CNN puts the innocent killing of Blacks on TV because they want to instill riots and looting. Then they want to show the world the footage of riots and looting to make America think we are savages. This is what they are doing with the Hebrew Israelite camps. Negative videos give black ISRAELITES a negative stigma. Malcolm X, Jack Bernstein and other talked about this. We have to outsmart them and do it strategically. They don’t like an informed educated black race. They want to discredit everything. I was at verizon wireless and I showed some Chaldeans some ancient pictures of Persians, Babylonians, Canaanites and ISRAELITES. A Jewish guy was in the store with his daughter. Of course he wanted to see. The pictures that I showed him were obviously all pictures of these ancient peoples with brown skin. He asked me where I got this from. I told him they were in Museums in Egypt, Europe and ISRAEL. He then said we were brothers as if Black peoples and Europeans come from the same stock. I said no we are not really brothers. He said the JEWS got lighter and developed straight hair when they left ISRAEL and blamed the ancient ISRAELITES skin color on the Sun. I told him I met JEWS born in ISRAEL and lived in ISRAEL who were visiting America to see a relative and they were white. I told them I met Chaldeans who were fresh in America and didn’t speak English who were also white. I told him ISRAEL was the only country in the Middle East near AFRICA with the highest rate of Skin Cancer and ISRAEL was #2 in skin cancer diagnoses in the world in 2003. I told him that brown skin was genetic as no sunlight penetrates the baby in the womb of a African. But when the Baby is born it is black because of its DNA. They all were quiet. America does not want us to know nothing. They don’t want us to come together. The only difference with the Black Hebrew ISRAELITES is that we have Bibles in our hands as our weapon to reveal the TRUTH instead of Guns. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our swords tucked away nicely & our CCL/CCW cards in our wallets. Lol! But first we have to KNOW BETTER in order to TO BETTER. check out the BOOK/DVD “HEBREWS to NEGROES” on ™@hebrews_to_negroes


Lilith // לִילִית‎ Lîlîṯ is the name for a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud, who is generally thought to be in part derived from a historically far earlier class of female demons Līlīṯu (the mistress of winds and night) in Babylonia. She’s better known as the first wife of Adam, before Eve or the lover of Lucifer.

Her will of never being subdued to any man or authority, made her an icon of feminine power and freedom and caused her to be cast away from Heaven, although without losing her immortality. After that, she became the first among the demons in both power and savagery.

5 Reasons why any of you f*ckers that haven’t seen Mad Max should go watch it. NOW.

II: Flamethrower Guitarist Urges the Machine Army to Slaughter!

The Babylonians had trumpeters, the Scots had bagpipers, the Egyptians had great gongs. Every army has had its battle music, to gird its soldiers for the horrors to come.  The army of the apocalypse has a massive truck-mounted monolith of speakers, on which stands a guitarist shredding a flamethrower guitar. To Valhallaa!!!



A series of illustrations that outlines the discovery and adaptation of zero as a mathematical concept. 

I. Fist, before zero was used by humans there was only a concept of having or not having. II. Then, when it first appeared in use in Babylonian script it was as a place holder signifying many of a thing, but not a number unto itself. III.Next, when it was finally recognized as a number of absent value, it horrified the western mathematicians for it represented the possibility of a void beyond life. IV. However, as it was accepted, theorists (including zeno) began to see it’s extraordinary possibilities and write paradoxes around it. V.Finally, in a more modern use of the number, Zero is what makes programming, space travel, advanced movement, and our understanding of the big bang possible. Zero is the beginning.  

The word “disaster” comes from Latin words meaning “bad star” - which shows that the Romans thought that the stars could influence our lives. They were wrong, but even today, many people share this belief.

There are several types of astrology. “General Astrology” looks at how humanity is affected by supposedly “significant” alignments of the stars and planet. “Genethlialogy” is a branch that looks at your life based on the positions of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth, while “Catarchic Astrology” tries to find the most auspicious time to start a given task.

