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Happy birthday, Kim Jongdae! So much has happened the past year for EXO and it’s great to see you and the members smiling now! It was hard on you and the others but events like those only make you stronger. I hope to see that smiling face of yours become brighter with each passing day and that you have a very happy birthday, after all it only comes once a year! ♥

Night, A Sign, Darkness

The moon crept across the spangled sky
The penetrating silence leaves her ears ringing with anticipation
She is waiting for the sign. The sign
To give her the piece of mind she has never truly been able to grasp

Years of abuse roll across her closed eyes like a film projecter
Like downpour, rain falls from her blackened eyes
Cascading down her face
The feeling of worthlessness overwhelms her

A warm breath sends tremors down her rigid spine as five rough fingers wrap themselves firmly around her delicate arm
Death wrests her from her place as she looks him in the face
He pulls her into a darkness that she cannot escape

She can withstand the pain no longer
The small glimpses of light in the darkness are not enough

She would rather end it all than live a life in darkness
With death making her feel numb more and more with each passing day
When her sign finally comes, it is too late
She took matters into her own hands
She is lying on the floor
There is no turning back now

At this moment the life leaves her body along with the darkness that had infected her mind
She had faced death many times, but this time it led to relief.

—  Abbey Rissler

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Daily Drabble

With no access to the yard and days passing, they couldn’t wait any longer to put Axel to rest. Daryl helped Carol set up an area to burn the body, but he stood back once the fire was started. Carol was really the only person that had gotten to know Axel and thus was the only person taking the time to grieve.

Daryl attended the makeshift funeral out of respect. That bullet could have so easily found Carol instead. He wasn’t happy that Axel was dead, but he was grateful for the man’s involuntary sacrifice.

He remained at the site until the embers burned out and Carol had said her goodbye.

A Week's Worth (Epilogue - Part two.)

Summary: Picking up right where Bend the Rules left off, Gavin is back in Texas, although he’s not alone, bringing his new boyfriend Dan along. Now, Michael has two options: he can either let the days pass by until Gavin leaves, or he can make those days some of the best he’s ever experienced. Whatever decision he chooses, he knows the outcome will be anything but ideal. While he knows Gavin didn’t come back for him, because he told him not to, it’s difficult to face the fact that Gavin is in a new relationship. Both men still harbor feelings for each other, and those feelings aren’t going to go away. But his ex being back in town isn’t the only problem Michael has to face.

Word Count: 3967

A/N: Okay, now it’s over for reals. Here’s part two!! Thank you again for EVERYONE who read. It means EVERYTHING to me. I will update ‘Falling Slowly’ soon, in case you were wondering about it, and yeah. This makes me sad. I’m sad. 

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It was the following Tuesday after work that Michael asked Geoff to drive him to his parents’ – well, just his mother’s now – house. The past couple of days had been some of the worst spent. Gavin had been there to keep Michael from losing it every time he started to get a dazed look on his face. Geoff and Griffon also showed their support and comfort to the auburn haired teen, and it was nice. It did help, but how much Michael forced himself to get through a day was painfully evident.

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As I climbed mountains and crossed streams, burying the bodies left in the grasses and streams, my heart was wracked with questions. Why must the world suffer such misery? Why must there be such inexplicable pain? As the days passed, I came to understand. I realized that, in the end, the answers were not for human beings to know, that our work is simply to ease the great suffering of the world. To have the courage to face suffering, senselessness and irrationality without fear, to find the strength to create peace by one’s own example. I will undergo whatever training is necessary for this to become my unshakable conviction.
—  The Burmese Harp, directed by Kon Ichikawa, screenplay by Natto Wada
『ビルマの竪琴』 監督:市川崑, 脚本: 和田夏十
|A Crown Made With Blood | Open To Mutuals

There she sat. Behind the barrier. On the brink of war between her country and another. So many of them she couldn’t count. Though as her status as Queen, she wasn’t able to fight along side her men but she knew they would succeed. With the days passing by and the war slowing down, she came out victorious- she always did.

With her kingdom in celebration of the victory and the men returning home she felt anything but joy. Another war would come soon and the same men would be dragged from their homes only to return to the bloody battlefield.

