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I just went through your blog and it's a foregone conclusion that you are an abject moron. No wonder your life sucks. Can't have too much potential when you have such a weak brain like you do.

My life sucks? News to me. I am a successful young woman… I don’t really know what sucks about that.

_ShokingContent_ Gerald Collings Paintings Gerald Collings‘ paintings are  a perfect mix between Francis Bacon and your local butcher shop. These layered paintings look like they have been to hell and back. With images of skinned faces, torn apart rib cages, and bodies in various states of decay, they have become the ultimate test for how grotesque an image can be while still remaining a rich and seductive work of art

u guys would have been great at my grandparents’ wedding tbh (x)


The Body Electric

A working lamp by the Polish-born artist Alina Szapocznikow and more objects from “Counter Forms,” a seductive, chilling museum-quality exhibition up through November 16 at Andrea Rosen gallery.

The show, organized by Elena Filipovic, brings together four postwar artists who probably didn’t know each other, or even of each other, but were united by a sensibility that draws equally on attraction and repulsion.

Szapocznikow, Tetsumi Kudo (from Japan), and Americans Paul Thek and Hannah Wilke rejected the reductive, arch sensibilities of Minimalism and Pop for a deliberately anti-heroic sculpture, abject and visceral, that was crafted with new, experimental materials and infused with sexual candor and dismembered body parts.  

(From Top): Alina Szapocznikow, Lampe-sculpture, ca. 1970, tinted polyester resin, light bubble and power supply cable. ©THE ESTATE OF ALINA SZAPOCZNIKOW – ADAGP PARIS. Hannah Wilke, Untitled, ca. 1960s, painted terracotta. HANNAH WILKE COLLECTION & ARCHIVE, LOS ANGELES. ©MARSIE, EMANUELLE, DAMON, AND ANDREW SCHARLATT/LICENSED BY VAGA, NEW YORK, NY. Paul Thek, Untitled (Dental Plate #3) from the series Technological Reliquaries, 1966-67, wood, plaster, paint, porcelain, and Plexiglas. ©ESTATE OF GEORGE PAUL THEK. Tetsumi Kudo, Your Portrait, 1963, mixed media (wood, plastic). ©ADAGP, PARIS & ARS, NEW YORK. COURTESY OF HIROKO KUDO. 

who was ever being born to such calamity (all the heroes are dead)

[this doesn’t actually contain any character death, for one. but it’s angsty as hell bc ep 32 happened. carmilla, hollstein. carmilla is painfully self-sacrificing & i love her so here have a drabble of her painful interiority.]


who was ever being born to such calamity (all the heroes are dead)


when someone asks what it means to ‘die for love’/ point here
—rumi, ‘like this’


You’d forgotten, which seems amazing now that it’s hit you again, how much it hurt. Not even strictly physically, although there was that too, and you suppose everything is physical: but your broken bones didn’t compare to this very tangible stabbing sensation in your chest, this churn in your stomach. Your hands tingled and stung, even around your cracked and bloodied knuckles, the loose teeth that bit like glass in your mouth.

You’d forgotten.

But you remember, now, in that moment when your mother in Laura’s body brushes aside your bangs, those stupid bangs you’d gotten just before you’d come back to Silas, to spite your mother, to make sure all of those girls you kissed could never look into your eyes.

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As you awaken from your candy Coma Look back on the awesome Nightmare Night party last night!

hasikon's Jifka as the fluffiest werewolf I could draw
ask-apartment2b's Powder Cross as a hypnotoad
cyan-brush rocking the Night guard look
askpun's Agant 707, and totally not the librarian/toponymist Pun, popping in between shifts
ask-wisp-the-diamond-dog as a pirate who invited mylittlechangeling's Starfish as a ninja to a friendly competition of who got the most candy
abledrawsstuff's Molly as the Number One Guy
form-phase as a Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam 0080
original-whocares as a Chess Bishop
ask-abject as one freaked out confused pony
tom-addo-adventure rocking the boxy robot look
askthenecromancerpony dressed up as a personal favorite zombie of mine named Stubbs the Zombie.
ridleywolf's Nightshade as The Rani… pony to be specific
ask-novelty as Hungary and ask-stylus as Austria chasing down their Baboosh Nib as Chibitalia
input-command as “Some stupid pop culture only I care about” or, Malware from Ben 10: Omniverse
ask-king-sombra and Lock n’ Shock as Human LeChuck and Elaine Marley
sketchyknitter as Legolas
And Lastly Blue in his Doctor Blue Costume. While a bit sad that he has no companion this year, how can he be down when surrounded by such swell fiends. Thanks to all 200+ of you guys!

(Yeah, well over 25 hours too late, so sorry but as I said IRL stuff piling up T.T )

"A wound with blood and pus, or the sickly, acrid smell of sweat, of decay, does not signify death. In the presence of signified death—a flat encephalograph, for instance—I would understand, react, or accept. No, as in true theater, without makeup or masks, refuse and corpses show me what I permanently thrust aside in order to live. These body fluids, this defilement, this shit are what life withstands, hardly and with difficulty, on the part of death. There, I am at the border of my condition as a living being. My body extricates itself, as being alive, from that border. Such wastes drop so that I might live, until, from loss to loss, nothing remains in me and my entire body falls beyond the limit—cadere, cadaver. If dung signifies the other side of the border , the place where I am not and which permits me to be, the corpse, the most sickening of wastes, is a border that has encroached upon everything. It is no longer I who expel. ‘I’ is expelled. The border has become an object. How can I be without border?”

Julia Kristeva, Powers of Horror