Holy sh*t, on the Daily Show tonight they had Jessica Williams doing a “Hunger Games” piece mocking the media for covering the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last weekend instead of the Baltimore situation.

Click the play button above to watch, Williams comes on at the 6:10 min point and the whole segment is awesome.

The Real Reason Why John Oliver Succeeds

Stewart’s February announcement that he was leaving The Daily Show generated loud public outcry and mourning. The debate over whether South African comedian Trevor Noah is a suitable replacement for the venerated Stewart—whether years-old tweets reveal that Noah is anti-Semitic, whether he’s even funny, whether Stewart will maybe decide to stay just a few more years now that he’s had time to think about it—have obscured a much more nuanced and more relevant question: will the insights of two foreign-born political commentators and satirists change American discourse?


People ask me, ‘What are you most proud of?’ I think I’m most proud of the fact that I moved here. I tried it. Nothing happens unless you set the wheels in motion. So to me, that was everything – whether those wheels squeaked a lot or didn’t move sometimes didn’t matter. I could walk home from a comedy club at three in the morning, no money, after I bombed in front of four Dutch sailors and was like, 'Yes!’ I loved … every … minute … of it." Jon Stewart