The lovely ladies who made Secondi’s Blogger Party with District Closets such a success! 

the third member of my monster boy ot3, Delwyn! It used to be Incubus, but he got a design revamp and moved to a different story. 

Delwyn likes sea creatures, snacking on bugs every now and then, sandals and wearing unflattering mama jeans. 

Contrary to what the media would like you to believe, you can attain any makeup style you want by using only drug store products. Designer products are not necessary to have really nice makeup, and the notion that drug store products are bad for your skin is a blatant lie fed to the public by the media to boost cosmetic sales in higher end brands.
I am a broke college student who has never once bought a container of makeup that cost more than eight dollars and I am not ashamed of that. No one should be ashamed to admit that they buy what they can afford. I like to think that my makeup looks pretty good when I put effort into it, and yours can too without the help of Urban Decay. Keep your money and keep rocking your makeup!

First Day of Sun! First sunbeams hit you and you think, there goes my leather jacket and the cardigans you, oh so much love! But I have something better for you. I recently purchased my new round towel from Australia! Yes, the brands name is ‘THE BEACH PEOPLE ’ and they have lovely towels and bags, and towel straps which makes it super easy for you to bring them to your favorite spot in the summer! I found a very nice pool close to my place in Vienna. I am so exited to spend my days laying in the Sun and have some homemade Popsicles with me. The towel isn’t the only thing I got myself. The bikini top is from 'NOOKIE’ and I’m in love with it! Because I have some itty bitty Titties sometimes it’s hard to find a good bikini top with straps. So here you go two stores to check out and make your summer your moment! Can’t wait to see your posts!