From Heart and Soul: Joy Division, a studio back catalogue that includes 80 tracks, which is, with a few exceptions, everything Joy Division ever has recorded and released.

Could you say no to that face?

Carlos Burle at Nazaré… - is this the biggest wave ever surfed?

Watch the full video HERE

Video by José Pedro Gomes 

Carlos Burle (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) drops into a darkened monster of a wave at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal on October 28, 2013. Video by José Pedro Gomes. An entry in the Ride of the Year category of the 2014 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards presented by Pacifico. For more info see the event website at

Hit and run

Sawyer didn’t know what to do with himself at this point. He was finding strength in a God he didn’t even believe in as he felt so helpless and alone. One of the worst feelings in the world was having to omit the reason why Summer had gotten hit by a car to her parents. The last thing he wanted to explain was that he’d gone back to fighting a while ago and now that he’d quit again, they’d gone after him and he unwillingly dragged Summer into the mess. He’d barely even seen the familiar car coming and had it not been for her trying to get him out of the way, he would have been hit, too. He knew exactly who it was by the quick glimpse he’d taken as he frantically shouted at his phone for paramedics.

It was painful to see her in the state that she was in but hearing their baby’s heartbeat that night was the biggest wave of relief he’d ever felt along with the news that she’d be okay. It was enough reassurance for him to leave shortly after and find the guy who’d done it just to bash his face in. Had it not been for the sheer fact that he wasn’t trying to get himself into anymore trouble, he wouldn’t have held back on the few more punches that would have marked him dead. With no choice but to call out of work, he spent day in and day out hoping she’d wake up at any moment and it just so happened he’d walked out for a coffee to keep himself more alert through the night when one of the nurses told him she was awake. “Hey,” He said softly as he walked in clutching his coffee before setting it aside on the table to hover by her bedside. 

You don't Have to
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by evilwearsabow

Peggy Carter was the Captain America during the WWII desperation for a poster boy. Thats right, boy, but Bucky and Howard tricked the bigwigs into putting Peggy into that serum contraption. And out came the biggest wave of female glory did you ever see. The only problem being, Bucky still fell off the train, Peggy crashed into the antarctic.

Only one of them managed to come back from their woes.

Bucky Barnes.

Here is the story of how he met a skinny little punk from Brooklyn. And fell hopelessly in love for the second time in his no-good life.

(explicit for sex in later chapters.)

Words: 1456, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Muse is here, the brain is not….

Wanting to write but my brain is so fried from the utter lack of sleep I’ve been getting this week.

and I am out of coffee money….

the signs at the beach:

aries: wearing one of those strap on shark fins on their back so they can scare people as they swim

taurus: making a picnic and ending up eating sand because it got all over the food from pisces throwing it around

gemini: GoPro films literally everything until theres no more space

cancer: swooshes around in the shallow part of the waves but then freaks out when water gets in their eyes

leo: pays more attention to their hair then anything else tries to keep it dry at all costs

virgo: helps taurus with their picnic disaster mess while also trying to show off their new bathing suit

libra: tanning peacefully while editing the pictures they took on their phone earlier with their waterproof phone case basically the only calm one

scorpio: swimming deeper than everyone else till they find the biggest wave to surf on

capricorn: will swim with you and have a good time till you splahs salt water or sand in their eyes then your dead

aquarius: hunting for mermaids or sea aliens or something, no one really knows

pisces: making sand castles and shit while also managing to make a huge mess and get sand all over the place