The Flash Fights a Returning Arrow Villain

The Flash Fights a Returning Arrow Villain

We have heard of the upcoming crossover between Arrow and The Flash, but the heroes aren’t the only ones who will be crossing over. The Flash will be facing one of Arrow’s most successful villains, The Clock King. William Tockman, a former bank robber, suffered from MacGregor’s Syndrone. He tried to kill Felicity Smoak and The Black Canary in the Arrow episode “Time of Death” . Looks like the…

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Arrow 2.14 Time of Death Clip

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Clock King Faces Off Against The Flash

Clock King Faces Off Against The Flash

It was announced earlier this year that Arrow and The Flash do exist in the same universe and WILL be crossing over early in the first season of The Flash. But it seems that Arrow and Flash will be sharing a little bit more than a universe. TV Linereports that Robert Knepper will once again be playing the role of William Tockman, The Clock King, and will be squaring off against The Flash in…

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