Boyfriend in ETidol ~ part1


  • Boyfriend 보이프렌드

The officially have their debut on May 26 2011,with the fresh and lively song《Boyfriend》which was well recieved melting the hearts of the girls,having a cute appearance,and also gaining a lot of attention. After that came the song《Don’t touch my girl》plus other songs,giving them even more attention and especially in Japan. And  making a big impression ,with their recent fairy tale trilogy of songs.

  • Donghyun 동현  金東玄

Leader, Lead Vocal
178cm / Aquarius / Blood type A

  • Hyunseong  현성  沈賢星

Main Vocal
178cm / Gemini / Blood type B

  • Jeongmin  정민  李正珉

173cm / Capricorn / Blood type B

  • Youngmin 영민 趙榮旻

180cm / Taurus / Blood type A

  • Kwangmin 광민  趙光旻

Main Rapper, Lead dancer
180cm / Taurus / Blood type A

  • Minwoo 민우 盧珉玗

Main Lead Dancer, Rapper
174cm / Leo / Blood type A

  • Best Friend  베스트프렌드

To Boyfriend means a really good friend who is always there for them. Also it means that a Best Friend will keep by Boyfriend’s side,as true bestfriends. 

Cr: | Trans by me^^

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I've had T1D for 8 years. It gets so tricky when you want to lose weight :( Whenever I start working out again, it doesn't matter what my blood sugars are at night, they ALWAYS sink drastically while I sleep and I wake up with a really bad low and it becomes a struggle where you just want to everything but try to restrain yourself to what you need to treat the low. And THEN you have to try to keep it healthy :P But it's okay - I'll find the right balance of carbs and insulin adjustment!

Working out is the worst!! I’m a dancer and just dancing always makes my blood sugars drop. On the occasions I do workout or go for a run, I always finish being low. So I feel you there! If you are on a pump turning the basal rate down for the couple hours you are doing intense stuff helps a lot. And of course I’m sure you know always eat a snack before hand :) I am sure you will get it down! Happy blood sugars! 💙

taylor swift is so dramatic tho like bad blood is literally about katy perry stealing her dancers for her tour but u would think the person she talked about murdered her entire family

DANCER- There are rumors of a dancer who died a few years back but was never buried. The murder was gruesome and the killer was never caught. The death was never investigated fully. She was practicing for her recital when she died.

They say she loved to teach the art of dance to others. The studio where she was murdered closed down, but it was never locked. If you come at the right time, she’ll teach you the dance she was going to preform, and if you watch for long enough you can see her audience. Waiting, watching. 

The outline of her body is on the floor, still. The blood is fresh. Her wounds are not treated. The blood is fresh. There are rumors that if you stay too long, you will feel her pain. Disappearances of those who watched the dancer for hours.

The blood is fresh.

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Do you think it's fair that Taylor got so upset with Katy over the whole dancer thing that she decided to record Bad Blood, make it a single and give a huge amount of attention to it?

I feel like the dancer thing is like a convenient candy coating for a much bigger issue/event if I’m being honest. Like I understand if you have a frustration with someone then by all means deal with it how you will but after what all the dancers have said about the issue, I don’t think that “Bad Blood” is focused around that. I feel like it’s a convenient coincidence to use it for like press sake and such, but I feel like that seems too childish to be the sole reason of the song. 

Name: Jeon Jeong Guk

Stage Name: Jungkook

Nickname: Kookie / Jungkookie

Blood Type: A

Position: Maknae, Rapper, Lead Dancer, Main Vocalist

Birth Date: 1st September 1997

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Hobbies: Drawing

Fav Color: White, Black, Red

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Actually Bad Blood is not about John, is about Katy stealing all her dancers WHILE SHE WAS ON TOUR. This was a professional betrayal and Taylor didn't accepted it. However, hopefully the video will be the best ever, so yeah.

Let me be clear, I don’t think JM or feelings about JM from either KP or TS have anything to do with this.  I forgot to address someone who implied that in an earlier question.

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So Katy asked two of Taylor's dancers if they wanted to come back to dance with her as they were initially KATY's and THEY chose to come back because they consider Katy family and then Taylor got furious and fired those dancers, this is part of the reason Bad Blood was written whatever. If you look it up there's an actual interview of those dancers im only quoting them. So "standing up for herself" but she wasn't being walked on? Yall eat everything she tells u. Its childishness not empowerment


Project Description:

The Bloodgates

The “What”

Two dancers are inextricably locked in a lapping cycle of running, jumping, tumbling, dropping and rolling.  As they travel their repeated circle, a subtle effluvia of blood trickles down from each dancer’s mouth, streaking first her chin, next her white blouse, and finally, the floor where she has been.  

