Kristen Stewart

on the set of ’Sils Maria’ in Berlin 

30 years. Seriously,So, what’s the award? Per the report, Stewart has officially been nominated for a 2015 César Award, recognizing her supporting role in the indie flick Clouds of Sils Maria. For those of you who may not know, this is huge: The César Awards are basically the Academy Awards of France, and an American actress hasn’t received a César nomination for the past 30 years — Stewart is the first in a long, long while, and that’s only more proof of her excellence as an actress.

I get some of the skeptical speculation surrounding Stewart’s career, I do: Not everyone understood Twilight, nor did they identify with its romantic and admittedly sappy overtones. But, it served its purpose for what it was, which is an extremely successful franchise, and Stewart played her part well. This award nomination, now, is all the more proof that the actress

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i love these two so much. X3 

i love how Antoine is the short one, and often has to carry Avion around (that demon gets into a lot of trouble. XD) i remember i thought Antoine was taller then Avion, then flick mention he was 5′7 (Avion is 6 feet tall) im sure this gif would fit my reaction.

Things that will ruin your life if you think about them (12/???)
  • Gabriel teasing Dean and Cas when they cuddle or touch or look at each other too long
  • So basically all the time
  • They try to be sneaky about it but somehow Gabriel always sees them being adorable
  • At first, Sam thought all the teasing was funny
  • But now it’s starting to make both Dean and Cas edgy and irritable like you can tell they haven’t gotten any in forever for fear that Gabriel would pop up and make size jokes
  • So Sam starts shutting him down before he gets a good jab in
  • Like he’ll ask Gabriel a ‘quick question’ which usually turns into two hours of Sam adding to their monster notes, so it’s not a complete waste
  • Or stealing a kiss as Gabriel’s winding up and completely taking the wind out of his sails
  • But Sam went to go get groceries by himself one freakin’ time and came home to two blushing men and a teasing archangel, who is calling them out on their no-chick-flick-moments, emotionally-constipated relationship for the millionth time
  • Setting his jaw, Sam sets the groceries on the counter with a sharp noise before nonchalantly creeping up behind Gabriel and firmly massaging the spot just between his shoulder blades where his wings would meet his body if they were corporeal
  • Gabriel shuts up real quick
  • Cas looks away, blushing, as Dean gapes and demands to know what the hell he’s doing
  • Sam looks smug and answers:
  • “Think of it as an Angel on/off switch.”

anonymous asked:

My store started charging for bags and my boyfriend said that for the customers who throw a fit about it, we should flick a dime at them for the bag. What would be the most passive aggressive way to do that, and make them feel like complete dicks for throwing a tantrum over ten cents?

“If you REALLY can’t afford it, I guess I can give you some of my bus money to cover it.” or “Would you like me to take something off to cover the bag?”

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your tags about accepting prompts from this au list were from a full on day ago but i LIKE TO PLAY THE ODDS: kc + ‘i’m yelling to my friend about how attractive this celebrity is and then plot twist you’re the celebrity and in front of me wtf’ au

It wasn’t that Caroline was obsessed with Klaus Mikaelson or anything, at least not like Bonnie liked to insinuate.  But she had eyes, didn’t she?  And tabloid rumors or not, the man was Hot, and yes, the capital was necessary.

               “I’m just saying that everything I read makes him out to be a total slimeball,” Bonnie pointed out, flicking through the pages of People and pointing out the article that claimed he had been partying with models in Malibu while his supposed girlfriend, Tatia Petrova, remained at home in New York like the quiet little lady.

               “And I’m just saying you shouldn’t believe everything you read,” Caroline replied with rolled eyes, taking the magazine and flicking through it.  “Like here, it says that Taylor Swift has a new man in her life.  The new man is her brother, Bonnie.  It’s all bull crap.”

               “And I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact that you want to climb him like Mount Everest?”

               Caroline let out a laugh, slightly louder than it maybe should have been, but you had to be loud in New York.  It was all noise and people and everything that Mystic Falls wasn’t and Caroline loved everything about it.

               “Please, Bon,” she called to her friend when they were separated by a queue of men in business suits, but Caroline had never been the type to let that stop her conversations, so she just spoke a little louder.  “I would never climb Mount Everest.  But I would totally ride Klaus Mikaelson like a freaking bull.”

               As Caroline was three time champion of mechanical bull riding at the annual Mystic Falls Corn Festival, Bonnie knew that was a serious statement, and shook her head.  Caroline just grinned at her friend, and then ran abruptly into something hard that was standing in her way.  She stumbled back and looked ahead of her in surprise, only to see that her obstacle was a man.  A man with blonde hair.

               And then he turned around to reveal blue eyes, and dimples to die for that were cut into cheeks stretched in quite possibly the wickedest grin Caroline had ever seen.

               “Holy shit,” she breathed in surprise.  “You’re Klaus Mikaelson.”

               “Indeed I am, Love,” he replied, and his accent made her shiver, because Caroline had a thing for accents and his was delicious.

               “Holy shit,” Caroline said again, while Bonnie kept her distance and tried not to laugh, because the sight of Caroline realizing exactly what she had said before running into his back was hilarious… “Wow.  Awkward.”

               “Not at all.  I rather enjoyed it, actually.  You’re very descriptive, Love.”

               Caroline wasn’t a curser.  She really wasn’t.  But her mind seemed to be stuck in one gear, and so other words just didn’t want to come out of her mouth.

