CLOUD: You know what? Maybe I should just settle down, run a shop, stop all of this “save the world” nonsense. I mean, really, is it even worth it? So Sephiroth’s going to go do something, who even cares?? Why is it my problem? Maybe this’ll finally give me time to evaluate myself as a person. To truly discover who I am. I mean, if Tifa can run 7th Heaven, I could probably figure this out, right? I’ll call up the gang and we’ll all work here, and–

Oh, I’m sorry


what were you saying

after the foodfight, Glynda makes them all clean the far wall (“NO SEMBLANCES!” she hisses, hoping to avoid further damage) and as they’re cleaning it, Pyrrha takes the opportunity to comment on everyone’s performance - note how they’ve improved and gently point out areas that can be worked on.

she comments on Ruby’s creative semblance usage, on how Weiss no longer pauses to run combat theory before engaging, Blake’s one-on-one has gotten better, Yang and Nora have both improved their footwork, Ren has gotten stronger but it’s too bad he went up against Yang because he’s not THAT strong, and finally. “Jaune you… did really good, but we’re going to have to work on your dodging.”