"When I met her, I thought, oh God, she is in love with me, and it took me a while, to understand that she is in love with the world. So it’s not personal, ‘Don’t take it personally, I’m in love with the world, I’m not in love only with you.’ I realised, she is repeating this misunderstanding with every single person in the atrium."
-Klaus Biesenbach on Marina Abramović


time square atrium fansign - 150130
giving a bouquet to a fan… ╥﹏╥
only you
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Contemporary Resort, early 1970’s. I know some people think the orange and yellow plastic trees were tacky, but I thought they were cool, and I still do. They had a fun, colorful Mary Blair quality that went along well with her mural.

I wish I was there, in that place and time.