The Girl Twice Dead - Solved?

so after rethinking more of my theory about clara, i might have figured out something about why the past two clara’s we’ve met, have died.

get ready for some wild theories that might even come true in the finale episode.

i have not seen any of the episode except from the trailers and promotional photos - so technically, none of these theories are spoilers.

This is definitely worth the read, trust me.

clara jumps into the vortex after River/TARDIS Console Interface (long story - see my first theory to understand) warns her:

“Whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t.”

So Clara jumps into the Vortex. In turn, she splits across time and space. Her motive - unknown at the moment. Only reason I can fathom so far as to why she would jump into the Vortex is because the Doctor is in serious danger - like, seriously serious danger.

So - Clara is now split across the whole of time and space. How many times? Unclear, however we’ve ran into four Clara’s so far:

  • Oswin Oswald - Junior Entertainment Manager, Starship Alaska
  • Clara Oswin Oswald - Barwaitress/Victorian Governess
  • Clara Oswald - child, swinging on playground swings with the Doctor (Prequel episode)
  • Clara Oswald - Regular, modern-day young adult

Now, we all know Oswin Oswald and Clara Oswin Oswald died. However, what if they were meant to die?

As horrible as that sounds, it might be the answer. Well, not “meant to die” - lemme explain.

Clara jumps in the Vortex. BAM. Her mind and body, past timeline and everything are split across time and space.

The proper Clara/original Clara might have been a “total screaming genius”, however, since jumping into the raw power of the Vortex, unarmed and unprotected, perhaps not all the versions of Clara got the whole package after jumping through the Vortex. Some Clara’s could be “total screaming geniuses” and others barely know how to make Twitter jokes.

Do you see where I’m going with this?


Since her timeline is now scattered across all of time space, let’s assume modern-day Clara from “The Bells of Saint John” is a not-so-techy girl - the ORIGINAL Clara Oswald, and then the Spoonhead nearly uploads her, gives her a whiff of techy goodness and suddenly she’s a total screaming genius.

THEN (remember Clara’s timeline is all over the place), what if Oswin Oswald, Junior Entertainment Manager is a later version of the current Clara Oswald, and the reason she is a tech-genius is because when she was ‘younger’, she was nearly uploaded by a Spoonhead, only since jumping through Time Vortex, she’s lost memory of this and that would be why she doesn’t recognise the Doctor when she sees him.

Now, if this is all true or whatever, how could she die - twice?

Well, (I’m sorry, i don’t know how many times I’ve said these words) - since jumping into the Time Vortex, Clara has essentially created a paradox, right? Because she’s living in the twenty-first century as well as living in the Victorian Age, all at the same time.

So what if the Space-Time continuum can’t handle it - too many Clara in the one universe - what if then, each version of Clara (that isn’t the real one) eventually dies because the Time Vortex can’t cope with the paradox?

And if one dies, the other Clara’s don’t die too - they already will die eventually. Think of it like stitching a wound. You can’t stitch all the stitches at once (well, I couldn’t at least). You’d stitch each stitch one by one, until the wound is completely closed.

And the famous tagline - Run You Clever Boy, and Remember - could this be a way for the Doctor to remember each version of Clara, to get him to notice her, to figure out why she’s split across to time and space, to tell him to Remember Clara Oswald and Run from the Great Intellegence’s malicious plan to Name the Doctor.

Let me take you back for a second - remember that little thing called the Time War. TimeLord vs. Daleks and everything etc.

Remember how the Doctor time-locked the war.

Logically, doesn’t every lock have a key?

What if when the Doctor locked Gallifrey and the Time War, he sealed it with his own name.

He would never tell anyone his name, for it will unlock the Time-War and everything inside. Why do you think the Doctor was so quick to cover Clara’s mouth when she discovered his name in the book called “The History of the Time War” in “The Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS”?

A promotional photo was released showing Gallifrey: A Very Long Time Ago.

So this episode must have something to do with Gallifrey and the Time War.

The Great Intelligence’s plan could be the fact they’ve discovered something about the Time War and that the Doctor’s name is what keeps it in its time-lock state. And if he were to say his name, announce it to unlock it, then all hell will break loose.

Thoughts? Who’s keen for the Series Finale - I am! :)



CLARA IS RIVER SONG…(Not a new theory but a new reasoning)

All you remember when River Song gave The Doctor 10 regenerations (time lord’s have thirteen…she had 10 left when she saved the doctor with the regeneration stuff…timey wimey stuff) Well I think you cant do that…its not…possible…it shouldnt happen…anyways when that happened 10 of the 1st River Song were spread through time and space…all accelerated from the baby new-born to the older version she would grow to be if she never died…so Clara is River Song’s age when River gave the regenerations away.

But River Song was supposed to die 10 more times…but she can’t…she can only die once. So to make up for the deaths that RIver should have, an alien race (something kinda like the Reapers from father’s day that fix time by killing everything) spread ten Rivers through time…no memory…no name…just a body…sent to die. Clara Oswin Oswald…exploded dalek…Other Clara Oswin Oswald…fell down Other Clara Oswin Oswald…probably gonna die…

Now you may ask…why is her name Clara Oswin Oswald? Fake identity so the Doctor won’t find her, and try to save her…but they forgot….where River Song is…the Doctor is…

I sit outside for hours each afternoon and night because I’m still feeling like I’m waiting for something. In that time (I’ve been doing this for several days now), I’ve seen various things that would be unnerving if I hadn’t been a witch for a few years (my anniversary is coming up!). Most of the time, it’s just the little white shadow that runs across the tops of couches or jumps into corners. It’s the cat that I’ve seen in this house ever since I was a little girl, so I’m not worried.

Last night, I saw a humanoid black shadow. It was standing at the bottom of the porch stairs, watching me. I stared back at it because you shouldn’t show fear or submission to these things. Then it stepped to the side and disappeared. That one was actually a little intimidating.

I also give milk to whatever is here. I don’t usually deal with spirits or fae, I don’t like them. They freak me out, even if the dreams they give me are very sweet (I wake up tasting the sweetest taste I’ve ever had and completely rested, they show me beautiful things and give me gifts and take me to feasts). I drink half and then give them the other half. It’s a form of acknowledgment and respect, sharing a drink.

Things have been changing since I got home. And I’m getting real tired of waiting. I don’t know what I’m waiting for but it’s going to be big.