She had retired for the night sitting by her bed reading. Anything to get her mind off the shouts from outside her window. They might be happy now but she knew sooner or later they would be out their hungry for her own blood. Just like all those before her.

The only thing that caught her attention was the knock on her door. “Enter.” she set the book down glancing at the person. “Well I did not expect to see you until the festivities were over”


It's not that I hate her, I just really do.

Note: Inspired by a prompt on marrishzone
I hope you like it.


Ever since Parrish became a part of the pack (in a way), Lydia has been spending nights with him down at the station, introducing him to the bestiary and trying to help him figure out what he was. At first their meetings were just formal since none wanted to initiate something they couldn’t finish, but as days passed, they became much more comfortable around each other and sometimes they even shared little secrets. That’s why Lydia was quite surprised when the door to his office flew open one night as they were working on a case and a tall brunette walked in, her eyes fixed on Jordan, not even noticing Lydia was sitting on the couch across the room, reading a file. “I though you said you would call?” The girl let out a sigh and Jordan literally jumped off his chair, almost tripping and landing on his face as he blurted out “I was just—” but she cut him off “Working? Baby, you know how much I worry.” Baby? Lydia could swear the color started to drain from her cheeks once the situation changed and now the brunette closed the distance between her and Jordan, her arms wrapping around his waist as she pulled him in for a kiss. Jordan had a girlfriend? Lydia gulped down, feeling utterly uncomfortable, so as quiet as she could, she tried to leave the office, but guess the girl sensed the movement since she broke the kiss and turned around to Lydia, flustered Parrish trying to avoid both of their gazes “I did not know you were alone?” Her voice was laced with curiosity as she turned her head back to Parrish, but Lydia could have sworn it was more than that. “Oh no, I’m just a consultant and Sheriff Stilinski asked me to go through some papers with Deputy.” Lydia quickly replied and offered her a slight smile before adding “We were just wrapping things up, sorry for interrupting.” And before anyone could say anything more, she stepped out of the office, closing the door behind her and letting out a long breath she didn’t notice she was holding all this time. Parrish had a girlfriend, which meant Lydia had no chance. Tears started to burn in her eyes as she rushed out of the station and for a moment she scolded herself for even thinking there could be something between the two of them. Settling in her car, she wiped her eyes and took a few deep breaths before reaching for the key and starting the engine, but just as she did, there was a knock on her window that made her jump and gasp in surprise. Once she got back to her senses, she turned her head to the side to see who it was, and shockingly… it was Parrish’s girlfriend. Not knowing what exactly to think, Lydia lowered down her window and glanced up at the girl who had cut her off before she even started to speak “Just so you know, he is not interested. So back off because we’re happy. Have a safe drive home.” The girl gave her a bitter smile and stormed off, leaving behind a confused and shocked Lydia. ‘What the…?’ She thought to herself as she glanced at her review mirror just to see if the girl was still somewhere behind her, but she was gone and Lydia couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable as she sensed Parrish probably didn’t know about this side to his girlfriend, because if he did, he would probably never let her speak to Lydia like this.

