Painted Heart

Painted Heart is an original sidescrolling RPG Trass and I have been working on this past month! It is an entry for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest with a grand prize of $10,000. If you are interested in light RPGs with fun characters, please do check it out here. Starting next week you will be able to vote us for the People’s Choice Award!

This game features painted graphics, original music, and the Trinity Battle System, a new type of turn-based battle created by Trass. We also have more songs sung by the wonderful Usachii!

While this game is very different from Dreaming Mary and unrelated to the Myrrh series, I hope you will support us in the contest so that we can keep making more games ヽ(;▽;)ノ

We will continue working on Blue Dreams after this and may make the graphics in a similar style, depending on how much people like it! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Downloads are all available from the RMN gamepage.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day!

Dreaming Mary Release (with bug fix!)


4/19: Updated download links added!
Fixed bugs:
-Premature notification of the 4 endings
-Bonus mode freeze from painting
-Removal of script which caused ‘sound file not found’

This game is not intended for children or those of a nervous disposition.

Please play with headphones or high audio in a quiet room for the fullest experience.

Z: confirm
X: cancel
Arrow keys: movement
A: return to title screen
S: save
Shift: run

You may pause the proceedings of the game by simply clicking outside of the game.

Note: If you’d like to attain all four endings, please use one game file and continue playing after each ending instead of starting again from a save point. Bonus content is available after all four endings have been achieved.

About the Game
While it is easy to beat the game for the normal ending, it is necessary to think 'outside the box’ to acquire the other endings. Remember, pay close attention to visual and sound cues.

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Blue Dreams

Blue Dreams is a sidescrolling adventure game brought to you by the makers of the recent RPGMaker game, Dreaming Mary. Like Dreaming Mary, Blue Dreams is not exactly a horror game but does contain horror elements in later stages.

You play as Lac, a quiet and innocent young boy. You explore his house, interact with his family, and experience his normal, everyday, peaceful life.

(But is that really true?)

Blue Dreams is expected to have an hour of gameplay. Its story is divided into three chapters, each providing a different perspective of Lac’s reality.

This game is not intended for children. Warnings for this game are limited to the final chapter and include blood, violence, and horror elements. The first two chapters can be played without moving on to the last.

This game is currently in development and its projected release date is November 25th or earlier.

Happy birthday Antonella