Why am I posting random Merdia cosplay pictures? ‘Cause my kid sister is adorable, that’s why! We are almost 20 years apart in age but cosplay is something that lets us bond. Most of my family cosplays in fact. You can see all 7 of us strutting our stuff  HERE

I restyled one of my old wigs for her and my other sister supervised while little Miss Zoey sewed her own dress from donated fabric. Our brother helped her through together a quick bow and and found an old quiver for her to borrow.  Cheap, fast, and easy cosplaying.


I responded to this post very rapidly and without thought, by cause of the anger this message brought to me. But as Kyle said, “I’m not one to be quiet about it…” Let me start by saying, YOU (anon), are entitled to your own opinion. As am I. But you evidently believe it is ok to disrespect someone who died fighting for YOUR freedom. Whereas, I do not. Oh, and where’s my research you ask? US Navy Seal (sniper), Christopher Scott Kyle (the man you are dishonoring), served four tours (ten years) fighting for YOUR freedom, earned 10 metals for his valiant actions, and had 160 confirmed kills out of 255 probable ones. The “innocent” 159 men and 1 woman (No children) that Kyle killed, were a danger to the USA, US soldiers, and the Iraqi people. Out of the 160 men that Chris Kyle killed, not one of them could be considered not a threat to ACTUAL indisputably innocent people (Iraqi citizens, US soldiers, etc.) The suicide bomber, being the 1 woman Kyle killed, was approaching a group of marines with a grenade in an area of high civilian traffic. By killing that 1 woman, who was already planning on killing herself, he saved the lives of those men and surrounding civilians. Ultimately, Kyle fought for innocent people American AND Iraqi. Therefore, get YOUR research and YOUR facts straight! Lastly, if you don’t like living in the land of the free.. Pack up your shit, and leave.