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Since you like him so much, I want to see what you say about Grunkle Stan.

Sexuality Headcanon
Dude is probably pan or bi, but had more luck with girls (though his luck with guys got better after he started boxing).

Gender Headcanon
He’s always identified as male, though he’d been accused of being a “girl” before he was forced to take boxing lessons.

Ship with Said Character
Obviously Carla McCorkle, and recently also Aggie Yearling, gravityanomaly‘s OC, because she’s so good (WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME GRAVITY WHY!?).

BroTP with Said Character
Aside from his own brother… not a lot of people, actually. o.o The dude’s a recluse and probably made everyone hate him on PURPOSE, but I do like thinking he has a paternal relationship with McGucket’s son (WHO KNOWS SO FRICKIN MUCH). *might have an AU in mind where he and McGucket’s son go monster hunting*

Pinecest. Nuff said.

Random Headcanon
Most of the money he saves up is for the portal, a large portion of the money is to help fund the twins’ college education, and there’s a stash of it in case he needs to go on the run again.

General Opinion
Dude gives TOO FUCKING MUCH for his family and lately NO ONE’S given back. ‘S gonna bite SOMEONE in the ass later on…


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hi, could you explain the concept of "weaponized femininity" and why you find it distasteful? i've done a quick google search, but most of what i have found is written in more complicated terms that i don't really understand. (i'm a 16 year old high school student who has never taken a gender studies course or anything along those lines.) i really appreciate your help!

Here is one explanation for it and here are some visual examples.

Perhaps you’ve already seen some examples of weaponized femininity, mostly through sayings such as: “Eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man,” or with figurative references to red lipstick as the blood of the female wearer’s enemies, or women referring to their lipstick as a weapon. Other examples would be women and teenaged girls having a belief in the idea that femininity is power and that it grants them power over men. 

Some feminist criticisms of it is that this perspective (i.e.: that femininity is about power) contradicts the oppressive construction of femininity. What femininity actually is in a male-dominated culture and society is vulnerability and submission for men’s benefit and that it is a sexualizing and infantilizing diminution of female people.

For research and analytical purposes I would recommend, for anyone interested, reading*:

The links provided are to summaries and previews*

Femininity, by Susan Brownmiller summary and preview.

Femininity and Domination: Studies in the Phenomenology of Oppression, Sandra Bartky preview.

Beauty and Misogyny, by Sheila Jeffreys preview.

What feminists are arguing is that for females to be feminine is not something inherent to us. Feminists are, in most factions, primarily social determinists who are of the opinion that male and female patterns of behavior are the result of cultural conditioning and social factors, what we call socialization. When applied to an analysis of gender, in this case femininity, women and girls conforming to femininity is criticized as the result of the psychological impacts of growing up in a society where there is an incredible amount of emphasis on female people removing the physical (and behavioral) markers of maturity.

In the West and in Westernizing cultures, this results in women waxing and shaving away body hair, tweezing, trimming, and plucking away facial hair, trying to remove indicators of them getting older by buying anti-aging creams and gels, undergoing skin-tightening “rejuvenation” laser surgery treatments, applying make-up to cover the appearance of wrinkles, receiving botox injections to remove facial lines such as glabella “frown lines”, engaging in unhealthy dieting and obsessively exercising to reduce body fat, and more. The flip side of women striving to achieve a standard of appearance that results in them taking up less space and looking younger than they actually are is the sexualizing of teenaged and adolescent girls who are expected to compete with the idealized body shape of adult women while maintaining an air and reputation of “innocence.” It is a sexist, impractical and unrealistic standard of conduct that no one can constantly live up to and growing up in a society that promotes these ideals has many negative effects.

For documentaries presenting this perspective you might want to watch:

Sexy Inc. (2007) (full documentary)

Miss Representation (2011) (8 minute trailer)

Sexy Baby (2012) (official trailer) - The segments on the girl Winnifred explores the impact of growing up female in a sexually explicit culture that is influencing younger and younger girls.

The lessons of femininity is that women and girls are encouraged to self-objectify and constantly compare themselves to one another. This fuels girl-hate or women-hate where we envy and hate another woman or girl because she more closely measures up to a standard of femininity that attracts [more] male attention. When all is said and done, after the facial contouring, after downing the diet pills or that SlimFast shake, after squeezing into those high heels or tight dress or mini-skirt, or after strapping on that push-up bra, men benefit the most from women and girls being feminine. We, the women and girls, end up with the higher rates of body image disorders, eating disorders, and mental health issues because we internalize femininity and our sense of self and value is deeply entangled with this oppressive construct.

For more on this you can watch:

The Sexy Lie, Caroline Heldman at TEDxYouth@SanDiego

And the documentary:

THIN (2006) (full documentary)

The point is: “weaponized femininity” gives women and girls the false impression that femininity is empowering to us rather than disempowering. It tells us that us spending thousands of dollars in our lifetime trying to reach an oppressive standard of appearance is edgy, feminist, sexy, or good for our mental health and physical well-being despite the evidence to the contrary. It also ignores the aspect of femininity that is about putting us back in our place so that men can remain comfortable with the more softly spoken, uncomfortable, insecure, plasticized, infantilized woman (who could also be experiencing physical pain because of the feminizing practices she’s subjecting herself to) by their side. The expectation that the feminine woman is supposed to accommodate the masculine man is also a part of society. It is not just patriarchal, it is also heteronormative.

