It’s very obvious why people hate Blackfish and constantly whine about it but yet never whine about The Cove. 

Blackfish and The Cove both exposes the truth of cetecean captivity, but only Blackfish exploded and gained extreme media and public attention. Had it been The Cove which had done that then people would’ve hated that and called that a lie. But because that didn’t happened it’s simply ignored along with the rest of the damning evidence against captivity.


Dolphin Cay in Atlantis

Ceta Base is a site that logs the capture, transport and death rates of captive dolphins around the world. Ceta Base estimated there are some 240 dolphins — both wild-caught and captive-bred — in facilities across the Caribbean, and that most of the wild dolphins hailed from Cuba, Honduras and the Gulf of Mexico.

Forty of these dolphins are at Dolphin Cay, a popular facility at Atlantis, a resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Opened in 2007, Dolphin Cay is a 14-acre lagoon with “seven million gallons of natural Bahamian ocean water,” says Greg Charbeneau, vice president of Marine Operations.

The first dolphins to live at Dolphin Cay were relocated from the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi, after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The transfer was well-publicized and was also the subject of a 2007 book, “The Katrina Dolphins: One-Way Ticket To Paradise.”

Since Atlantis is one of the most popular facilities, The Dodo reached out for a response to welfare concerns with SWTD programs. Atlantis prioritizes the well-being of its dolphins with a team of 90 specialists and veterinarians to “ensure their safety and comfort at all times,” said Charbeneau in an email to The Dodo. He also explained that dolphin programs help teach people about marine mammals and conservation, and it is one of Atlantis’ passions to conserve marine life.

Atlantis is accredited by both the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums and is also a member of the International Marine Animal Trainers Association, he notes.

The facility has had 16 successful dolphin births since 2007 and one dolphin mortality. Its interaction coves, says Charbeneau, are 10 feet deep.

Sam Duncombe, the director of reEarth, a Bahamian grassroots organization that was behind the closure of another SWTD facility in the Bahamas last year, disagrees with some of Charbeneau’s claims. Born and raised in the area, Duncombe told The Dodo she’s been fighting against the development of dolphinariums — including the Atlantis — for nearly 25 years.
“[The Katrina dolphins] were bought, not rescued,” Duncombe says. “It was greenwashing in a big way.” Duncombe also maintains that the cells the dolphins are in are “horrible.”

“When I saw what they had built [for the dolphins], I cried,” she said. “The bloody fish in the aquarium have more than [them], with corals and rocks. These dolphins just have bare white concrete pools.”

In fact, Duncombe’s concern about the depth of the pools is shared by scientist Naomi Rose, from AWI, who says that dolphins routinely dive to 60 feet.

Ten feet, she argues, “is far too shallow!”


But so what if Blackfish is where you started out in the captivity debate? 

As long as you’ve done research after watching it, have checked all the facts and have read up on orcas and what their natural life/behaviour is etc then I don’t see what the problem is. Everyone starts somewhere and Blackfish is not a bad place to start. I really do not understand the hate and complaints against this documentary. 

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What's so wrong with sea world keeping their whales!? Why do you care?

What’s wrong with capturing wild enormous mammals and training them to obey to our liking? What’s wrong with putting them in a metal cage after each and every show instead of letting them free to swim as far and however long they want? What’s wrong with taking away their babies when it’s been noted that whales stay together in packs especially with the mothers? What’s wrong with blaming them for deaths on human trainers when they were captured from their home environment, experiencing anxiety and depression from being taken away from the wild and trained on a fixed food income to become somewhat domestic towards humans? And what’s wrong with saying they only live 14-20 year life spans when they’ve lived past 60 in the wild?

Did you mean to ask those questions?

If I didn’t answer clearly enough or to your liking, then please feel free to watch Blackfish.

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do you like watching documentaries?what are some of your favorites?

I lovelovelove documentaries. I’ve seen so many but there’s nothing really jumping out at me atm to recommend to you. Uhhh a few I’ve seen this year are Blackfish, The Invisible War, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, The Queen of Versailles, Grizzly Man… I find all of the food industry related ones interesting too like Food, Inc., Supersize Me, Fed Up.

OOH you reminded me that I’ve been meaning to watch GMO OMG for a while now. Guess I know how I’ll be spending my Friday night. 8)

Lol I didn’t know what that was in reference to and then I scroll down and see the post. This is not a fucking competition of “who was anti cap first” lmfao if you watched blackfish and you were hit with a whopping “oh my god SeaWorld is kind of a piece of shit” THEN GOOD FOR YOU DAMN IT I love you.

A Little Rant About Sea World

Okay ever since Blackfish came out two years ago, Sea World has gotten nothing but scrutiny from the public over the orcas. And I have to say most people protesting Sea World are full of bullshit. And here’s a few reason why:
1.) People refuse to see the good things Sea World does.
Many people who are against Sea World refuse acknowledge any actual wildlife efforts they have done. Like for years in Orlando they have been saving manatees and is more than likely the reason they aren’t extinct yet. While groups like PETA and most animal activists don’t do shit.
2.) People only use Blackfish as evidence. Whenever I argue with someone about Sea World I always get told “watch Blackfish”. Bitch please it’s kinda fucking sad you only have one thing to base your argument on.
3.) Blackfish is a TERRIBLE documentary.
The whole documentary is riddled with numerous logical fallicies and misrepresentation of data to the point where it is basically emotionally- manipulative propaganda. Like the fact that at the time all the employees that they interviewed hadn’t work for the company in over 20 years. And the film only seem to used the deaths of the 4 killed by the whale as free publicity.
4.) All this protest is only around because of Blackfish
Before Blackfish came out there was relatively minor protest against Sea World and other marine parks. But since it was the protest have blown up. If people against Sea World really did care about the whales they would be protesting before, and after Blackfish’s release.
5.) Where do you expect them to put all the wildlife if they drain the tanks?
Seriously I always see people claiming them to “empty the tanks” and they never talk about what to do with the animals. You can’t just dump them in the nearest body of water. Because first you have to sort through every animal at Sea World and see where they originated from and return them to exactly where their species is native to. Because if you don’t, they will become invasive species and relasing the animals will do more harm than good. And if Sea World goes bankrupt do you really think they’d have enough money to do this?
This is really the main thing I wanted to get to because it pisses off so much when people treat poor employees like the spawn of Satan himself just because they simply work there. You have no right to treat ANYBODY like shit because you don’t like the company they work for! And you also do not say “well they can just find another job!” When saying the company should go under. Unless your gonna help the thousands of individuals who will be unemployed if Sea World goes under find new jobs you shouldn’t act like the employees are nothing more than a small liability that won’t matter
I would do a much more in depth, professional and rational analysis right now, but after me and my family got verbally assaulted by preachy assholes who were eavesdropping on our conversation on how most members of my family worked for Sea World as teenagers. I don’t feel like being fucking professional today. /endrant

I hate the expression “Don’t get Blackfished” so much.

It just sounds so dumb.


Don’t get Seaworlded either, okay? goddamn.