Imagine returning to your chambers in Erebor after The Battle of The Five Armies and finding a small box on your pillow. Upon opening it, you find the ring that you King once wore with pride and a note from Dwalin: “He would have wanted you to have this.”

littleoakenshield || imagine

There you sat, at the long dinner table, you and the ten remaining dwarves from Thorin Oakenshield’s company. A few weeks had passed since the Battle of the Five Armies had taken place, and the heirs of Durin had fallen to their deaths, to never get up again.

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- Can you promise that I will come back?
- No. And if you do… You will not be the same.

My heart is broken. I’m no longer the same. Not at all.


Thorin + people skills



Edit : OK I didn’t know that all of you would love my edit like that *__* I’m so happy to see HOW MANY PEOPLE LOVE THIS BABY! All the Fili love omg it warms my heart <3
AND I saw someone who tagged that Kili should be with his brother AND HELL YEAH I agree I didn’t think about it when making it so… I EDITED IT!

You have now the two versions… The King of our lives and The King with his beloved little bro <3 My two babies together <3