At the start of the piece, the two girls stand, clad in all white, in an upstage corner.  Costuming frilly and white with pink ribbons, lighting dim, they look almost like Hansel and Gretel at the edge of a dark wood.  As the blood begins to ooze from their lips, it streaks the whole image, first Gothic, then gory, then gross.

It is possible to read this work as a comment on the masochism inherent in the physical conditioning that is required to achieve technical greatness— physical skill — superb expressivity — as a dancer.  Likewise, it is possible to see in this work the obsessive mindset required by the pursuit of an artistic ideal.  It is possible to read this work as an affront to classicism.  Conversely, it is possible to read this work (with its excessive repetition and strict adherence to patterns) as an ode to formalism.  It is possible to read this work as the deliberate juxtaposition of “The Delicate Female” with corporeal grossness.  

But as much as none of these interpretations would be incorrect, to see The Bloodgates exclusively through any of these lenses, or even several, would be to miss the point.  For this work is primarily an environment.  It is a bizarre and twisted fantasy land, whose inhabitants live and die by rules and logic which the audience cannot see but can immediately intuit, or sense.  

The “Why”

My work up until this point has pushed the body to its limits in order to study effort.  The resulting aesthetic is particularly “masculine.”  Much of my work foregrounds athletic women.  I am interested in masculine posture, athleticism, muscular tension in the shoulders and upper torso, strength, sweat, and heroic acts of dance.  After solidifying this as my aesthetic it is time to ask a difficult question: What about the softness and femininity of the post-modern dance technique I was taught in college as the dominant paradigm made me so angry? (Self-consciousness? Or Feminism?) (The questions is equal parts political and personal.)  Why am I embarrassed by the softness of contemporary dance technique?  

This work examines femininity through the lens of Gothic Horror, which is unique in its dual qualities of the Brutal and the Sylph-like.

Cormac McCarthy’s extraordinary and thrilling novel, The Road, was once described as “a lyrical epic of horror.”  The Bloodgates aspires to the same.

Making this work a Dance Film

The Bloodgates is different from every other work I have made:  Whereas each other work has been constructed around large-scale spatial patterns, and how energy should flow throughout the room over time, The Bloodgates is about the minutia of facial expression, or the gossamer trickle of blood from a lower lip.  I realized even as I was making this dance work, that it really wanted to be a dance film and not a live performance.  

Since early on in the process of making this work, my collaborator Greta Hartenstein and I have dreamed of making this a film.  Now is the time, we feel.

In 2013 I embarked on a collaborative project with advertising creative, Andrew Mixter, to make OOZLUM: A Dance in Twelve GIFs.  In this dance for the Buzzfeed era, we investigate the oppositional treatment of time by dance and new media respectively.  We aspired to critically treat condensed, or re-imagined time, a pivotal device of the GIF.

Time is the central device of live performance art.  I believe it is a necessary task for dance makers of my generation to re-imagine time.  

The Bloodgates investigates perspiration as a measurement of effort.  The trickle of blood, like the excretion of sweat, is a way to view the passage of time through the lens of gradual exhaustion in a body moving through physical ordeal.  But how can we translate this experience into film, the realm of re-imagined time?

Stuck in an aerospace ship,
Flaming into a dark place.
My humanity’s danger
Is in full bloom.
Questions without answers,
Answers with no where to go.
Fate is a tiny dancer,
Fate is blood and snow.
Everyone is waiting.
I’m the only one chasing
Something of a nuisance,
Something we might’ve known.
Questioning existence,
Discovering resistance
Of things we’ve seen before.
Mother may you hate me,
For my satisfaction
Faded from me
And it cries on the floor?
Freedom is an instinct,
Instinct is a stiff drink.
Stiffness comes from something,
Something we don’t know.
Running with the horses,
Riding to the north fields.
Space is nothing more than
Flying with the stars.
Everyone is waiting,
Everyone is taking
Their time explaining
What I’ve set out to find.
I am waiting,
I’m waiting to land.
The nothingness in my hand.
Answers and explanations
Were too high expectations.
Finding I don’t need them
Satisfies my needs.

