Day 125: Superheroes for a day👊! Superman and Wonder Woman in the house, well more of, on the road! Off to great start! #nosleep #gunstart #cardioistheway #earlyriser #highschoolbuds #dccomicsrun #seasidebythebay #MallofAsia #aimhighPasay #westernliving #steadysaturdays #projectpandesal #365daystofitness by juliomarko

Solarium at end of ward with patient bedframe and small “garden”, Women’s Ward Pavilions, Seaview Sanatorium 2005.  Ten years ago, I wasn’t nearly the photographer I am today; if I couldn’t make it into the City to get Pro film, I’d shoot film I picked up at gas stations or drug stores - figuring it was better to shoot something than shoot nothing.  On my first trip into a new building, in order to make myself more agile in case I had to run, I didn’t carry a tripod - just my film, my Minolta body & 50mm f/1.4, and my climbing gloves.  This limited my compositions, of course - without tilting up, I couldn’t get the entire exit sign in frame; I was already standing on a rickety cabinet.  And of course, the centering could be a little better.  But I prefer to appreciate the fact that I have photos from this place from before it because an “urbex tourist destination” and everything inside got rearranged than to dwell over some early technical foibles.

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