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Report: Jets fined $100K by NFL in Darrelle Revis tampering case

The NFL has fined the New York Jets $100,000 for tampering in relation to their signing of cornerback Darrelle Revis in March, the New York Daily News reports.

The Jets will not lose any draft picks due to the ruling.

The NFL sent an investigator to the Jets’ facility in Florham Park, N.J. during the three-day negotiating window that preceded the beginning of free agency to question general manager Mike Maccagnan about his team’s pursuit of Revis. Owner Woody Johnson said in late December that he’d “love for Darrelle to come back.”

The Jets filed a tampering charge against the Patriots in March after Robert Kraft admitted that “the fan in me wishes he (Revis) was still with us.” The league will not punish the Patriots for those remarks, according to the league source.

Revis, who spent his first six seasons with the Jets, racked up 47 tackes and two interceptions with the Super Bowl-champion Patriots last season.

He returned to the Jets after agreeing to a 5-year, $70 million deal during the free agent signing period.

As a Lifelong Jets Fan, It is Time to Say Goodbye to Them.

With the 6th Pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Jets selected defensive tackle Leonard Williams from USC. Williams is a 6-foot-5, 302-pound athletic powerhouse. He was a 2 –time All- American and a two-time, 1st team All- Pac-12 player. Williams is widely considered to be the top player in the draft. So as a lifelong Jets fan, why aren’t I happy with this pick?  The more things change, the more things stay the same. The Jets fired Rex Ryan after last season and hired Arizona’s defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. This is the 4th time in 5 years the Jets drafted a defensive lineman in the first round. In a vertical passing league, the Jets continue to believe that they can win with defense.

There is no doubt that Williams was the best player left on the board. But, I don’t subscribe to the NFL theory that you have to take the best player available. For example… if a team has Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman and the best player in the draft is a cornerback, do they take him? Absolutely not.


The last time the Jets won a Super Bowl was 1969. Coincidentally, that was last time the Jets had a franchise quarterback, Joe Namath.  Here is a list of Jets quarterbacks, since their last Super Bowl appearance.

Quarterbacks and games they started:

2014 Geno Smith (13) / Michael Vick (3)

2013 Geno Smith (16)

2012 Mark Sanchez (15) / Greg McElroy (1)

2011 Mark Sanchez (16)

2010 Mark Sanchez (16)

2009 Mark Sanchez (15) / Kellen Clemens (1)

2008 Brett Favre (16)

2007 Chad Pennington (8) / Kellen Clemens (8)

2006 Chad Pennington (16)

2005 Brooks Bollinger (9) / Vinny Testaverde (4) / Chad Pennington (3)

2004 Chad Pennington (13) / Quincy Carter (3)

2003 Chad Pennington (9) / Vinny Testaverde (7)

2002 Chad Pennington (12) / Vinny Testaverde (4)

2001 Vinny Testaverde (16)

2000 Vinny Testaverde (16)

1999 Ray Lucas (9) / Rick Mirer (6) / Vinny Testaverde (1)

1998 Vinny Testaverde (13) / Glenn Foley (3)

1997 Neil O'Donnell (14) / Glenn Foley (2)

1996 Frank Reich (7) / Neil O'Donnell (6) / Glenn Foley (3)

1995 Boomer Esiason (12) / Bubby Brister (4)

1994 Boomer Esiason (14) / Jack Trudeau (2)

1993 Boomer Esiason (16)

1992 Browning Nagle (13) / Ken O'Brien (3)

1991 Ken O'Brien (16)

1990 Ken O'Brien (16)

1989 Ken O'Brien (12) / Tony Eason (2) / Pat Ryan (1) / Kyle Mackey (1)

1988 Ken O'Brien (12) / Pat Ryan (4)

1987 Ken O'Brien (12) / David Norrie (2) / Pat Ryan (1)

1986 Ken O'Brien (14) / Pat Ryan (2)

1985 Ken O'Brien (16)

1984 Pat Ryan (11) / Ken O'Brien (5)

1983 Richard Todd (16)

1982 Richard Todd (9)

1981 Richard Todd (16)

1980 Richard Todd (16)

1979 Richard Todd (15) / Matt Robinson (1)

1978 Matt Robinson (11) / Richard Todd (5)

1977 Richard Todd (11) / Matt Robinson (1) / Marty Domres (2)


Besides Brett Favre. who was clearly passed his prime, the Jets haven’t had one great quarterback in 46 years.


