Les Amis at a party
  • Combeferre:What do insects learn at school? Mothmatics. *ba dum tss* Guys? Where are you going?
  • Feuilly:Hey. Wanna see a party trick? *whips out fans*
  • Bossuet:*breaks something*
  • Joly:People. Germs. EVERYWHERE.
  • Jehan:I like that flower arrangement. That's a nice flower arrangement.
  • Grantaire:Root beer? Is this some kind of joke?
  • Courfeyrac:Where's your boyfriend at? Is he getting you refreshments? Is he tall? Is he getting you Mike & Ikes? Oh, you like Mike & Ikes?
  • Enjolras:What is that? Mountain Dew...Red? RED?!