The other day Lydia did something she never thought she would… she was talking to Stiles about Parrish and what happened the night before. “He has a girlfriend?!” Stiles choked on his fries and Lydia had to pat him on the back to help him catch his breath. Apparently he was so shocked Parrish didn’t trust him with that secret. “Yeah, and you should hear what happened next.” Lydia told Stiles the entire thing word by word and he just sat there, staring at her as if she had said the most unreasonable thing in the world. “Why would she even think you’re interested? Is there something more I should know?” His question made her roll eyes at him and shake her head in frustration “God, Stiles, we were just going through the bestiary and some case file. It’s not like I threw myself at him and had a steamy make out session.” Though, she wouldn’t mind something like that happening, but of course, she didn’t mention that. “And she just came onto you like that?” Stiles frowned and started stuffing his mouth with fries again “Thas jus rude.” He baffled out, his mouth full. “Yeah and I have no idea what to do about it.” Lydia’s brows furrowed in confusion as she played with the straw from her smoothie. “Tell Parrish? I mean, he’s a good guy and I doubt he would go with what she did. The poor guy probably doesn’t even know what’s going on.” Stiles had a point, but Lydia wasn’t really comfortable coming up to Parrish and saying ‘Hey, your girlfriend thinks we’re hooking up and she told me to back off’ but she knew she had to do something. “Are you going down to the station now?” She asked Stiles who just nodded his head as he finished his fries and got up from his chair. “We’ll go together.” He patted Lydia’s shoulder and headed out with her. In the next few minutes they were down at the station and Lydia still dwelled whether she should talk to Parrish or not, but running into sheriff right at the door gave her an excuse to go and see him as the sheriff said he dropped off some files for her to look at in Parrish’s office. Nodding her head, Lydia went to find Parrish and just as she reached the door, she could hear he was not alone. “Why can’t you take the night off?” A female voice asked and Parrish replied in an instant “Because I have to work tonight.” - “But you’re a deputy! Can’t you have some time off?” - “I can when I am given the time off, I can’t just go out whenever I please!” Now he raised his voice as well “Please, Jordan, just tonight.” She begged and Jordan let out a frustrated groan “I’ll talk to the sheriff.” Lydia shook her head at the conversation and then knocked on the door, entering after Parrish yelled to come in. “Hello deputy, the sheriff said you have a file for me?” Lydia asked in a flat voice before turning to his girlfriend and giving her a polite smile which the girl didn’t return “Yes! He dropped it off this morning, and I was hoping we could talk about it before you get to read it, there are a few things you should know first.” He quickly started to go through the papers on his table and his girlfriend sighed at how worked up he was. “Call me later.” She asked as she tilted his chin up to peck him and then stormed out of the office, shooting Lydia a glare as she went out. Both Lydia and Parrish just stood there in silence, avoiding each other’s view until she just couldn’t hold it “You do know she is unreasonable, right?” Parrish’s head instantly shot up, eyes wide and lips parting but no sound left them “And last night she told me to back off because the two of you are happy.” His ears were red now and after a few moments he regained his voice “I-I am sure she did not mean it in that way. She can be a bit… stubborn at times, but she is a good person. She really is.” His words threw her off guard and she decided not to make any further comments since he obviously didn’t trust her. “If that’s what you say. It’s none of my business anyway.” She raised her hands for a moment and then walked over to him, taking the file and heading out the door “Lydia!” He called after her “We need to talk about the case, I need to fill —” but she cut him off “I am sure Sheriff could do that.” Her words felt like a slap to him and she regret saying them, but she had no intentions of taking them back. “Hey did you—” Stiles asked as he met her in the hallway and she just replied quickly “He doesn’t believe me. Let’s go, I really don’t want to be here right now.” Stiles just nodded his head and followed her outside, coming up with a plan of his own as they got back in their cars. “Lydia” he yelled through the window and she turned her head to meet his gaze “My place?” He asked and she nodded, a small smile gracing her lips. It was a while since they spent some time together like this and she was really glad they could, after all, Stiles was the only best friend she had left since…. her. The thought was too painful and Lydia couldn’t bring herself to say or think of her name. Not now.

Days passed and Lydia still avoided going down to the station as she really didn’t want to see Parrish. She didn’t even return his calls or texts and it was then she finally admit herself she was acting that way because she felt something for him. Something more than just friends, and she wasn’t sure what to do about it, so she took up one of Stiles’s philosophies “Ignore the problem until it eventually goes away.” Yeah. It was a good philosophy, but what she didn’t know was that Stiles was on a mission of his own and that was getting to know Parrish’s girlfriend better. If she knew what he was doing, she’d probably kill him for it and truth to be told, when he came out with it after a few days, she almost did. “What the hell Stiles!?” Lydia almost screamed and he started throwing his arms around, waving them like a maniac “What the hell me? What the hell you?” His question had her confused and before she could even think about it more she yelled again “What in the world are you trying to say?” Now Stiles was confused too, and probably shocked since he stopped waving his arms around “Are you serious?” His eyebrows arched, making Lydia groan “Do I look like I am anything other than that?” - “Well, yeah, you look like you are going to punch me in the face any second now.” He shrugged and she sat down at the edge of her bed to calm down. “Lydia, it’s obvious that you like him and-” - ” I DO NOT.” she exclaimed and shot him a glare but he just went on “Of course not. And to be honest, his girlfriend sucks. She’s been talking him into some pretty stupid stuff and he just obeyed. That sweet facade is as fake as Scott’s chest hair!” He rolled his eyes and she just stared at him, completely dumbfounded “Scott’s chest hair?” She repeated and he shook his head again “Yeah, but that doesn’t matter now, back to the point. He doesn’t get what she is doing to him and we need to show him that. Oh and I know you’ve been avoiding him, he’s quite upset about that.” Upset? Parrish? About her avoiding him? But why? “Don’t make me draw it to you, I left my highlighters at home.” He groaned and Lydia quickly blinked a few times before finally speaking up again “What do we do then?” And that was enough for Stiles to flash her one of his victorious smiles “Just listen to me.”

