Vanity Fair | Why Is Everyone Leaving The Daily Show?

It was never definite or even highly likely that the next anchor of The Daily Show would come from the existing cast. … But what the departure of Bee and Jones has made clear is that no matter who takes over after Stewart leaves, The Daily Show will look radically different in its next phase. And, though it’s too early to hang crêpe, it is entirely possible that there might not be a Daily Show at all. Comedy Central is unlikely to let go of the name, but it also may have trouble finding someone eager to take over the intimidating institution Stewart built.
Does that mean the end of an era? Well, sort of. But also, in keeping with the current TV trend of more is more, we also have those many spun-off versions of The Daily Show to choose from. Late Night with John Oliver, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Bee’s new project, and even Colbert’s new home on CBS all carry the fingerprints of Stewart’s legacy. The Daily Show as we know it may soon be gone, but it won’t be forgotten.


"I’m not dead" - Jon Stewart. I need that mug.

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