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sam/dean : spooning with sam being the big spoon (although dean protests) i need fluffy things :33333

For Dean, it felt like even opening the damn door to the motel was sapping away all of his energy. He could feel the exhaustion coursing through him bone-deep– they’d hopped right back into hunting, and this case had been a real headache, going on two weeks longer than expected and ending with the two of them getting their asses whooped. They’d managed to kill the damn ghouls and say the bullshit day, but still. Dean was dying to curl up around a warm little brother and be dead to the world for twelve hours. At least.

Before he knew it, Sam was shushing him for no reason and guiding him to sit down on the edge of his bed, tugging the medical kit out of his duffel bag. He tried to mumble that he was fine, but his mouth was full of cotton. Sam pulled out the needle and thread, grimacing as he poured whiskey on a wound Dean couldn’t see or feel. He frowned. Was he really in bad enough shape to warrant stitches? He couldn’t remember the fight. He didn’t feel too bad, though, only tired.

A second later he was looking up at Sam’s blurry face, and his voice sounded like he was on the verge of panic, all tight and watery. “S’mmm?” Dean managed, squinting at his little brother, pulling him into focus just as he realized he was now laying back on the bed. Huh.

“Oh, Dean, thank god,” Sam gasped, smiling raggedly with red eyes. “You lost more blood than I thought, I’m so sorry. I should’ve had your back.”

“Y’did!” Dean mumbled, managing to sound at least slightly indignant and comforting.

“Sssh,” Sam said, smiling softly, and manhandled Dean, gently pushing him onto his side before curling his arms around him and pressing his stomach flush against Dean’s chest. 

It took Dean an embarrassingly long amount of time to realize he was being spooned. He let out little miffed noises, reaching his hands back to try to pry Sam apart from him, but he was just so damn tired, and Sam was so warm… and the protectiveness was pretty endearing. Just a little. And he could play the “I was dying card” and deny enjoying it in the morning, definitely.

He snuggled back into Sam embrace and sighed, drifting off to sleep just as he felt Sam press a light kiss to the back of his neck.

oh! i bought some supplies today to make little, idk, prototypes for etsy projects. i’m going to make geekery stuff bc i just can’t help myself. my mom and sister are willing to help me and ah i’m excited!