Who's got two thumbs and is going to The Game Changers Tour tomorrow? THIS KID.

When I wake up:

At school everyone will be like, why are you excited?

Then, I’m going to be like GAAAAMEE CHANGAS BITCHES!

I tell them all the bands, they don’t know who ANY of them are, I’m like:

So, when I get out of school:

My brother and I are on our wayyyyyyyyyyyy!

Get to the Venue:

Then I see little concert whores:


478375 hours later THE SHOW STARTS:

We Came As Romans:

 :D (I’m new to them.)

Pierce the Veil, Bring Me the Horizon, A Day To Remember:

When any of them say something awesome about us fans:

Me, ya know… Singing along.

Realizing the show is almost over:

When I get home and tell you all on Tumblr:


The Game Changers Set List:

A Day To Remember:

 Sticks and Bricks

The Danger In Starting A Fire

A Shot In the Dark

You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic

My Life For Hire

All I Want

I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

All Sighs Point to Landerdale

Mr. Highways Thinking About The End

This is the House that Doubt Built

Better Off This Way

2nd Sucks



Why Walk On Water When We’ve Got Boats

Have Faith In Me

You Should’ve Killed Me When You Had The Chance

The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle

If This Means A Lot To You

The Downfall of Us All

Bring Me The Horizon:

It Never Ends

Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Alligator Blood


Crucify Me


Chelsea Smile

We Came As Romans:

Broken Statues


Roads Don’t End And Views

To Move On is To Grow Beliefs

To Plant A Seed


Pierce The Veil:

Black and Yellow


The Boy Who Can Fly

Yeah Boy And Doll Face

Bulletproof Love

Like A G 6


The Game Changers Tour - March 24th, 2011

It was one of the best nights of my whole life. I wasn’t able to take pictures, way too much pushing and shoving + mosh pits, but I have videos that I’ll upload soon! Anyway, the crowd was ubelievable. We were all into the show, belting out all the lyrics to every band that performed. I was so into the show. Pierce the Veil was sick, as always. They were much stronger from when I saw them in January. I say stronger because Vic and Tony were sick when they performed then, and at Game Changers they owned that stage. I hate the song, “Black and Yellow” but when they covered it I was like. I’m. In. Love. <3 Bring Me the Horizon never ever never ever dissapoints me. They always put on a mindblowing show. I wish the set list was a little longer, but I can’t complain. Bottom line is, they ruled so hard. So did We Came As Romans. They know how to get the crowd up on their feet. A Day To Remember. Holy fuck. The set list ruled, and they are so modest and extremely nice. I have so much respect for them. My brother Eric and I had a blast. Plus I met Kacie too! ( Gah, love her. I couldn’t have asked for a better night. All the bands did a fantastic job *le round of applause to:* A Day To Remember, Pierce the Veil, Bring Me the Horizon, and We Came As Romans. While ADTR was performing me and this hot dude were like singing to eachother and shit. Totally ruled. And for some reason, I almost started to cry when they performed, “If It Means A Lot To You.” I don’t know why. Like, when you hear the crowd singing those lyrics right back to them. It gets you all hyped and emotional for some reason… I don’t know what it is. But it happened! -I fractured one of my toes, both my feet are swollen, I lost my voice and I can’t turn my neck all around. Waaa hoo! *All the pain is so worth it though, trust me.* Jeremy McKinnion said that this show was the biggest show they’ve ever did. I felt so proud. I purchased a ADTR Baseball tee + bracelet and the Pierce the Veil Game Changers tour tee. :3

Favorite songs of the tour: (Well, best songs performed live)

Alligator Blood - Bring Me the Horizon

Bulletproof Love - Pierce the Veil

2nd Sucks - A Day to Remember

 My merch:

*I have to thank this amazing man right here. This is my brother Eric. We took this picture while A Day To Remember was performing. He is the reason why it’s possible why I get to get to the shows that I want to attend, he’s truly amazing. We make it to as many shows as we can, have a blast. He is one of the funniest and smartest guys I’ve ever known. I honestly couldn’t live without Eric. He always helps me out whenever I’m struggling through some tough shit. & Whenever I need him he’s always there for me. I’m truly blessed and thankful to have him in my life. Love you more than life bro. <3

that concert was fucking insane.

