Made it over to Deer Lodge, MT today to see the old prison. I was pleasantly surprised to know there was a Prison Printing Shop! Does anyone know what kind of printing presses are shown?

There was also some hilarious contraband (the cigarettes in the bible), scandalous inmate art, and beautiful hand painted typography all throughout the complex.

I asked the front desk if they knew what happened to the presses, and the associate did not know. She even speculated that they could still be in the prison!!

… Life Goal: find out what happened to the Deer Lodge Prison Printing Shop.


Met a new person tonight. We talked about many interesting things… things that I talk about with so few people, Natasha, Nell, Molly sometimes, my mom. We talked about rape. He told me about a friend of his in prison in deer lodge for vehicular manslaughter after an accident that left the passenger in his car (his best friend) dead. He got 7 years. I told him about Chaz. I told him how I thought it was so insane and FUCKED that Chaz got a mere three more years than this person who accidentally “killed” their best friend, who will be living in REAL agony and pain and anguish (maybe I am being dramatic because I have a best friend and I would honestly probably just end it all right then and there if something like that ever happened), rather than giving Chaz say at least a fucking transfer to California to get him out of our state (just away, just get the fuck out). Anyways. There’s not much else to say because it makes sense that this guy got 7 years because that’s just what the system DOES because… our system wants us to work. Maybe they did it to prove a point. He was drunk when it happened.

The conversation became him and I after that I guess, our experiences with rape, maybe the word “rape” is like fire… it spreads when you say it, you know. When you talk about it, others do too. I’ll say first that this person is a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for 3 years. He said, “Please stop me if this sounds bizarre or weird. But I have been thinking lately… and please, really, stop me if this is weird.” Kept hesitating, maybe wishing he hadn’t said anything. “But I think of the times that I was blackout drunk, waking up next to someone I didn’t know, wondering how she got in my bed.” He explained how there had been so many instances of these blackout times that he can’t remember even one at this point, it all just feels like a fog. He explained he’s scared he may have raped one of these women he doesn’t remember. As he explained… I don’t know. I thought of what I had been taught. His body language, hesitation, (visual) sincere concern/apologetic-ness, all lead me to believe that he was truly sorry and confused about this.

I told him how I was at the other end… I told him I had been raped, and that as I also get older, I am remembering more and feeling more emotions about what really happened. The fact is with my memories is that they are so choppy. But the flashes I do have aren’t very good. I told him I was thinking of contacting one of them and asking what his side of it is. But that could just end up turning out so badly. I believe and hope maybe one day I will find clarity in my confusion with this, it’s only seeming to get bigger. I told him I understood.
We talked about this for a while. Felt a little sick afterwards, but also calm and glad that I was able to say that out loud to someone and not feel like running away afterwards.

Conversing is so good for me. Good for everyone.

As the sole snowboarder in the extended family, I am trying really, *really* hard to convince the kiddo to join me. (at Black Bear Lodge at Deer Valley)

Finn Evans - AKA Axil; ♕

- Portrayed by Cameron Monaghan; Finn is 18 years old, making him a level 3. Growing up in Deer Lodge, MT, he got into ETA on account of his phenomenal botany skills.

♕ Traits;

POSITIVE; charming, playful, witty

NEGATIVE; careless, dupable, rowdy

♕ Biography;

For as long as he can remember, Finn has been surrounded by plants. Growing up by forested mountains in Montana, that’s a given, but his mother and idol is also an acclaimed gardener and landscaper. Instead of taking interest in them, though, he took plants for granted for most of his early childhood. At age nine, Finn was in the forest with his brother and, being generally ignorant, consumed three deadly nightshade berries. Soon enough, the younger boy was convulsing and hallucinating. Luckily, he was taken to the hospital quickly enough to be treated and kept alive. After the long stay in the hospital, Finn’s parents encouraged him to make a change, and he was too afraid to stay ignorant to the effects of plants.

Several botany books and long trips to the forest later, it was obvious that the study of plants was good for the young boy. Though many had seen him as incapable and unintelligent, it was obvious that he had a knack for science- especially when it came to plants. From then on, the study of all the plants around him became not only a hobby, but a passion. His parents were very pleased to see him taking this path, and not the one of violence and seclusion that his brother, Luke, went down. He’d always been the angel of the family because of this, but after Luke left for the academy, Finn was constantly submersed in love and support from his parents. His heart became acclimated to happiness and praise, and though he’s found both of those things at the academy, leaving his parents behind forever was one of the hardest things he’s every had to do. In fact, sometimes he regrets moving away— Are the friends he’s made and the accomplishments he’s reached worth the detachment from his parents, old friends, and the nature he’d grown attached to?

♕ Personality;

The accident with the deadly nightshade may have been eye-opening, but it didn’t change Finn’s innate careless attitude. This isn’t to say that he doesn’t care about those around him, but he just doesn’t put thought into his actions or decisions. Because of this, he’s very easy to string along and fool. Regardless of his lack of street sense, Finn has an allure that comes very easily to him. He knows how to make people feel better almost as well as he knows which plants could heal a wound. This isn’t even something he has to practice; conversation comes very easily to him. Overall, the teenage boy is extremely fun to be around and easy to get along with, though he can get carried away from time to time.

♕ Connections;

LUKE EVANS; No matter how much Finn looks up to his older brother, there’s no getting around the fact that his personality often clashes with his own. This causes the two to bicker and tussle a lot, but Finn makes it known that he’d still take a bullet for Luke, even if he does think he’s quite the jerk.

SUMMER GIBSON; It isn’t difficult for Finn to make friends, but it is a bit difficult for him to maintain meaningful relationships. Summer is the exception to this, being his closest friend at the academy.

DREW NICKEL; They’ve been roommates for years, but Drew is one of the few people Finn hasn’t been able to get through to. They don’t seem to have any connection as friends, despite how much Finn wishes he could have a close friendship with all of his roommates.

- The role of Finn Evans is open.

The view from our room at the #SteinEriksenLodge in #DeerValley, #Utah.

If you’re ever looking for a place to overindulge, this is it! It is home to one of our favorite restaurants, Glitretind.

Counting down the days until we’ll be in the snowy mountains.

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