"I cannot believe I actually listened to you." She shook her head as he drove them down to the station "Just relax." Stiles had it all planned out but Lydia was still a bit suspicious about the whole thing. They were entering the station before she could even process the entire thing again and once they entered Parrish’s office, they found his girlfriend eagerly snooping through his stuff. "That’s not nice." Stiles said and she jumped away from the table, her head shooting up to meet them "And who are you to tell me that?" Her tone was sarcastic and hostile, Lydia could barely believe it was the same girl who was so sweet when Parrish was around. "We’re his friends and he’s going to listen to us." Lydia said this time and the girl just laughed "He’s going to listen to you over me? Are you serious?" Both Stiles’s and Lydia’s eyebrows narrowed and Parrish’s girlfriend placed her hands on her hips "I m his girlfriend, and he is going to listen to me no matter what I say because he is Parrish. As for the two of you, you seriously look more than desperate. You should just leave and mind your own damn business, especially you." The girl glared at Lydia, but what she didn’t know was that Stiles had called the station and reported a fake emergency, causing Parrish to leave the station, but come back just at the right time. "Jenny." Parrish’s voice came from behind Stiles and Lydia, causing all three to jump and turn around "This is not what it looks like." Jenny raised her hands in defence but Parrish just shook his head, obviously disappointed. He couldn’t believe he actually did everything she told him to. He would leave the work when she would tell him, he would get her expensive gifts and he would even take her out to dinners and fancy places and all she did was mess with him? Regret kicked in and he felt sorry for not listening to Lydia before. "I know exactly what it is, I’ve heard the whole thing. Please get out of my office and don’t bother coming back. I’ll make sure you get your stuff from my place tomorrow." His voice was low and as soon as he was done speaking Jenny started whimpering "But Jordan!" - "Just go." He pointed her towards the door, not even wanting to look at her as he knew she was probably faking tears so he wouldn’t go through with his decision. In the next few moments Jenny ran out and whimpering sounds silenced, leaving the three of them to just stand there awkwardly for a few moments. "I am so sorry guys." Parrish whispered, his head down but just as Stiles was about to say something, his phone started ringing and it almost fell out of his hands when he rushed to answer it. "Heeeey Malia." Stiles said as he picked up, his face suddenly going from excited to guilty and as softly as he could, he slapped his forehead so she wouldn’t hear him do that over the phone "No, I did not forget. I am on my way actually. Why don’t you hear the car in the background?.. I had to drop by the station to deliver something to Parrish, I am on my way now." Hanging up he looked at Parrish and instantly Parrish replied "I got your back" - "I love you." Stiles patted his shoulder and then turned to Lydia with an apologetic look "It’s fine, I’ll walk." She said, not wanting to hear him apologise and after a quick hug, he was out the door. Silence descended upon Lydia and Parrish again and not being able to take it anymore she turned around to leave. "Lydia" Parrish breathed out as she stepped outside his office, but she didn’t want to turn around, she didn’t want to face him so she just kept on walking. "Lydia." She heard his voice again, this time his footsteps joined in and she hurried towards the door so he wouldn’t catch up. "Lydia, for heaven’s sake!" He sighed and grabbed her wrist, spinning her around to meet him "What Deputy?" She snapped at him, praying to God she doesn’t start crying. "I should have listened to you… I am sorry. I am so sorry. You were telling me the truth and I-" - "You trusted your girlfriend." She shrugged, acting all nonchalant. "I meant to say, I missed you when you were gone. I wish you answered my calls." He sounded wounded, but so was she. "We had nothing to talk about." Lydia whispered, breaking away from his gaze. "You’re right." He said as he let go of her wrist "talking just ruins things." And before she knew it, her face was in his hands and his lips crushed down on hers. She didn’t want to respond at first, she wanted to feel nothing, but that was impossible. Completely impossible. Her lips moved with his in a quick rhythm, almost as if there is no tomorrow and once they broke away from the kiss, they were both breathing heavily, their eyes locked onto each other. "I should have done this a long time ago." His voice was husky and Lydia couldn’t stop herself from drowning in it as she stepped closer to him and leaned in slightly "You should have." And that was the cue for him to kiss her again. So he did.