I was born into being a Jets fan. My dad and older brothers were fans, so I just followed along. It really has been like an arranged marriage of sorts. But the Jets remind me of my ex- girlfriend. I was passionate about them, gave them loyalty love and support, but what have they given me? Like my ex, absolutely nothing. I have never seen the Jets in a Super Bowl. I have never gone into a season thinking, this is the year they win it all. 80% of that reasoning is because they Jets have never had an elite quarterback. The Jets had the opportunity to trade up and get Marcus Mariota from Oregon. They didn’t do it. I don’t care what it would have cost, they should have traded up for him. If you look at the last four teams left in last year’s NFL Playoffs they all had elite quarterbacks.  (Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers). Brady has been winning for years with no running game and no elite wide receivers.  If Tennessee wasn’t interested in trading they would have never listened to offers.

The Jets just don’t it as an organization. No matter how good your defense is, without an elite playmaker you can’t win a Super Bowl.  The NFL has implemented rules over the last ten years that favor the offense. More and more teams are turning to a hurry up style of offense. Chip Kelly changed college football and he is doing the same thing in the NFL. You need a quarterback who can run and throw in today’s NFL. Wilson ran for over 800 yards last year and was 1 play away from winning back to back Super Bowls. Marcus Mariota is going to be an elite quarterback. The Jets could have traded up for him and they didn’t. They were conservative like they have been for years. And to quote Yoda, “That is why you (they) fail,”


It is time for me to say goodbye to the New York Jets. I would say it has been fun, but it hasn’t. It was clearly a 1 sided relationship. I am excited for a new team (Titans) and a new relationship. I deserve better and so do Jets fans.

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“He’s a developing player, just like all young quarterbacks, and there’s going to be some good and some not-so-good. Before you can drive a Cadillac you have to be able to drive a Ford. If they get everything good around him, I think it will go well. Right now, I don’t think he can take the team completely on his shoulders.”

April 27, 2015 - Tune In April 30th Coast to Coast AM w/George Noory.

3 Hours Earthfiles news updates begin 11 PM Pacific / 2 AM Eastern:

— Roswell UFO High Strangeness Metal Described by
Lockheed Martin Engineer. Report upcoming.

“The man in black heated the square of aluminum until it glowed orange
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- Son of Lockheed Martin engineer’s handling alleged Roswell UFO metal

— Delta-Shaped UFO “Broadcasting” Jet Engine-Type Roar.
Report upcoming.

“The delta-shaped aerial craft had no after burner, was flying at my
rooftop and the sound seemed to be ‘broadcast’ from it rather than from the engine.”

- Retired DoD Administrator, Rhode Island

— Power of Souls After Death to Interact with Earth Matter World.
Report upcoming.

“My wife, who I knew was deceased at the scene (car crash), was there
with me in a bubble of light. She was emphatic 'You’ve got to go back.'”

- Jeffrey Olsen, Survivor with young son after wife and baby instantly
killed in car crash near Bountiful, Utah

— The Guardian Angel Phenomenon. Report upcoming.

“There are very specific examples of people who are in life and death
struggles where the presence, or angel, or call it what you will, actually gives
specific advice or will literally take someone by the hand and direct them.”

- John Geiger, CEO, Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Author,
The Angel Effect and The Third Man Factor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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“I hope we can make it more interesting for him so he doesn’t have to eat hot dogs.”

Raiders coach Hue Jackson, who showed his team film of Jets QB Mark Sanchez eating a hot dog during the 38-0 Jets rout of Oakland in 2009. The game was to be the last for RB Leon Washington in a Jets uniform. Washington broke his leg that day and was dealt to Seattle on draft day of 2010.