The idea that stars express Divine Will goes back some 2,300 years to the Babylonians. They could see with the naked eye seven objects (that they called stars) that moved through the sky - the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They believed that the gods lived in these “stars”, and controlled the destinies of individuals and nations. They thought the gods controlled us either directly by meddling in our affairs, or indirectly, by the intricate relationships of these stars with each other.

To describe the positions of these stars more easily, the Babylonians divided the sky into 12 slices (they had a numbering system based on 12, not 10 as we have). Today, we call these 12 slices the 12 Houses of the Zodiac - eg, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius. The Babylonian astronomers/astrologers closely observed the sky, decade after decade. They noticed that these seven stars seemed to move through the Houses of the Zodiac in totally repeatable ways - coming back to the same location in the same house at the same time, year after year.

But this is where the big problem is.

The constellations shift by about 1o every 72 years, thanks to the drifting of the Earth’s spin. The Earth spins around an imaginary spin axis that runs through the North and South Geographic Poles. But it doesn’t spin true. If you have ever spun a top, you’ll see that this spin axis soon begins to wobble. The spin axis will slowly sweep out a complete circle.

The same thing happens with the spin axis of the Earth - except that it takes about 26,000 years to sweep out a complete circle. So roughly every 2,000-and-a-bit years (26,000 years divided by 12 Houses), the star signs get shifted by one House. The horoscopes you read in the daily newspapers (and that are often written by the most junior journalist on that shift) are wrong by one House. You should be reading the star sign before.

But this is not a new discovery. Back in 129 BC, Hipparchus was the first to find this shifting-of-the-stars when he compared the astronomical records with what he saw with his eyes.

But there’s another major problem with astrology, and that is there are so many problems with Astrology, that it’s hard to know where to begin.

First, just when is a baby born? Is it when the mother’s waters break, or when the baby’s head appears, or when the baby’s feet come out, or when the cord is cut, or when the placenta is delivered? For that matter, if the stars are indeed so powerful, why should the thin layers of the mother’s abdominal wall and uterus provide any barrier to these supernatural forces?

Second, when reading the daily horoscope, how can one-twelfth of the world’s population all fly down to Tasmania for a hot weekend with a tall handsome stranger? How would the airlines cope with the unexpected load?

Third, why are all the people born on the same day of the same year so different? Surely, they should have similar appearance, lifestyle and behaviour?

But most importantly, none of the detailed statistical studies that have looked at astrology have found any merit in it. For example, a psychologist from Michigan State University, Bernard Silverman, looked at 2,978 married couples and 478 couples who divorced. He found absolutely no correlation between which couples divorced, and which couples were born under alleged “incompatible” signs.

The famous French Astrologer, Michael Gauquelin, offered free horoscopes to any reader of Ici Paris, if they would give feedback on the accuracy of his supposedly “individual” analysis. He wanted to scientifically test his profession of astrology. He sent out thousands of copies of the same horoscope - and 94% of the readers replied that his reading was very accurate and insightful. What they didn’t know was that the horoscope was that of a local mass murderer, Dr. Petiot, who had admitted during his trial that he had killed 63 people.

So while it’s handy to blame our misfortune on the stars, Julius Caesar was probably closer to the truth when Shakespeare had him say, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves…”

Credit: Dr. Karl S. Kruszelnicki 


Spolia Tarot update:

We decided that the Hierophant needed a makeover. 

I’ve never really liked any of the traditional Hierophant imagery. It’s too Christianity-based, with the Pope’s blessing (two fingers and thumb up, two fingers down), the mitre hat, the staff with the three bars representing the trinity. 

And I never liked Aleister Crowley’s Thoth version because fuck Aleister Crowley.

There were certain elements Jen May and I wanted to highlight on the card, like how religions all build from and steal from each other. The traditional Pope hat, the mitre, is shaped like Dagon’s hat, the Babylonian sea god. 

And isn’t he beautiful? So we felt it was important for Dagon to live on our card. The lineage has to be acknowledged. 