my tears wash away the roots of my past and while I don’t have anything to hold me back i now have nothing to hold me down. I feel as if you don’t care that I’m willing to uproot my garden for you when you are barely able to pluck a petal from a daisy to see if I still love you. of course I do. but the point is that although I will always love you and I will never leave there is always the chance of you giving up as you do with every other challenge you’re faced with. at this point I dont care if you’re fighting for or against me I just long to hear the passion fill your voice powered by the fire in your eyes. my roots are being blotted out because of the river dripping off my eyelashes in beat with my heart; a steady rhythm caused by the fact that 28 days will have passed by the time I even have the possibility of seeing you again. you’re supposed to be the one to chase away the darkness and the monsters in my head because without you I don’t even feel safe within the confines of my own bed. I’m covered in blankets yet I still feel the chill of your missing warmth and you tell me I’m beautiful while it’s been almost a month since you last saw me. the compliments you used to shower me with struggle to leave your lips without the gentle plea i send to you as I pinch at my skin with tears streaming down my face and all i receive is a simple “beautiful”. the fact that you can’t find the words to stop my self hatred anymore makes me think that what I tell myself when I look in a mirror is justified. and I know I shouldn’t need your approval and I don’t see it as that I see it as confirmation that what I’m hoping is true. that what I pretend is true when I wear hoodies and jeans through the school corridors as I try and hide my teary eyes. you ask me how my day was and I tell you truthfully that it sucked but what I don’t say was how I played with the blades in my pocket or how silent tears slipped out in the bathroom at lunch because I’m too scared to ask the teacher to go during class. every night I struggle to stay awake and every night I feel horrid for going to bed. you tell me your troubles but I can’t find it in me to voice mine when you already have so much to deal with. I know you said it was going to be hard and I’m not going to give up I just wish you knew how hard I am fighting.
—  k.a.
A Week's Worth (Epilogue - Part one)

Summary: Picking up right where Bend the Rules left off, Gavin is back in Texas, although he’s not alone, bringing his new boyfriend Dan along. Now, Michael has two options: he can either let the days pass by until Gavin leaves, or he can make those days some of the best he’s ever experienced. Whatever decision he chooses, he knows the outcome will be anything but ideal. While he knows Gavin didn’t come back for him, because he told him not to, it’s difficult to face the fact that Gavin is in a new relationship. Both men still harbor feelings for each other, and those feelings aren’t going to go away. But his ex being back in town isn’t the only problem Michael has to face.

Word Count: 5420

A/N: Since MANY people did ask to see the epilogue, I finished it and here it is. There is some trigger warnings, such as minor character death. Also some mentions of vomiting; just for those who are grossed out by that. That’s pretty much it. Also broke it into two parts because I cannot control myself and wrote WAY more than I had originally planned. Part two will be posted later on today.

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Michael groaned as he felt a warm body pressed against him. With his eyes remaining closed, he lifted his hand, barely having any energy to do so, and began pushing the person away from him. The person grabbed his wrist to hold on, only frustrating Michael further.

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I’m so lazy today. I know I must do stuff, but I just can’t. I just want to have couple beers and watch movies. So probably I will pass this day and instead of writing I will relax from this hellish week. Oh, talking about movies, it seems I’ve skipped X-men first class somehow and I want to watch it. I’m kinda tempted to add x-men on my list [because young Charles is… yeah…] and this movie will prove to me if I should do it [it means if I liked it that much]. So, heads up for the news, I will update you as soon as I watched it. In meantime you can let me know what fic of mine you like best, and why. It’s to help me improve and to know my strong sides as a writer! So, I’m waiting <3 Stay safe, and whatever happens - I’m here and I love you <3

i just got on the bus to get to work and when i was putting my money for a two hour pass the bus driver was like “whoops! Seems i gave u a day pass” and winks. Nice bus drivers are a blessing to this planet.