To want to address female femininity in this way is controversial. In today’s liberal Third Wave of feminism (particularly in the West), femininity is treated as if sacred and is put on a pedestal where to criticize femininity is “femphobic” or “femmephobic”. It is perceived in liberal feminist discourse as something that cannot be negatively analyzed as destructive to the self-esteem of women and girls and limiting to not only their mobility but also their self-concept.

santrevl said: I’m a straight tomboy who pretty much “looks” and “acts” like a stereotypical lesbian. Guess what, not everyone fits into every single cookie cutter, sure people ask me if I’m gay a lot though…. probably because of shit like this.

Pretty much my favorite response to this sort of thing is Lizner and Miles Jai’s Gender Box. The fear of being mistaken for having the wrong sexual orientation or gender identity is wrapped up in shitty social standards for how to box people into categories whether they fit or not. Being afraid of it or trying to emphasize ‘but they’re not really gay’ does a disservice to both your character (or you!) being true to themselves as well as making being gay an insult. 


The Gender Box


I used to hate

the color ~pink~

it restrained me,

caged me,

put me in a [box]

that I didn’t fit in,

and I knew no other way

to break out-

no way to express

– who I am –

and that the [box] doesn’t fit me.

but now I can breathe ~

now I can see ~

the box isn’t ~pink~

it’s the color of the minds

that fear what they don’t know,

what they do not understand,

and to control their own insecurities

they make a [box]

so that they have control,

and so that they “"know”“

that everyone else is like -them-

because they can’t come to grips

with the fact that others exist.

So you know what?

I think I actually like the color pink ~


The Gender Box


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How would be Natsu+Jellal+laxus+sting's love confession?

I’m so sorry this took forever I’ve been swamped with AP exams and such-

I hope you like it though!


He would be blunt. While you two began to dig into the big meal you both had ordered, he began to think that maybe he should just get it over with. You noticed his gaze and returned it with a smile as you continued to chew.

It was silent for awhile before you two began to talk about your individual lives. Laughing about his newest endeavor that day, you would clap your hands while you struggle to stop laughing. Almost reading his mind by raising your hand to the employee near to you, “Hey, can we have some ice cream?” The waiter would write down your order of dessert before you turned to the male in front of you who was currently staring, “What?” He would rest his cheek on his fist to grin back at you, “I like you, _____. Want to go out?”

Needless to say the waiter almost died of laughter when you spit out your drink in surprise.


He would be romantic. Your eyes would glance to the right to see him staring into a flower shop. He would smile back at you when the old woman in the shop walked out to deliver a large bouquet of pink roses into his arms. Your eyebrow would arch up in confusion when he turned back to you to hold them out.

There would be a large blush that grew across his cheeks while he stammered, “I-I want you to be mine….ple-please, _____?”

Your eyes would widen in shock while he averted his gaze in embarrassment. Your mouth would open in close like a fish out of water, a blush making its way onto your face as well.

Suddenly, the old lady at the door would shout, “Kiddo! Hurry up and say something to the poor boy! He’s practically shaking in his shoes!” You couldn’t help but stifle your giggles when Jellal seemed, if possible, to grow another thousand shades of red darker.


He would be casual. Not as nonchalant about it as Natsu, but very close. You would be walking down the park with his arm steering you across the twisted sidewalk as you munched on a crepe that he had bought for you earlier. “Are you sure you don’t want me to pay you back? I have the money…” your words would falter when the blonde frowned down at you. His eyes softened when he cleared his throat, “It’s alright, ____. Just pay me back by letting me have your company tomorrow…and then after that too.”

You raised an eyebrow at his words but before you could question it, his hands would be on your shoulders so you could look right at him, “You make me happy. Do you want me too?”

Unfortunately, a certain screaming green haired male would then fall out of the tree next to you and ruin the blush-worthy moment.


He would be sweet. The both of you would be at a nearby arcade having the time of your lives. The male would watch as your eyes lit up whenever you got a perfect score on the dance game you were currently playing. But that game wouldn’t keep your interest for long. None of these games did, he soon found out. Until a certain crane game found itself in front of you.

A pair of hands found their way around your body, fiddling with the knobs on the machine. Before long, the game started up and the crane was going towards the huge animal you set your glistening eyes on. However, Sting knew it was futile to try and get that huge thing. So instead he went for the smaller replica of the animal that was buried under a few other toys.

Nonetheless, you were happy at his attempt. Extremely happy actually. So happy that you couldn’t help but widen your grin when Sting whispered in your ear, “I will get you as many as you want. Just promise to be by my side from now on?”

But you would both jump away in surprise when the familiar eyes of Frosch were seen inside the crane game. “Frosch thinks so too!” No one knew how he got snuck in there but it took about four hours to get him out.