So the top image is our reworked Hierophant, with Dagon hat, many different expressions of the number Five (H’s number in the tarot, and super important for our understanding of the card’s meaning), and a very secret but significant halo. We didn’t get him totally out of his Christian garb, but we managed to add in the bones of the religions that Christianity stands on.

Babylonian clay tablet written in Akkadian, containing the oldest known cooking recipes. The tablet includes 25 recipes for stews, 21 meat stews and 4 vegetable stews. ca. 1750 BC. [1638x2458]

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What is the book of mormon even about?

So you know how the Bible is a record of the Jews and their dealings with God? The Book of Mormon is basically the same idea, except it starts with a couple of families being inspired by God to leave Jerusalem right before the Babylonian invasion (about 600 BC). They sail to the Americas and there split into two main groups, the Nephites and the Lamanites. In general throughout the book the Nephites are the ones that keep the commandments and the Lamanites are the ones that don’t.

It’s really just a very abridged record of their civilization. It’s called the Book of Mormon because a prophet named Mormon took the thousands of Nephite records and abridged them into one set of records.

Like the Bible, it has stories of people choosing right and wrong, the inspired words of prophets, records of wars, etc.

The crowning part is when Jesus Christ visits the Americas after his ascension in Jerusalem. It’s really, really beautiful. He basically taught the people the same stuff he taught the people in Jerusalem. Instituted the sacrament, called twelve apostles to preach and baptize, blessed children, and healed the sick.

Eventually the Nephites become super wicked and there’s a HUGE war where the Lamanites destroy all the Nephites except for one, a guy named Moroni, who finishes the record, seals it, and buries it.

Later Moroni, now an angel, leads a boy named Joseph Smith (if you know anything about Mormons then you’ve heard of him) to the records, and Joseph Smith translated them through the power of God.

That’s pretty much a crash course in very basic Mormon doctrine. We consider the Book of Mormon to be the keystone of our religion. As a missionary I invited people to read it and pray to know if it was true. Basically it’s what holds our religion and our claims together. If the Book of Mormon is a true record and was really translated by Joseph Smith, then that means Jesus Christ is the Savior and Joseph Smith was a prophet, called in the same way the prophets of old were. If it’s not true than we’re all deluded loonies. It’s really that simple.

Honestly though, this post illustrates so much how the modern meme era has mimicked the past 2000-3000 years of the history of western knowledge.

First there’s the ancient Greeks, Babylonian scholars, and the like, all of which convene in the Library of Alexandria, or in this case, social networking sites. But these fall temporarily out of fashion, and thus, the concept of shitposting and memes are burnt to the ground - these are the dark ages.

But light is restored through the Renaissance, and memes begin to flow again, before the rise of capitalism takes our beloved memes out of our control. No longer are memes seen as long-standing fact, like Aristotle’s philosophies. No, memes come and go like the rise and fall of the stock market.

Where will the future of memes take us? Only time will tell

Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple of Bel is the most complete structure among Palmyra’s ruins. Built in the 1st century A.D., it was dedicated to the superior Babylonian god Bel, adapted by the Greeks as Zeus and by the Romans as Jupiter.

The Grand Cross has nothing to do with Greco-Roman myths, it’s both an astrological event on August 17-18, 1999

as well as a connection to the Christian Tetramorph.

What connects Tatsuya, Lisa, Jun and Eikichi to the Grand Cross are the four fixed Zodiacs (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio) which are also present within Sudou’s Masked Circle as well as the four temples.

The origin of the symbols of the four fixed zodiacs are the Babylonian symbols for the fixed Zodiacs.
The symbols are: LION (Leo) ; HUMAN (Aquarius), OX (Taurus) and Eagle (another symbol for Scorpio)

-Vision of Ezekiel

There are also two instances in the Bible in which these four symbols are mentioned namely in the Vision of Ezekiel as well as the Revelation of John.