               “Holy shit.”

               “You said that already.”

               Caroline’s eyes narrowed, because there was barely restrained laughter making his lips twist up, and okay, so he was her celebrity crush, but so what?  She was Caroline freaking Forbes, and she wouldn’t be humiliated.

               “Hmm,” she gave her hair a toss before moving toward Bonnie.  “I guess I just thought you’d be better looking in person.”

               “Excuse me?” his voice was strangled and Caroline let a wicked smirk curve her lips, safe in the fact that he was behind her, and so couldn’t see her victorious expression.  Bonnie raised a brow at her, and then hid her own smirk, clearly recognizing all the tell-tale signs that Queen Bitch Caroline had arrived.

               “I’m just saying, I didn’t realize all those things they say about magazines photo-shopping celebrities were so… true.”

               The light at the intersection changed, and Caroline looped her arm through Bonnie’s and began to walk.  She did so love to get the last word.

               “Now love, I’ll have you know that I was voted sexiest man alive just last year.”

               Caroline knew, of course.  She still had the magazine hidden in her room.  But she just looked at him imperiously and gave a slight sniff that had his teeth grinding.

               “You rather changed your tune from before,” he said at last.

               “I hadn’t met you before,” Caroline replied.  She saw a few passer-by do double takes as they recognized Klaus, but he didn’t seem to care.  He moved rapidly, so he was in front of her, almost walking backward.  She raised a brow, but his indignant expression morphed into another wicked smirk that made Caroline gulp.

               “You’re right, of course.  And I’ve been terribly rude.  You should really let me make it up to you, Love.  And show you that I don’t require photo-shop to appear at my best. Perhaps Friday?”

               Caroline blinked, suddenly confused, because this wasn’t how this was supposed to go.  She was supposed to walk away from him, smug in the fact that she got the last word almost two blocks ago, and then later freak out over the fact that she had met Klaus freaking Mikaelson, and then insulted him.

               Instead, he appeared to be asking her out on a date.

               Bonnie looked between them, and when she realized that Caroline wasn’t going to answer, she rattled off a number.

               “Text her, and she’ll let you know where to meet her,” she added over her shoulder, as she dragged Caroline away.  Klaus waved after them, dimples framing his smile, and Caroline thought it was probably the most surreal experience of her life.

               “What the hell did you just do?” Caroline asked Bonnie when she could finally find her voice.

               “I got you a date with Klaus Mikaelson,” Bonnie replied with a smile.  “Go rid ‘im, Cowgirl.”

Scream Factory has announced plans to release a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Wes Craven’s Shocker on September 8. The film stars Michael Murphy (Batman Returns), Peter Berg (Smokin’ Aces) and Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files).

The 1989 cult classic was Craven’s attempt to create a new slasher icon. While he didn’t succeed in that aspect, he created a fun flick with a kickass soundtrack.

“I’m absolutely crazy about you. I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always in my mind; you’re in my heart. You’re in every fucking bit of me. But I can’t go there with you. I can’t do it. Look at what happens to people around me. It’s not good. I’m not good for you.”

Beyond Borders. Love this movie. And Clive Owen.

happy happy raych-cat

I had happy happy thought of Ratch-cat so I hope is okay I share. :3

Ratch-cat pushes his food bowl against Swerve’s foot and yowl sweetly to be fed. His tail flicks and he stares at the little mech with a tilted head.

Ratch-cat kneads his tiny paws against Swerve’s chest until a hand begins to scratch his ears. He closes his eyes in happiness and rests against Swerve. He vibrates with his purr.

Ratch-cat chases his tail about to make Ten giggle.

Ratch-cat complains loudly to Drift when the swordsman tries to meditate. That cat even goes so far as to climb all over Drift until attention and pets are given to him, like he so rightly deserves.

Ratch-cat sits on the bar in the most in the way space to carefully groom himself.

Ratch-cat and Bob like to snuggle for nappy time.

Ratch-cat likes to wrap himself around Swerve’s ankles before hopping up on the bar to groom. The little con artist knows he won’t be removed from the bar if he acts cute before hopping on the bar.

Ratch-cat gets under Whirl’s feet because the mech seems to want to avoid him and that it not allowed.

Ratch-cat and Magnus will slow blink at each other, but the cat will only stare at Rodimus when the captain tries to exchange a slow blink.

While Ratch-cat acts like he would never consider being a cuddle kitty, his favorite places are curled up in his favorite mechs’ laps being petted and spoiled.



Oh- And there lay a face she couldn’t quite recall. But her arm had brushed against his as she walked, and therein lay vague familiarity– it was a bit confusing, to be honest.

She might halt, gaze flicking aside to study his features. (Though, it didn’t quite occur to her that it might be considered ‘creepy’ to look on so intently.)

It was late at night, and Amelia had been trying to sleep for hours, unsuccessfully. She eventually let out a loud sigh and pulled her phone off the bedside table and flicked a text to her boyfriend, hoping he was still awake, or not at work.

I can’t sleep, come cuddle me?

Amelia waited half an hour and then heard the quiet knock on her front door, and snuck downstairs to open it. She was wearing a pair of Thomas’ sweatpants and his hoodie, both items she’d borrowed after staying at his house, but wasn’t ready to give back to him yet. She opened the door and smiled wide at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. “I’m so tired, but i can’t sleep.” She said softly as she shut the front door, both of them inside.