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Love is drowning in a deep well, out of secrets and nobody else to tell…Love Is Blindness…
—  Jack White

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everything is dead again.

time to talk about Tailgate being an actual literal child. i’m gonna start with the obvious thing that i touched on in this post

((allow me an aside to say that this revelation made and still makes me want to punch the sun. Tailgate is a c h i l d. maybe not in the way we think of children but his inexperience is astounding. his spark was two weeks old when he got trapped, and he had to be harvested and go through some kind of training and education like the MTOs talk about in MTMTE 31, but since he was forged it was probably a lot more intensive and we don’t even know how long the forging process takes and ugh i’m sorry i just get angry every time i think about Tailgate’s age. back to business. what was i even talking about?))

there. that. obviously Cybertronians don’t age the same way that we do, and they don’t view aging the same way either. again, the thing with the MTOs and the “from thaw to war in under an hour” suggests that as soon as you’re aware and have downloaded the necessary information ((to, y’know, exist and preform your function and stuff)) into your processor you’re an adult. still, at the point he’s found and taken aboard the Lost Light, Tailgate has less than two weeks worth of life experience to draw from. he is naive in the extreme and no one knows, no one understands the extent to which this affects his decisions. the first obvious sign is his conversation with Cyclonus, how easily he is swayed by the idea of revolution ((not surprising considering the last thing he remembers is his very few experiences as Tailgate: sluicer fourth class, someone so far below anyone’s radar that he fell in a hole and wasn’t found for six million years)) and how easily he jumps into wanting to be a Decepticon

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anonymous asked:

Unsure if you were serious about the bike rack thing or not, but the general gist is that American Apparel is a very popular brand, especially for Instagram fashionistas- due to its sort of postmodern, monochrome flair. Plus the fact that it sexually liberates women. As such, the black/white/green fits very nicely with a lot of people's aesthetics.

well, I was joking, but credit where credit is due, you’re the real cut-up here

oh American Apparel

your famed feminism

makes me so hot for your shitty pretentious v-necks and garbage underwear

shh, listen, do you hear that? that’s the sound of liberation. I mean it sounds like me drinking heavily but it’s really totally liberation. 

Whenever someone says ‘Komahina is problematic, lmao!!' I literally assume they think the entire Danganronpa setting isn't problematic. this is 2k15??? lmao

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