Active Jets land polarizing Petty: 'Can be a good QB' - New York Post

Active Jets land polarizing Petty: ‘Can be a good QB’ – New York Post

Active Jets land polarizing Petty: ‘Can be a good QB’

New York Post
“I’m so excited to be a Jet right now and get to further my playing career in New York, and that’s all I’m worried about now. I’m still very confident in my abilities. I think you have to, as any competitor, especially at quarterback and especially at
Bryce Petty to New York Jets: Full Draft-Pick BreakdownBleacher Report


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Jets want multiple 1st-rounders for Wilkerson - Muhammad Wilkerson | NYJ

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports the Jets want “multiple first-round picks” in exchange for RE Muhammad Wilkerson. #nfl

The Jet Report: Jets vs Buffalo: Our Top Five Keys 

1-Play Fast and Desperate: We’ve heard all the talk from the Jets about how there is no more breathing room. Let’s now see what that desperation means. The Eagles raced around at 100 mph in defeating the Giants last week during the beginning of THEIR “must win tour.” We want to see the Jets play at that pace. At that emotional level. For as close to 60 minutes as possible.

2-The Good Sanchez: The good Mark Sanchez is a confident, ball securing, clutch caretaker. The bad Sanchez? Well, we’ve seen enough of THAT guy in 2011. The one who at his worst, thwarts long drives and throws TD’s to the OTHER team. It’s that look in his eyes that we are in search of. That look of self trust. Where doubt seems miles away from inside the helmet of the Jets most important piece on the chess board.

3-Change the Pace Schotty: Look, the Jets have tried every personality on offense this year except for the Denver Bronco Option, but a more effective alteration may be the pacing. Mark Sanchez seems to enjoy having less time to think. The Jets should give it to him with faster huddles, and no huddles. Where plays are called at the line of scrimmage.

If Denver can comfort Tebow by allowing him to throw it less times than a Pop Warner QB, the Jets can make a point to give Sanchez what HE needs. That is, less time for veterans to stare at him in the huddle as he second guesses the past, stunting his flow for the future.

In addition, why not make the opposing defense tired at times? Force THEM to considering faster substitutions as well. The Patriots do this and seem to break off some big plays out of the confusion and fatigue. Take a page out of their book.

4-Battle of the..yes, that’s right, secondaries: It maybe hard to believe that the Jets and Bills who have combined to score less than 45 points over the past two weeks will be duking it out down the field. That’s why it is essential that when the offenses DO go deep, these secondary units avoid the big play, and big penalties.

The Jets have heard it from their fan base for months about not stretching the field. At some point on Sunday they will. When they do, it will be red alert time for a Buffalo unit that will play without starting safety George Wilson for the second straight week. The Bills defense has allowed 105 points over the past three games. 

One glaring issue of late has been the coverage ability and the tackling of their safeties. S Jim Leonhard had a shot on the final drive in the open field at Denver before Tebow went marching. S Eric Smith was the last guy to swipe at him before he scored with 0:58 left. It was a microcosm of some of the plays the Jets have “just missed” back there. That has to change. An injured Brodney Pool (MCL sprain) has hurt the Jets over the past few games.

5-Back to Work Westhoff and Co: Last Thursday the Jets fumbled a return, allowed a big return, and shanked a punt. The Jets special teams unit HAS TO get back to work this Sunday. The Jets need short fields for the offense to work from. It needs long fields to force Ryan Fitzpatrick into many more decisions than the Bills would like.

When Mike Westhoff’s crew are a plus for Rex’s Jets, as they often times are, the burden is eased up on both sides of the ball. For a team without a true pass rusher, a 300 yard passer, or a 100 yard ball carrier, it’s essential that this unit provides more than just kicking off and tackling return men.

NFL Draft Trade Rumors: Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, NY Jets ... - Sports World Report

NFL Draft Trade Rumors: Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, NY Jets … – Sports World Report

NFL Draft Trade Rumors: Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, NY Jets

Sports World Report
Teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, NY Jets and other teams in the top 10 could consider trades the day of the draft and once the first round starts. The Buccaneers arte likely staying tight with Jameis Winston, but …

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