The four beasts are also the symbols of the 4 Evangelists.

Mark has the lion, Luke the ox, Matthew the human/angel and John the eagle.

In fact there are two instances in the game in which the IS party are aligned like Christian Tetramorphs:

The Grand Cross spell

and shortly before the final boss fights.

Maya in this case takes the place of Jesus in the Tetramorph while the others are aligned like the Evangelists in Tetramorph pictures.

Since the four fixed Zodiacs formed the Grand Cross in 1999 many people did fear an apocalypse due to the four beasts being mentioned in the Revelation.

In fact it’s the fixed Zodiacs of Tatsuya, Lisa; Jun and Eikichi which also fit their Ultimate Greco-Roman Personas.

Tatsuya is a Leo which is ruled by the Sun, henceforth why Apollo fits.

Lisa is a Taurus, ruled by Venus, henceforth why Venus fits as her Persona.

Eikichi is a Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, henceforth why Hades fits.

Jun has the sister sign to Tatsuya’s Leo, namely Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus actually. Jun however got a Chronos/Cronos mixture as his Ultimate Persona. Chronos is the god of time, and Cronos was the son of Ouranus, he castrasted his father and disposed of him representing Jun’s daddy issues.

Also notice that Maya (IS and EP), Ulala (EP), Katsuya (EP), Baofu (EP) also have Greco-Roman deities as initial and ultimate Personas not only Tatsuya, Lisa, Jun and Eikichi.

And the P2 Personas were chosen to have similarities to the characters without a doubt:

In IS:
Maya is older than Tatsuya and has a dualism bond with him corresponding to the Apollo/Artemis myth of their Personas.
Jun sees Maya as a replacement mother, Maia from the Pleiades in myth is the mother of Hermes.
Lisa does get a little jealous sometimes like Aphrodite/Venus in myth.
Jun and Tatsuya do have a gift exchange like Hermes and Apollo (lighter and watch in Tatsuya’s and Jun’s case and staff and lyre in Hermes and Apollo’s case .

In EP:

Maya is older than Tatsuya and has a dualism bond with him corresponding to the Apollo/Artemis myth of their Personas. 

Ulala has bad luck with men like Callisto.
Ulala takes care of Maya’s and her’s apartment, Callisto was Artemis’ servant
Baofu has an endless journey and is restless like Odysseus.
Katsuya’s Persona Helios is an older solar deity than Apollo.

The list goes on and on these are just a few examples.

Archetypical is also not the same as stereotypical. You can’t make a game about Carl Jung’s theories and not include or talk about his theory of archetypes.
Archetypes are elements of the Collective Unconscious and are the basis for legends, myths, fairy tales, visions.
The P2 characters do share similar experience as their Personas in the myth.

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I had this dream last night, where after a series of events I met Lucifer. He claimed he needed my help, or help from someone like me- someone who had a Christian or Catholic background, since we're the ones who grew up being told that he's this evil we should steer clear of, so we're the only ones who could grant him forgiveness. pretty sure this sprang from seeing the 'Lucifer' trailer, but since you've a much better knowledge of him, I was wondering what you thought of this? How likely is it?

Preface: For the purpose of clarity I’m going to refer to him as Satan here, since that’s the title I use to refer to the real-life entity, wheras I say Lucifer when I’m talking about the literary figure. Satan is the Hebrew word for Adversary or someone who opposes. His proper angelic is actually unknown, although Abaddon is a good guess. Lucifer a term used in reference to a Babylonian King in Isiah 14:12-13).

Pretty unlikely. My knowledge of Satan is by no means exhaustive, and the information we have about the the Devil is actually pretty sparse and fragmented, but you and I can rely on the fact that we’ve got no hand in granting him any sort of forgiveness. In a theological sense only God has the ability to forgive sin and, in a more logical frame of thought, Satan’s sin of rebellion was against God, and in all probability his hatred for us is a way of getting back at God, so that’s the injured party Satan would have to ask forgiveness from. 

