• Headcanon:When Daryl dies, the first thing he hears is a piano playing. He stands up slowly and takes in his surroundings, realizing he is just outside the funeral home. He walks up onto the porch and as he opens the door, he faintly hears a voice singing softly inside. Hardly believing it, he walks towards the voice and the music until he gets to the doorway. Peering in, he is overcome to see Beth sitting at the piano with the white dog by her side. She stops singing and turns to look at him, smile wide and loving. "There you are...I knew you'd find me!" She laughs and holds out her hand. Slowly, he walks forward and takes it, tearing up at the feel of her skin on his. "Welcome home, Daryl." She says and Daryl, at last, is at peace.

X-Files Season 2 Episode 8 One Breath

"I feel Scully that you believe you’re not ready to go, and you’ve always had the strength of your beliefs. I don’t know if my being here will help bring you back….but I’m here."  Fox Mulder

My companion is nearly ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Though I’d like to think she’s going to be sitting outside the gates of the Underworld, running around the legs of Cerberus, waiting on me to get there.
She’s in a lot of pain right now. I’ve given her what I can, and all of my energy is going to her. I am angry, and grief stricken. I just want to scream at the moon while the tears freeze a mask to my face. Everything is a source of irritation to me, anything that takes my focus away from her. We’ve been through a lot together. She took on a Devil Dog and won. She was exiled from my home county. She has been with me to the Ocean of Atlantis. She has seen the dawn and twilight of a relationship that would span 15 years and see the creation of a Scion of Apollo. She has stood steadfast against perils real and imagined. We have shared energy and we have partaken in multiple magical workings together. She has been my knight, my daughter, my sister, and one of my most loyal love. I am not ready to see her go. I need her to help me raise my daughter. I need her to help keep this new puppy in line. I need her to protect my house when I’m gone. I need someone in my life who will love me no matter what. No matter what happens. Who will never want nor have need to leave me. I guess though, that she has need. And it’s my duty to her to see her off. She can’t be comfortable. She has to be in immense pain. I can’t see her suffer. I owe it to her to bring her pain to an end. Any prayers to any God would be appreciated, mostly to ease her pain. She is a Hound of Hecate and she deserves better than this.

There, before him, stands a faceless crowd, shrouded with dark cowls. Flame licks at their feet, and their eyes glitter cold and blue, black, silver, brown from the pale shadows that would be faces beneath their hoods.

And then one man steps forward from the crowd, reaches up, casts back his hood. “My people are here for their retribution. But first…” And the man steps forward again, draws near, and the dim, clouded light falls upon his face, accenting his dark brow and noble features. “First you will pay for the crimes you committed against my daughter.”


One of the stories out there, that make you hit an existential crisis. 

Original Author: Andy Weir

It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and two children. It was a painless death. The EMTs tried their best to save you, but to no avail. Your body was so utterly shattered you were better off, trust me.

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"The Sea of Dead Children"

Margaret Jane died whilst in a slumber so deep
Tragically murdered in her bed as she was fast asleep
She opens her eyes with a fright, hoping it ‘twas just a dream
But the water fills her lungs, drowning out her blood curdling scream

For if a poor child dies before the age of eleven
They don’t go to Hell, and they don’t go to Heaven
The Sea of Dead Children becomes their new home
Upon the ocean’s floor, their souls eternally roam.

The ghostly hands grip tight, pulling Margaret Jane down
Even though she already died, her soul has to drown.
Dead children are always excited to play with someone new
Since the afterlife can be boring, so it’s something to do. :-)

Deeper and deeper she goes, into the dark depths of the sea
To play with every child who ever died, for the rest of eternity

Posted 2/28/2012

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Eternal Reefs

A way for someone to recycle their body and help marine life. Eternal Reefs transform human remains into artificial coral reefs for marine life. They help restore the fragile ecosystems off our coasts, providing an environment that supports coral and micro-organisms.

The idea was that of two students at the University of Georgia in the 80s. The idea to help came to them when they were diving off of the Florida Keys on break and saw all the deterioration and degradation of the reefs and decided to do something about it.

You can be useful to the environment even after death.


"The Near Death Experience"

The familiar feeling of a fistful of pills festering in her stomach dissipates away to a strange airy lightness as she feels her body float up from her bed.

Did it work?  Is it all over?

…It had to be enough this time.

She feels herself float up and up for what seems like ages, the void of blackness finally giving way to the gentle twinkling of stars above her.  She looks down, and while she can still see her bed below, she also notices that she’s wearing her favourite dress from when she was 8… she hasn’t seen that dress in decades, not since the garage sale before the second move.

And the shoes!  The shoes she wanted for Christmas and never got!  The ruby red ballerina shoes, oh she wanted them so bad…!  It seems like such a small thing to dream about now, but back then…

She wishes she could want something like that again, just once more.

Expecting the soothing golden light to welcome her to the afterlife, or at least some relatives she is meant to have loved greeting her, she waits nervously for something to happen…

The gentle twinkling of the stars above starts to slightly unnerve her, as their twinkling begins to feel… oppressive somehow.  Ominous.  Even though she is seemingly floating in place, she can feel the stars coming closer, somehow mocking her…

Each sparkle of the stars blasts within her head now, ricocheting around her brain, and she can feel the presence of fully formed thoughts planted directly in her mind.  They weren’t said with words or sentences, but simply concepts, ideas that she can’t quite articulate out loud…

But she knows now, that this is all a joke.  Everything.

Everything she ever knew, loved, or cared about, is all a joke.  None of it is real.  And the fact that we think it is real, she realizes, makes it all the funnier.  It’s a massive prank pulled on all of humankind.

And none of it matters.  Life, death… nothing.

But the punchline, she knows, is that she hilariously feels like she wants to live now… despite being in on the joke.  She can’t explain why, but she can feel that want inside of her… even if only distantly.

Suddenly, she’s lurched back into her body as she finds herself violently throwing up the mix of half-digested tablets and capsules, along with the still-cold ice water she had washed the pills down with.  Only a few moments must have passed, she thinks to herself, as she slumps into a wretched pile on her bathroom floor.

In stark contrast to her other attempts, this time she keeps it secret.  She doesn’t want the forced sympathy it brings.
And while she can sense the heavens mocking her inside her mind’s eye for the rest of her life, it’s fine… she knows they’re just as big of a joke as she is.

Posted 10/27/2012

(Giffed by the amazingly talented and beautiful Fatma!)

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