Foil Deer by Speedy Ortiz

9.1 - Sadie Dupuis’ silver-tongued, quick-witted lyrics fold nice over the inventive-yet-90s-retro guitar work on this great album, which is leagues ahead of the wonderful debut Major Acrana. - b

8.5 - the lyrics, melodies, and guitar work are fantastically creative, which to me are the basic elements to a great rock record, especially for a girl (smiley face) - chres

7.2 - I don’t care what claims of plagiarism Stephen Malkmus is making, I say Speedy Ortiz is great, especially in this latest record with its drastically improved production and the welcome addition of many a great vocal harmonies. -peck

6.4 - A grittier guitar driven version of the kind of lessons you’d learn while in Exile in Guyville - Jt