empty 
so don’t you ever come back 
because the wounds you gave me
can never be healed 
and never be hidden 
because my arms and legs
are my proof of what you did 
and how it left me broken
—  sorry I had to rant

one time like 3-4 years ago i fell mid-jump in ballet and landed on my back and for some fuckin reason we never checked it out and even now it like. still hurts. to stand for more than like 5 minutes max 

Okay but a Harry Potter UA where Harry isn’t able to come back at the end of Deathly Hallows. He succeeded in leaving Voldemort almost mortal once again, but he’s not around to kill him anymore. So as the battle rages on, it’s up to the survivors to end Voldemort once and for all.

Neville takes out Nagini and strips away Voldy’s last protection.

Molly takes out Bellatrix and strips away Voldy’s last lieutenant.

His rage is boundlesss, but his curses can’t hold.

And into the void steps Ginny. The first Weasley daughter in over a century, the seventh child of a seventh child, the girl more familiar with the inner workings of Voldemort’s soul than anyone else alive. Protected by Harry’s sacrifice, fearless and burning with righteous fury, she takes the stage.

And at long last, Ginevra Weasley has her triumph over Tom Riddle.