i got a cut on my leg during pierce the veil when i fell over not even 10 seconds into the first circle pit.

i was landed on at least 6 times so i got whiplash.

i have bruises on my arms from keeping my arms up so i could still breathe.

i have a bruise on the back of my knee from peoples knees keep bumping into mine trying to not fall over.

i crowd-surfed twice during adtr :) to all i want, and this is the house that doubt built

and yeah basically it was just great.


oh i bought a shirt :P


A StitchedSound, uma webzine que faz entrevistas com vários artistas, entrevistou o Pierce The Veil na The Game Changers Tour. Os caras falaram muito sobre a vida em tour. Seus shows preferidos, a tour atual, que está sendo a maior que eles já fizeram, bandas com as quais eles já tocaram, a preferência por viajar em vans, situações embaraçosas… E como foi gravada no 1º de abril, tem umas piadinhas no vídeo também, vale a pena assistir.

- por @PamelaNeder


The Philly date of the Game Changers Tour. I was right up front! I wish I could go back

The Game Changers Tour

Can we talk about The Game Changers tour and about how long it took me to actually write and post about it? Let me remind you that it was back in April, April 3rd to be exact. I was creaming myself for it for the longest time. A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon AND Pierce The Veil. Dude it was a jizz worthy show to be excited about. My friend (from Oakland) and I were beyond stoked. I was going solo and then meeting said friend from Oakland there but then my so very nice bro said he would join me because I was going alone. I didn’t object, I just said alright and went along with it. I prepped for this show. I was stoked as I said before. The day finally arrives and we head off to the adventure that is the road. My bro had to pee and he did so in an empty Gatorade bottle in the back seat of my fabulous Camry. He likes to say that it brought us closer and we’ve bonded from it but I like to say that is was creepy and it’s an experience to share with others. We get there and meet with my friend. She was first in line and saving me (us) a spot. Score. I had to use the restroom just like all the other bladder challenged individuals of the world so we walked down to the mall and fuck was it huge. The escalators were all twirly and went allllllll the way up. I was mesmerized. So we get to the second floor and a girl from one of those booths comes up to us and I oh-so-slyly slid to the other side

only it was not subtle and the girl noticed, because I win at subtlety….

We go back in line and my friend starts telling us how her friend left and she has her ticket and she started to freak out. Boo. Story short, we found the girl and she got her ticket and we got in but not before getting patted down by Kristen Stewart’s doppelganger… She also took our water bottles, slag. Anyways, got in there and got second row left. Pierce The Veil opened up and I was surprised, I was positive We Came As Romans were going to be the openers. PTV was ace and their cover of G6 was phenomenal, the lighting was mental. Love. We Came As Roman’s were next and I really don’t care, only commentary I have is that one guitarist looked like he could of been Spencer’s brother (Underoath) and why is it necessary they have two vocalists that play no instruments. It’s annoying. End of.  Bring Me The Horizon next and MENTAL set. Oli, UNF. Wall of death and just overall yes.

A Day To Remember finally comes on and the set was phenomenal. I eventually left the left side and went to center second row. I was under the ball. Score.

The only thing that could of made this shoe better was if they would of performed 1958. I know, they don’t but I would very much appreciate it again in my lifetime. 2009 was a blast when they did it, I get it, but I still can dream..

My friend got a setlist:)..

Homeward bound and my bro fell asleep… I was alone in my thoughts, it’s different.

Holy shit

that show was just too intense…I can’t even.

WCAR <3 They made my night bro. Fucking BMTH is just nuts with fucking Oli yelling at people to sit the fuck down. LOL

And ADTR puts on a crazy show, dude. Like fucking props flying everywhere, legit.

And even though I’m not a fan of Pierce the Veil, they’re pretty good live and their speakers and shit are awesome: fucking SUPER MARIO. yes.