the dinos


"Uhm… Could I just ask…? Which one can I drink?"

Walter Robotics Training Video VI
  • Rabbit:Okay! So I to-to-took over the camera for these trainin' videos!
  • *muffled Walter Worker screaming, hammering on door*
  • Rabbit:I locked her out! Here's what you r-r-really need to know 'bout us bots!
  • Walter Worker, muffled:Rabbit, don't give the new employees false info!
  • Rabbit:First, remember to always giv-v-v-ve us lots of foods! 'Specially cotton candy! And spicy Mexican foods! And ice cream!
  • WW:No! Rabbit, you're in big trouble when I get this door unlocked!
  • Rabbit:Second, The Sp-spine is a whiney baby and a liar, so when he says "Rabbit's in my room again, get her out!" or "Rabbit's smuggled a few hun-hundred ducks into the house again!" just ign-n-n-nore him.
  • WW:Rabbit! I'm going to get The Spine and he will break this door down!
  • Rabbit:Third and last, Hatchworth's a ca-a-at in a robot suit, so if you hear meowin' coming from his chest-hatch, don't wo-wo-worry about it!
  • *Door cracking*
  • The Spine:Rabbit, what's going on here?
  • Rabbit:Uh, no-nothing! Byeeeeeeeee!