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Do you teachers honestly want kids to do well or do you just want to be a big fish in a small pond? I've been to 3 different schools and every one is the same... It seems universal that teachers actually hate anyone who's advanced beyond their classes.

Personally, I am very passionate about helping students– as are many of my co-workers.  We fight hard every day to do everything we can to improve students’ educations.  But it’s a messed up system.  A lot of people think teachers have all this freedom– but we have rules to follow and standards to meet.  And with the intense evaluation systems in place, teachers ARE more worried about “hitting their numbers” so to speak.  

So it’s pretty unfair that schools are being treated more like businesses but still expecting teachers to go above and beyond for their students– which now means doing so much more on top of the extra work teachers have already been doing. 

I don’t know in what capacity you have been to schools but I suspect you don’t really know what it is like to be a teacher.  

I’m also unsure what you mean by teachers hating “anyone who’s advanced beyond their classes.”  Students? Other teachers? Administrators?  If you clarify that comment I’d be happy to address that as well. 

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So, I'm in this funk AND IM BLAMING YOU; send me recommendations about Ewan McGregor movies you liked (not Star Wars; I've already memorized those). P.S. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!


*ahem* Okay, so here’s the thing - I can recommend a bunch of Ewan stuff I like, but I sense more what you might be asking is stuff where he has a happy ending and I’m afraid that shit is rarer than frankincense and myrrh. I also haven’t yet watched everything he’s been in, because I have come to realize that the critics who tend to go “He had a rough patch mid-career” are totally right. There’s a lot of shite in his filmography, tbh. HOWEVER, here we go:

Good Stuff and Happy Endings:

  • Big Fish - adorable all the way through despite Tim Burton Weirdness.
  • Jack the Giant Slayer - not as terrible a film as you are expecting, plus THAT HAIR.
  • Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - one of the few good roles he’s had where he’s actually a normal person. Excellent British romcom stuff.
  • The Men Who Stare At Goats - unexpectedly hilarious comedy. Watch for Ewan being cutely out of his depth, like it in the end more for George Clooney and Jeff Bridges having a ball.
  • Long Way Round and Long Way Down - Everything Ewan All The Time. Plus motorbikes. Such good stuff. Nearly twenty hours of it!
  • Not worth finding to watch because he’s only in it for thirty seconds but go watch this gifset of him in Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang and be happy!

Good Stuff But You Will Want to Tear Your Heart Out:

  • Moulin Rouge - ughhhh. UGHHHHHH. He sings. He dances. He falls apart. Everything falls apart. It’s glorious.
  • I Love You Philip Morris - yeah sure, Ewan, go ahead and snog Jim Carrey in a prison cell and drawl cute things in that fake-ass southern belle accent of yours, I wasn’t using my heart anyway.
  • Perfect Sense - creepy, lovely, superficial but necessarily profound. Ewan + Eva Green = hot, too.
  • The Impossible - this film has a whole host of well-documented issues, but when it comes to Ewan’s role it’s a pretty perfect fit for all your “hurt your faves” needs.

‘Eh,’ But He’s Pretty

  • Beginners - self-indulgent hipster wankery of the highest order, tbh. But it’s worth it to see him dancing with Christopher Plummer and generally being adorable.
  • The Ghost Writer - really annoying film, actually, made worse by the fact that you’re very aware you’re watching something by Roman Polanski; saving grace is that Ewan’s character is on screen for 99% of it and trying to do the right thing.

Honorable Mentions (i.e. He Takes His Clothes Off):

  • Velvet Goldmine - ALL the nekkid. So much nekkid. So much yum. Skip through most of the rest of it, though.
  • Young Adam - simple guilty pleasure, this. He has lots of sex but the film itself creeps you the fuck out.
  • The Pillow Book - I CAN’T EVEN NO NO NO but see above. In glorious style. Though he also looks about 19 which is a bit weird.
  • Scenes of a Sexual Nature - actually he didn’t get naked in this one (he so could have done, MR. DIRECTOR Y U FAIL US) but his scenes - it’s a compilation film like Love Actually - are pretty goshdarn cute.
  • Angels and Demons - totally doesn’t take his clothes off, and he comes to a sticky end. Also gets to be a huge fucking hero, however, for approximately five minutes.

“Truth is, I’ve always been thirsty.”
It’s weird standing in a movie I’ve seen thousands of times (at The Town of Spectre - Big Fish)


What time is it? SKAventure Time!!

(Adventure Time parodies of album covers from ska bands Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Sublime)

High five to all the folks who said “hi” at last night’s Reel Big Fish show. Sorry to the guy I accidentally hit with my head.