Kelsey N. Kline

                              I CAN’T TAKE IT BACK, LOOK WHERE I’M AT


olive knew she was always destined for something more than living in the small, liberal, desert town of ojai– with only one barely running community theatre, the redhead couldn’t really pursue or hone her dancing. so when she told her parents she was leaving for the city, they were understanding, knowing that they couldn’t keep her there forever. once arriving to the city, the wake up call was harsh, in ojai she was the big fish in the tiny pond, but here, well, not only was everyone just as talented as her, they were also drop dead gorgeous and had tons of other skills that olive could only dream of having.

it was when she resigned herself to just going back to her hometown that she met girls with dreams just as big, if not bigger, than her own. girls who were talented and wanted to entertain and make a name for themselves. this was supposed to be a fun, silly little group. a hobby, really before she was finally able to get into a dance company. but it was quick to take over her life– going as far as changing her appearance to suit the bad blood vibe ( her natural red curls were dyed blonde, her clothing style began to change, and she now proudly wore more tattoos than she could count )  with that, her personality began to follow suit. the awkward girl with bright eyes and vivid dreams had turned into the girl who couldn’t give less of a fuck. the girl who wanted to be left alone most times. ( sarcasm & silence became her best friends. ) the girl who sings harmonies and has the occasional solo verse. nothing too exceptional, but once she starts dancing, that’s when glimpses of the old her begin to come out and she begins to shine.

a lot of people need to grasp the fact that bad blood isn’t just about stealing dancers or wtvr it’s because taylor felt the need for approval from (name I will not mention bec I don’t like to talk about her) and bent over backwards to do so and all of a sudden this dancers situation happens and Taylor’s like ‘well fuck enough is enough?? fuck you???’ THATS IT THATS WHY SHE WROTE BAD BLOOD. and tbqh the whole message you get from that song is not even about shaming the other person?? it’s really about feeling betrayed and how it was a great run but the other person screwed things up and now we’re straight up enemies like ??? THE MUSIC VIDEO BAsicallY EXPLAINS THE MESSAGE OF THE SONG OH MY GOD

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Name: Jung Ho Seok

Stage Name: J-Hope

Nickname: Hosikie, King Wang Zzang, Hope

Blood Type: A

Position: Dancer, Lead Rapper

Birth Date: 19th February 1994

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 59 kg

Hobbies: Listening to music

Fav. Color: Green

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"I want the K"


17: Goofy Kiss

As usual Minhyuk and Blake ended up being a pain in the ass to each other.  Today, Blake was the one being badly butt hurt since Minhyuk was in his playful mode. A mode which was as rare as finding some money on the street. However, it was a mode that could be cute and make your blood boil right after. Especially when the dancer ended up speaking like some Disney prince or some guy that came out of a cartoon. “Princess, I shall protect that heart of yours with my entire warm body. I shall let the dragons fly over thee castle and I shall shoot not one but two, cut out the hearts and bring them to you for dinner. Proving my heart is even bigger than big dragon hearts.” – That was basically what Blake had to deal with. The younger male sometimes worried about the older since – well who even talks like this? Who even thinks like this… Who even want’s to be like this.

“They shall burn in hell. And I shall put my magical sword inside that dungeon of yours.” – And there was the perverted side that usually shined as bright as a diamond. Minhyuk could be so strange. Especially when he thought anyone liked this behavior. “Blakeeyyy stop ignoring me.” Minhyuk pouted and poked the smaller males cheek, nose, lips, ears – whatever was out there to be poked was poked. Blake didn’t like this at all. He was close on slapping Minhyuk with a frying pan or anything else heavy and made out of metal that was hard enough to smack some sense into the other. – “Aww, don’t be like this. I am just playful~” He sang and ruffled the smaller boys hair. “Maybe I should eat you! Nom nomnomnom Juicy cheeks!” Minhyuk leans in and pecked all over the boys cheeks before he kisses his way to the neck. Making a piggy sound as If he was busy munching the flesh off the bones. “Nomnomnomnm Blakey is yummy.” He mumbled. Blake really wanted to burn the other right now. He really wanted to slap him or just beat him up. But he couldn’t, it was actually slightly a bit too cute and secretly he did enjoy it when Minhyuk pampered him like this. Blake couldn’t help but chuckle. ‘Minhyuk you’re an ass.’

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Other Anon is wrong. According to my headcanon you much prefer abandoned Gothic warehouses deep in the mysterious woods because you're a warlock. And deep in the woods you gather legions of cats around you because you owe your magical powers to a demonic moose and so have to feed the cats to him or risk eternal sobriety. But you have one cat at your converted freight-train castle that you're training to be a ninja so she can kill the moose so she can drink its blood and become an awesome dancer.

A demonic moose is scary… But so is eternal sobriety.

Name: Park Jimin

Stage Name: Jimin

Nickname: Dooly / Jiminnie

Blood Type: A

Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer

Birth Date: 13th October 1995

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Hobbies: Relaxing during his free time

Fav. Color: Black & Blue