Your dream was probably the result of my incessant Lucifer blogging and the new “Lucifer” trailer, but if you still don’t think it wasn’t, remember, Satan is notorious for appearing as angel of light, something beautiful and tragic that we want to sympathize with, and he’s very, very good and lying in the way that best benefits him. He does this actively and with relish. So don’t get it into your head that’s he’s a decent guy who needs a break. 

That said, the idea of a redeemable Satan isn’t so crazy. There’s entire branches of Christianity that believe Satan (through God’s grace and power alone) will be reconciled with God after the end of days. Other schools of thought, Jewish ones in particular, see Satan as an angel under God’s survey who tempts humanity in order to make us stronger in our faith, and while we’ll never have decisive proof of either of those theories, I certainly like them.

Maybe Satan’s a malicious evil force out of fuck our shit up. Maybe he’s a servant of God striving to make us better. Maybe he’s something entirely different. Only God knows, but that doesn’t change what Satan is to us: trouble. Painful, confusing, spiritually poisonous trouble. Christians are meant to live out Christ’s love in the world and battle the forces of darkness as they arise without trying to contact angels fallen or otherwise. Our worlds occasionally intersect, yes, but trying to rip that veil ourselves always ends badly. Trust me on this one. It’s not wrong to wonder about the fallen angels or even feel bad for them, like kind of curiosity and pity is what makes us human. But leave Satan to his business, whatever that may be. It’s his to sort out.

Postscript:If anyone has any more Satan/theology questions, or even questions about my Lucifer, send them on in!


To cultural appropriation SJWs:

If you’re painting, you’re appropriating China

If you’re using any modern farming techniques or technology, you’re appropriating Europe

If you’re watching animated cartoons, you’re appropriating France

If you eat spaghetti or noodles, you’re appropriating Italy and China

If you play the drums, you’re appropriating most of Africa

If you write, you’re appropriating Assyrians and descendants of the Babylonians

If you’re eating bread, you’re appropriating The Fertile Crescent

If you use hot sauce, you’re appropriating Mexico and Southeast Asia

If you’re eating tomatoes, you’re appropriating South America

If you’re receiving an education, you’re appropriating Jews

If you enjoy canoeing, you’re appropriating Polynesians and Native Americans

If you read novels, you’re appropriating Japan

If you drink alchohol, you’re appropriating China and The Middle East

If you’re using refined steel, you’re appropriating Turkey and Greece

If you believe in democracy, you’re appropriating Greece

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The problem is that the original bible talmudic writings were NOT in hebrew.. the hebrew is a translation from aramaic. Just like the Christian writings were originally greek.

You are half-right, the Torah/ the Pentateuch/ Law of Moses (PBUH) (not the entirety of the Tanakh) was entirely ‘written’ in Ancient Hebrew to the Children of Israel at Sinai, some of the later books and verses that were added in were in Aramaic (e.g the Book of Ezra (PBUH)) which became more standardized as the Ancient Semitic language of Hebrew declined and got replaced with Aramaic, thus the Hebrew Bible was entirely written and preserved in Aramaic from Ancient Hebrew, but still traced much of its Ancient Hebrew language in the scripture. This, however, changed during the Maccabean era as Hebrew once again returned as the sacred language of original Hebrew Bible. 

As for the Babylonian Talmud, it was written in both Hebrew and Aramaic by Jews, the Mishnah (Oral Law) was in Hebrew while the Gemorra was in Aramaic, however, that’s not the point, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a reliable source, I don’t see why this is a problem to you.

However, since Aramaic is a Semitic language, it is still more faithful to Hebrew than it is to Greek. 

You are also correct with the Christian writings, or to be more specific, the New Testament which was originally Greek, but as the Roman Empire promulgated the Bible in Vulgate Latin and Christianized it, the Tanakh/ OT was more in line with the Christian interpretations so that they were more in accordance with the messianic prophesies of Jesus Christ (PBUH), it became the standardized version of the Greek Bible that we all know today.