Some really good Documentaries I’ve watched on Netflix

Dark Girls:"This fascinating and controversial film that goes underneath the surface to explore the prejudices dark-skinned women face throughout the world. It explores the roots of classism, racism and the lack of self-esteem within a segment of cultures."
*The Central Park Five: "This documentary examines the case of five teenagers, all African-American or Latino, who were convicted of the brutal rape of a white woman in 1989."
*Frontline: Secret State of North Korea: "Using smuggled footage and never-before-told stories from defectors, "Frontline" investigates North Korea and its enigmatic young leader, Kim Jong-un."
*The Square: "This Emmy-winning, street-level view of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution captures the astonishing uprising that led to the collapse of two governments." (TW some gore)
How to Survive a Plague: "Faced with their own mortality, a group of mostly HIV-positive young people break the mold in taking on Washington and the medical establishment"
*Bhutto: This documentary examines the life of Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, whose assassination sent her nation’s political system into a tailspin.” (TW some gore/blood)
Reel Injun: "This superb documentary reveals the film industry’s effect on North American native people, who’ve been depicted in movies in wildly inaccurate ways"
Spies of Mississippi:In the 1960s, the state of Mississippi formed a secret agency that employed black spies to infiltrate and take down civil rights organizations.”
Outrage: ”Director Kirby Dick exposes the hypocrisy of gay politicians who publicly criticize the LGBT community while hiding their own sexual orientation.”
Nanking: ”This graphic documentary recounts a World War II-era tragedy in which Japanese soldiers murdered 200,000 Chinese citizens and raped tens of thousands” (TW blood, violence)
Frontline: Ebola Outbreak: “Go inside an emergency field hospital in Sierra Leone, where medical professionals are combating the vast Ebola outbreak that has killed thousands.”


Screen captures from “The Defector” (1966). 

This was Clift’s last film, and he only agreed to star in it so he could prepare himself for his next role in the 1967 film Reflections in a Golden Eye (the role went to actor Marlon Brando). Although obviously very ill (he died less than 3 months after most of the shooting was completed), he still managed to give a convincing performance in what has been termed a very moody and sombre film. (Wikipedia)

Fallon and Ronan!

I’ve been procrastinating drawing what I’m actually supposed to be drawing SO BAD today! But hey, I practiced some action poses and stuff right??? I probably should/could be doing this type of coloring in the comic right now, but I really need to figure out a way to streamline it, and also I will have to give myself a huge learning curve when trying to do it in different lights/environments.

Also, this is getting me excited to get to the end of the first chapter, when stuff finally starts to get kinda badass!

Crane for Hillary, from her webcomic, The Defector! This was actually my half of an art trade and I felt bad for taking so long to finish it, that I tried to fancy it up. Crane seems like an interesting dude and I am looking forward to him showing up in her comic. I ALREADY HAVE ELABORATE HEADCANONS FOR HIM.

Also as I was sketching him, his profile kept looking like Cas.

That works pretty well, actually.

It’s done! It’s a picture of the fifth god of the plains. The fifth god looks different in each region of the world. The plains people worship this one, although the statue is in the mountain caves that border the entire plains region and is the only part of the plains region that has colossi.

Another scene from a redemption arc that I won’t get the chance to draw until like eight years from now, if I’m lucky.

… true, algebraic love of humanity is inevitably inhuman; and the inevitable mark of truth is—its cruelty. Just as the inevitable mark of fire is that it burns. Show me fire that does not burn.
—  We, Yevgeny Zamyatin

The is the illustration done for the cover of chapter two! I’m excited to get us all started on this, and I hope you are, also.

Life happenings have prevented me from doing the work I had promised I would do for the site, and I’m afraid this weekend will be swallowed up by this stuff as well. Hopefully you all can stand by while I update the site sporadically! I’m thinking a new thing for each time I update with a page? Pages should come normally, though.

the interview being such a symbol for anti-censorship in white hollywood while in north korea people are killed for seeing american movies and using the internet is truly the cruelest irony in living history