Female Thor and Muslim Ms. Marvel are saving the comic book industry, and the misogynist trolls are pissed
Right-wing parasites, misogynist Men’s Rights activists, and opportunistic grifters who so desperately latched onto Gamergate are on the prowl again. As the culture war within the video game community continues to lose steam from its peak at the end of 2014, the conservative heroes of the anti-feminist movement are desperately looking to continue their fight against the so-called social justice warriors. And they’ll gladly suck the life out of any geek culture they find viable, if it means battling progressives. Their new target? Comic books… READ MORE

kismesister asked:

It actually makes total sense that Grunkle Stan = Stanley. It explains faking Stan Pines' death-- it never says WHICH Stan Pines. The grifter thing was to imply he stole Stan's identity which ... was never really denied! Stan probably faked his OWN death, and took over the Mystery Shack for Ford. The only thing that throws me off is like... does that make Grunkle Stan Dipper and Mabel's real grandfather?? Or is there a third sibling????? I don't know??

Mabel and Dipper’s faint-worthy surprise at Stan announcing that the Author was his brother makes me think that it’s unlikely that there’s a third sibling in the picture, so I think one of the Stans is probably the grandpa!

I like the idea that Grunkle Stan is actually their grandpa, like that most common theory that’s going around right now… I dunno about you, but Stan looked like he wasn’t really having the best time of his life when that “grifter at large” photo was taken; and being the opportunist he is, he’d see taking his brother’s identity as a win-win. Keep the Shack’s secrets safe and make sure nobody looked too closely into his brother’s disappearance by reappearing as him, while also closing the case on whatever crimes he was supposed to atone to as himself by having that identity die in the car crash… Not to mention, possibly helping his family (particularly his wife and implied child) by giving them a way to distance their reputations from his own terrible one.
This idea would also give credence to the fact that Dipper and Mabel’s parents refer to Stan as the twins’ great uncle - which means that they think of him as THEIR uncle/uncle-in-law. This implies that the Author was the uncle all along, and that Stan was the one that got hitched; thus Stan has to take on the role of uncle along with the role of being his own brother.
Additionally - remember that scene in Gobblewonker, when Stan gets mad at the two Pines-lookalikes being mushy and cute with their grandpa? It’s totally read as Stan being jealous at those lookalike kids being affectionate to their elderly family figure… but maybe it’s further than that, as well, and he’s also jealous that they’re specifically loving their GRANDPA.
Maybe Stan is kind of upset and disappointed that he can’t be truthful with the twins, try and get closer to them, and be their Grandpa instead of their Grunkle.

I am conflicted about all this, though! part of me loves Stan being a confirmed bachelor, or at least not tied down by anything, and another part of me loves the idea of the Author being the twins’ grandpa… looking at the evidence, though, I feel like the evidence can really support Grunkle Stan actually being the twins’ grandpa.

there is the possibility the Stan twins had a sister who kept her maiden name and is the young twins’ Grandma, of course (specifically Grandma because maybe nobody remembers that Stan had a brother)! but I feel like that would have been mentioned way, WAY earlier in the show if that were the case.


Grifter!AU with the Seven + Nico + Rachel where they go around stealing from the abusively rich.

Annabeth is the mastermind behind the operations, making plans and backup plans and plans for the backup plans. She’s planned for so many contingencies that she’s earned the title of Batman from the others; but her brains and paranoia has saved them from monumental failure dozens of times.

Jason is second-in-command. He’s authorized to call the shots in Annabeth’s stead, especially when the con is on and Annabeth isn’t available or they don’t have time to run the situation by her. He’s Annabeth’s deputy because he was voted least-likely-to-fuck-up-a-con. Percy still resents him slightly for it; you blow up a building one time

Percy is the muscle, having no countenance for being sneaky. He knows everyone in the team can take care of themselves on any given day; but he’s still insanely protective of this family and makes sure that everyone is safe. This usually means taking the hit meant for someone else and almost always sporting some sort of injury, but Percy’s fine with it. Off the field, he is the den mother who makes sure everyone is fine and that they remember to eat/sleep/be happy.

Piper is the one who usually distracts the mark or the guards. She’s also their go-to interrogator. She has a way with words and can subtly wheedle out information from just about anyone. Her marks never suspect her in the end. Her acting is top notch, too, having had tons of practice as a kid with her dad.

Leo is their gearheaded tech support. He can hack top-secret databases in less time than it takes to order pizza. Unlike Jason and Percy, the two heavyhitters in the team, Leo doesn’t know how to fight; but he can create nifty gadgets that serve as awesome support for everyone. He’s also the default getaway driver and is responsible for keeping their cars in top condition. His girlfriend Calypso sometimes helps out with their cons when they need more people.

Hazel is a master of misdirection and forgeries. Whether that means causing a distraction by rigging something to blow up with some help from Leo, creating a replica of whatever it is they’re stealing, or (her personal favorite) pawning off fake precious metals as if they’re the real deal; Hazel’s the girl to ask. She and her brother Nico have connections to the city’s black market, so if any funny business is happening down in the Underworld, they know about it.

Frank almost always plays the ‘bystander citizen.’ He knows how to stay hidden in plain sight, somehow fitting in with any crowd, despite his hulking frame. He can be anyone: the quiet janitor, the mild-mannered office worker, anyone. (He’s still pretty terrible at acting, though, which is why he prefers being within the crowd; no need to talk to anybody) He and Hazel usually team up during cons, especially when it involves doing switches. Hazel sets up the distraction, and while everyone’s attention is on whatever she’s cooked up, Frank surreptitiously slips into the crowd, gets close to the target, and makes the switch.

Nico is the quickest and sneakiest pickpocket out of all of them, but his biggest contribution to the group is recon. He can get in and out of any place without being noticed or tripping any alarms. While Frank blends in with the crowd, Nico blends in with the shadows. He’s like a ninja.

Meanwhile, Rachel is this rich socialite and a good friend of the grifters. She uses her extensive network of connections to provide the Seven and Nico with intel on their targets.

I just want all the AUs give them to me.


The Grifter

The Grifter is an urban legend that began to circulate on the Internet in 2009. The video is said to show horrifying images of people being tortured and killed. Viewers of the movie can experience nausea, trauma, night terrors, clinical depression, and even commit suicide. The content shows the human sacrifice of small babies and images of satanic ritual abuse. In some cases, people have attempted to make a copy of the film, but have failed.A famous staple of /x/ and numerous other forums dedicated to the paranormal; it is rumoured to be posted on youtube occasionally, but is always quickly taken down. Whenever The Grifter enters the topic of conversation on the above-mentioned forums, people will warn against watching it, even begging you not to ruin your life.

It has been said that the video was recorded in the 1930s and portrays a collection of strange pictures and sounds. In one part of the movie, the words “Your race is the one that is dying” appears while a picture of a plant rotting is seen. The footage displays close up shots of corpses and people who have been possessed by demons. It has been described as the most disturbing video available on the Internet. However, many feel the tape is a hoax and nothing more than an urban legend.