Huffington Post's Exploited Voices

by Suey Park

Last week, I was asked to be a contributor to Huffington Post’s Asian Voices section by email. At first I was excited, remembering all those long lost emails I’d sent them in my youth, begging for an Asian Voices page. At that point in my life, I so desperately wanted to be recognized by the Huffington Post in any way. Of course, my emails were never answered and I instead embarked on a journey to find my own voice, a voice that I found and have unapologetically used this year.

A major lesson that I learned along this journey is that nobody will ever give us a space or a voice - we have to make and use our own. I started the hashtag #NotYourAsianSidekick  to spark a global conversation about Asian American feminism. Rather than seek white approval, my agenda has been for us to create our own spaces; spaces that did not recreate oppressive structures, but instead gave us life and meaning. For too long, the non-profit industrial complex has corporatized our movements and watered down our radical agenda. #NotYourAsianSidekick was a signal that we would stop begging for a seat at a table in corporate America and instead push for more than multiculturalism.

My politics are no surprise to most people who know my work, so I find it strange that only now when we have proven how much of a voice we have through other platforms, Huffington Post finally finds us worthy enough for a Voices page.

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Okay, let's do a little break down, Huffington Post.

(from this article)

‘The Princess. (she’s kween, bitches) Sansa Stark, sister to the Tomboy,

is not too bright’

'and is often punished for her vapid and romantic delusions.’

So wait, now were calling a girl of 13 who has dreams of marrying a prince (because of what songs say), living in a magical place, & wanting to fall in love: vapid & delusional? And she’s punished for it?

Well, Sansa’s not actually punished for her 'vapid’ 'delusions. She’s punished by a mad & insane King, whom is her fiancee, because she 'lashed’ out at him, after he showed her the head of her father. She is also stripped naked & beaten by knights, whom she always believed would protect her. Because you know, 'romantic delusions’ would have us believe that knights are supposed to be valiant and courteous, and not beat 12 year old girls.

Sansa is the smartest & most strong willed character in the entire series.

My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.

Her 'skin’ (inner strength) & courtesy is her armor.

She can still be a princess and be a warrior woman.

She doesn’t have to fight with swords or fire and blood, when words and courtesy are just as strong.

This article is one complete pile of dragon shit & I’m not sure why the GoT FB would even consider posting it on their site.

COMPLETE DIREWOLF SHIT: 'In case you had any doubt which, the Tomboy or the Princess, is more appealing to contemporary audiences, compare what happens to poor Sansa to her clear-minded, independent sister.’

The writer of this article clearly doesn’t understand that Arya and Sansa are two sides of the same coin, the sun and the moon, Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris.

Huffington Post, you fail at everything.

Planning for the future is not in our nature. (Sneering at you, Baby Boomers…)

…the first major problem with global warming: its precise consequences aren’t vivid enough. Humans are better at focusing on the moderate, specific, localized devastation of a major earthquake than on the great but murky devastation that global warming will bring in the middle part of the 21st century.

One of the best illustrations of this difficulty comes from research in a different domain: on our willingness to contribute to charitable causes. In one experiment, people were asked to donate money to save either one sick child – accompanied by a photo – or eight sick children accompanied by a similar group shot. All else being equal, eight children clearly deserve more help than a single child, but the single child tugged more insistently at the would-be-givers’ heartstrings, eliciting an average donation that was 77 percent higher than the average donation given to the group of eight. The pain of a single child – a Baby Jessica down the well, for example – has the emotional resonance of an erupting volcano or a hurtling asteroid, while the deaths of literally millions of malnourished children in Africa and Asia inspires the same muted response that we allocate to global warming.

The second problem with global warming is that it progresses too slowly. The globe continues to warm while we’re responding to fast-arriving Hurricane Sandy, tending to our wounds after devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Japan and Chile, and cleaning up after tornadoes in Joplin, Mo., and Greensburg, Kan. There will always be more pressing issues on the table, so politicians prefer to focus their time on disaster relief, fiscal cliffs and health insurance.

People just aren’t engineered to take slow-moving threats seriously.


Major Media ISP Goes Down

Datagram, the ISP whose Manhattan servers host BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Gawker, and other sites, has lost power, an official there told us via text this evening.

“Basement flooded, fuel pump off line - we got people working on it now. 5 feet of water now,” the official wrote.

Elements of BuzzFeed’s site and many story pages are back online, thanks to a Content Delivery Network, Akamai, which hosts the content at servers distributed around the world.

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These are the Huffington Post’s “most popular” stories right now.

I understand it’s an algorithm or whatever but Jesus H. Christ, seriously?  There’s no human being over there who thinks this story juxtaposition is okay?

“On Tuesday, HBO made two announcements in the realm of acquisitions. The network said it would be producing "True Detective,” a crime series based on the hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana starring Matthew McConnaughey and Woody Harrelson. It also confirmed reports it was passing on the pilot for Jonathan Franzen and Noah Baumbach’s adaptation of Franzen’s novel “The Corrections,” which starred Ewan McGregor and Maggie Gyllenhaal and was being produced by Scott Rudin.

It’s tempting to interpret the twin announcements as evidence of HBO’s broader plans. A sign, perhaps, that the smash success of its two highest-performing shows, “True Blood” and “Game of Thrones,” has convinced the network that the path to success is the lurid, fantastical one favored by hormonal young men.“ -Joe Satran, the Huffington Post