I forgot to put the link and stuff so here are the infos

It’d be the best for me to draw your ocs as there is no copyright issue and such! 

Black and white - $15
Consider the background a not-really-give-away give away.

Colored, any size - $25

Colored and shaded, doodley style, any size - $30

Colored, shaded, with background - $40

These are all digital arts but if you want a real piece, we can talk.
You want some other things, we can talk. 

Send me email at or add me on Skype sha.on9 but send me a message on Tumblr first to tell me get online. I just don’t go on Skype often.

btw I actually want Deadpool comics more than money so I am more than happy if you buy me comics if it worths about the same. 

You can do whatever you want to the drawings after you paid - print it on shirt, on paper, frame it, I dunno, whatever, they are yours, just don’t sell them and say you drew them. It hurts bro. 

anonymous asked:

I don't know much about you to be honest but you seem really sweet and you're really important to Cockatielcutie so I definitely like you.

omg who is this is this pastry? zest? grace?

Thank you <3

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you really should start tagging your queued posts, i always think youre online when youre not

Nah, that’s too much effort for something I don’t care much about. Just assume that, if you see me posting in rapid succession, I’m online — and if you see me posting less frequently (but still regularly), it’s a queue. Basically, just always assume it’s a queue (because 90% of the time, it is) lol

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Dear Micayla-chan, Due to the courtesy of Bex-senpai over at theiwatobicomfortclub, Rin and I have become an official OTP and are getting married... If you would please do me the honor of being my bridesmaid, I will love you forever~ - Dest-chan <3

Ofc bby I’ll be there, RinDest is OTP~