hello! amy (buxiban/gina) here and it’s been who knows how long since i’ve made one of these (i mean that literally i cannot find my first follower forever >__<) but i hit my next k and i want to highlight some of the amazing friends+senpais that have kept me on this site for three years OTL. you should honestly follow every single one of these blogs because i can be rather picky since it’s hard to find people who post graphics but these are all koala tea k :D along with the rest of my blogroll 

amigonewareumdown | astrospace | baektaeng | baexlo | blingerishblueous | btseokbyunghunedbyunghunnybwihope | chandonut | chesuyoon | chikwang | chnsoodaedreamingalldae | dahees | dewusional | dokyungs | doujinssifansoofluffybap | g-y-ugkachugyuuri | hakyeone | hakyeunshobikiu | hojoun | homilks |  hoyeu | hseokiejeongmean | jihoops | jjangjojongbyung | jungkooks | jungtaekgoon | kiss-seopkrisimnida | kwangtronic | leftchopstick04leobeans | lhoelittleshitsoo | lockedaces | marktuonmilklu | moonjongupsmyungbabes | myyeolie | naeums | nawonnnielips | nhyung | noctorn | pilsukspitdaepyojamasrxkhyun | ryoue | sehunetc | shinspirit | sighjongs | sugassugashutaenuts | thecaptainbeagle | ukehuns | wealthyhousewife |  what-is-a-luhan | woojiseoks | wooktao | xi-aolu | xiao-xianxiahetic | yadoongyijeongs | yghigh | ziminz

queerleadersquad results!!!!!!!!

hello!!! this was hard to pick, but here are the members (finally):

god-likesme, frankensteingrrrls, astropunkz, ierotbh, nottoro, jimmyurinetrouble, gerardaye, frerad, @frnkieros, deadspells, dont-write, @projektrevenge, ethrealgoth, basicpunkrock, genderpronouns, frankierosquiveringanus, mikey-slay, @skltnclique, pencyprep, frankzway, reinventlube, nu-rock, morguerats, @unnescessarilygendered, kitty-z, lindsey—way, theofficialmcr, banditave, devaofdestruction, funeralrat

remember to follow everyone, including f-o-u-r-s-t-r-i-n-g-s and fullsatanist!!!

follow the blog queerleadersquad and track #queerleadersquad

post a little bio of yourself and tag #queerleadersquad #fullsatanist and #f-o-u-r-s-t-r-i-n-g-s

if you wanted to become a member and reblog stuff to the main squad blog, then message one of us your email and we’ll add you. 

any questions feel free to ask (((if i forgot something here let me know lmao)))


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THAT’S the reason I know I shouldn’t do it though. I have such an addictive personality. I don’t want to depend on any substance but I already do on nicotine and alcohol. I know if I for once looked for weed on my own and realized I could get it on my own (and not from friends who just have it)… I would want it all the time. I wish I could trust myself to control it but I’m fairly certain I couldn’t :( but it was so nice when I did smoke it when I didn’t get anxiety… damn so conflicting

insidiosissimxs asked:

Judas Cradle

Torture-Device inspired headcanons

Judas Cradle: Would your muse rather suffer physically, or be humiliated?

Technically he gets both of these on a daily basis. It’s no secret that people do like to poke fun at how pretty he is, even joke that he’s only there to look gorgeous.(Side eyes Leliana) but he doesn’t take it seriously of course. He would still rather suffer physically out of knowledge he won’t dwell on it later.

jontargaryenss replied to your postProper endorphin reaction? Yeah, to make you…

YES… you should know i’m tracking the tag “holly reads commentarius” just so i can respond to all of your posts lol

NO, NO, HELP ME I ALMOST SAW A SPOILER YOU JUST POSTED LITERALLY UNDER THIS. AHHH. What should I blacklist? (Not that I don’t love your ramblings..)

Also: what the hell is Lily doing lying about the gossip? I mean, I know it’s pissing of Elisabeth BUT THIS IS BAD TERRITORY.

anonymous asked:

yes that one! ((what a hard url to remember lol))

((It is a hard url to remember to spell, lol

But yes, that one is one of the accidental ships of the century