Bored so ranked my top 20 literary webseries (that I’ve seen every episode of)
  1. Autobiography of Jane Eyre
  2. Nothing Much to Do
  3. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
  4. I Didn’t Write This
  5. Classic Alice
  6. From Mansfield with Love
  7. The Writing Majors
  8. Green Gables Fables
  9. Emma Approved
  10. In Earnest
  11. Jules and Monty
  12. Kissing in the Rain
  13. Carmilla
  14. The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
  15. The Jane Games
  16. Grimm Reflections
  17. The Adventures of Jaimie Watson and Sherlock Holmes
  18. School of Thrones
  19. A Tell Tale Vlog
  20. Frankenstein MD
Top 5 - 2D Animated Works

This is a quick list of top 5 animated series and films for our research, in no particular order.

Films -

1) Tarzan

2) The Iron Giant

3) The Jungle Book

4) Hunchback of Notre Dame

5) Mulan

Series -

1) Avatar the Last Airbender

2) Archer

3) Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy

4) Adventure Time

5) Sword Art Online

Got to be fair series is a lot more easier to think of as films are more in decline in terms of more modern productions.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's "Old Rinkrank"

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s “Old Rinkrank”

There was once on a time a King who had a daughter, and he caused a glass mountain to be made, and said that whosoever could cross to the other side of it without falling should have his daughter to wife. Then there was one who loved the King’s daughter, and he asked the King if he might have her. “Yes,” said the King; “if you can cross the mountain without falling, you shall have her.” And the…

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Thing Vs Kratos

Suggested by Jake_Uzumaki

Thing (Marvel Comics) will go up against Kratos (God of War)

Battle takes place in ancient Rome. During one of the Fantastic Fours adventures Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing accidentally winds up in Rome during ancient times, by sheer coincidence, Kratos (circa his incarnation in god of war 3) happens to be there slaughtering soldiers because he insulted the Roman gods and…

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