  "It's okay, Haru. They'll find you.." 
"They're probably looking for you right now."
"They have to be.."

At the age of ten, Haru's parents, eager treasure hunters, took him with them on an adventure, insisting he have the same future as them. Their trip led out at sea, but took a turn when a storm hit, swallowing their ship whole. Haru was the only survivor, having drifted away from his parents' drowning forms on a plank, hand outstretched, screaming. Two days passed in a daze, blue leading him to the place in which he'd spend his next years; a deserted island.

Adapting to the wilderness didn't take long and as years passed by, Haru had learned the ways of the island. He could swim, catch fish, build decent shelters, climb trees, craft weapons. Everything he needed to survive. The only exception being company. This wasn't necessarily something crucial, but the loneliness slowly ate at him, driving him to the brink of insanity. In his mind, he created characters, friends and family, young and old. They lived on the island with him, filling the extra shelters he'd built, but never filling the emptiness in his heart. But despite this, Haru kept on living, in hope that one day he'd finally be saved. In hope that one day, he wouldn't be alone anymore.

If we fall apart out there, here we come back together again. Darting up the stairs, ancient and stoney up away from the road. Down there we jostle in and out of traffic and ignore the catcalls, shake off the stares. Faster, up around the corner we run to the little metal gate , behind it, great tall trees with names we don’t know and leaves that turn yellow and fall to the patio floor. Sigh. Up here, tucked behind the behemoth of a Nabulsi mansion that belongs to the landlord, things are quiet and they are decidedly different. Un-palestinian, almost.

We all love this city, we love the crazy roads, the bustle of the souk. We love these people who have taken us in and allowed us to call their land home, despite their home shrinking every day.

Still, when I pass through the gates of the Nasser house I feel a shift somewhere deep. I shed my cardigan although it’s almost too cool to do so today. My bare shoulders greet the midday sun which filters down through the leaves of the same trees that give me the privacy I require for this act of rebellion. In the few short weeks we have lived here all together, we have eaten, smoked, made fires and carved delicate art into this table. We burned sappy sticks and accidentally created a fireball, leaving our place of communion in waxy ruin. We cleaned it, carefully, with more thought than a plastic table deserved. It was like a christening, now the table is ours. All of ours. In every corner we’ve started to carve into the soft plastic and colour over with pens. A tree, a feather, a Palestinian flag. 

This house is ancient. I can only guess that the elderly woman who lived here passed away. She was the mother of a school board member and so, the house feels different than the rented flat that most of the english speaking staff lives in. My flat is cold and always empty despite 8 residents. Nasser house is vibrating with life, uncontrollable and unownable. It’s history is bigger than all of us put together. 

There’s a mobile on the patio now. Alex, a goofy bespectacled Wisconsinite who seems to have lived countless lives in his 24 years, made it of sticks and found red pantyose. Spencer, the most unassuming New Yorker I’ve ever met put up his prayer flags. There are scraps of paper on the walls inside, in a great collage of found writing, sketches and memorabilia of the least impressive sort. Every time I come over, the collection has grown. 

Today it feels like fall, I woke up from a cat nap on the patio to return my cardigan to my shoulders, and all around my little glass of tea there were yellow and brown leaves. It could not have been mistaken for the autumn I learned to adore in the United States but maybe it was better.

A bunch of Israeli dudes came to my band’s show tonight and were really psyched about us, and the cutest one was all up in my business. I haven’t had someone flirt with me like that in ages, but I was just like, “Dude, I barely have the energy to exist right now; I certainly don’t have any to spare on someone who will only be in town for a week.”

Getting more ace with each passing day. Somebody buy me a Sopwith Camel and let’s just get it over with.

A couple of days have passed since that incident in the park, but Louise wasn’t going to get over it.  How dare that pipsqueak just leave her there after offering to escort her home?  Then have the nerve to just disappear into thin air.  Who did that?  Had she not been joking about the magic part?

No matter, because there she was, across the other side of the road.

"Oi!  You!  I see you over there!"  Lou stopped in her tracks, pointing directly at her new "enemy."