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We now know that sex is complicated enough that we have to admit nature doesn’t draw the line for us between male and female. We draw that line on nature.
—  Alice Dreger, Ted Talks


You’ve probably seen the wonderful gif already but seriously. Watch it if you haven’t.
2:20 I died.


The Gender Box

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Can I get a scenario where the Slayers' S.O. proposes to them, pretty please?

You asked so nicely so of course! I hope you like it-


You twirled the ring between your fingertips as Natsu came back with the many shopping bags resting on his arms. He placed the groceries on the kitchen counter before jumping onto the couch with you, nuzzling his face into your neck lovingly. Your hands found their way into his and you tugged gently. His eyes snapped to yours with a kind of delicate loving only you ever saw. “Natsu, I want us to spend the rest of our lives together.” He raised an eyebrow when you brought out the silver ring behind your back with resolve in your gaze, “Spend the rest of your life with me and I promise to go on every adventure you ask me to go one. So….marry me?”

Your eyes widened when he also pulled out a small box with a glistening ring stored inside, “____….you stole my line! Jeez, do you always have to be one step ahead?!” His arms engulfed you in a tight embrace with a smile that showed you your answer.


Your arms instinctively coiled around his neck when he tried to push you off the bed. “Gajeel! I really need to finish cleaning!” you chanted while he pulled you closer in his arms. He said nothing while you squirmed to get away and go clean the rest of the dirty dishes in your sink. “You can do it later, _____…” He plopped you down with him under the sheets with a sleepy groan. “When we get married, it’ll be your job to do the dishes.” You didn’t realize what you had just said until the male beside you visibly stiffened. He pushed up from the covers to stare at your awkward form.

“Is this your screwed up way of proposing, ____?” You simply smiled when he scooped you up into his arms to press a chaste kiss onto your temple, “Better get started on our honeymoon then, gihee.”


The two of you were lazily lounging in the park when the right timing came to your mind. You glanced over at the napping dragon slayer and took a deep breath. “Something the matter, ___?” he asked with half-lidded eyes. You raised your palm to the sky and whispered to the blonde, “I want to make you happy every day of my life, Laxus.” His lips parted to interrupt but you held your ground. Pushing up to sit right side up and staring down at him, you muttered, “And I’m not going to wait around for you to ask me instead so…will you, Laxus Dreyar, marry me?”

His hand shot out in an instant, pulling you against him with a faint smile. “You’re a real handful, ya know?” You smiled up at him when he plucked the ring from your hands and slipped it onto his finger.


You were flipping through his baby albums when he rolled into the living room with the same pout he had for the last two hours. “Stop looking through my baby stuff, ______!” By the scowl and slight blush on his cheeks, you could tell he was embarrassed. His expression earned a small laugh under your breath when you continued to paste back his old photos into the albums. “Well it’s not like i can help it, when we have kids of our own I’ll need to know how to build one of these,” you stated with a knowing grin. The blonde’s frown disappeared in an instant and was replaced with a large smile when he came up from behind you to pick you up in pure happiness.

“I do! I do, ____!” he cheered at your indirect proposal. You chuckled to yourself when he began to twirl you around with the goofiest smile he could muster.


He was watching you scroll through the internet when you came across the online ring shop. His eyes widened when you began to browse through the engagement ring section. Youonly then noticed him staring with large eyes at your computer screen, “Rogue! How long have you been there?!” Ignoring your question with another question, he simply asked, “Why were you looking at engagement rings, ____?” You began to think of reasons on why you would be when his fiery gaze just broke you down right there.

“I want to marry you, Rogue! We’ve been dating for so long and I want to finally call you mine so-” You words were hushed when he wrapped his arms around you. He pulled you in close with a small whisper, “Let’s pick out a matching set together then….”


You two were currently having the ‘future’ talk over dinner when you decided to drop the idea. “Where do I see myself in two years? Maybe being married to you or-” He would stop you right there and ask you to repeat yourself. “Well we already live together, most of my stuff is in your place anyway, I stay here basically all the time and…” He slammed his fist on the table and asked you slowly, “Are you asking me to marry you, ____?”

“If we’re speaking from an ‘I haven’t got you a ring yet’ point of standard, then yes.” He took in a long breath at your relaxed facade and ultimately laced his hands through yours. The slayer would press an embarrassed peck onto the back of your hand with a shot mumble, “I was supposed to be the first to suggest the idea, you idiot….”


She would be sitting in front of you on the Ferris wheel, looking outside the window to wait for the fireworks. You closed your eyes to pull out the ring when, to your horror, it fell to the floor of the vehicle. “____-san?” she asked when you scrambled to pick it up. Her eyes would widen when you ran a hand through your hair, “Wendy Marvell, will you please marry me?” She began to shed tears of joy when she kneeled down as well to hug you tightly.

“If you’re okay with me, then yes!” she whispered with a large smile. The fireworks would begin then, right outside your cart on the attraction…but the real fireworks were in the beating hearts of the both of you.

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Follow up about the Gender Box video.