the yule ball


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fire-red-vixen asked:

I love Harry potter, I don get all this Buzz over the Jewish Wizard. We have the Indian twins, sorry I can't spell their surname. Who in the movie war Saris to the Yule ball. At least in the Wizard they call it a Yule ball and not a Christmas party. There is a lot of Christian Allegory in Harry Potter though. What's your opinion of this buzz over the Jewish Wizard?

I’m just surprised SJWs started caring about jews all of a sudden, normally it’s all “Anne Frank had white privilege” on this shitty website 

keybladeofsteel asked:

"she never ever mentioned students celebrating any other religious or other kind of holiday around that time," Reminds me of how she could have easily had students being overheard hoping some other student that happened to be of the same sex would go with them to the Yule Ball but, no, all we get is hearing about Dumbledore after the series is over.

Riiiiiighttttttt? Like UGHHH I’m over having “almost but not quite” moments and things that I’m supposed to extrapolate from I’m sick sick sick of it over it I’m done with being told I’m supposed to be happy with shit happening off screen when all the totally ~acceptable~ faiths and sexualities and everything else hog all the screentime I’m over it, I’m so over it, no y’all I don’t feel represented I don’t feel the love I don’t like or appreciate your ambiguity or your word of god, I don’t, I don’t. Not anymore.

i most definitely just teared up in the car singing along to save ginny weasley from dean thomas omg i just love harry and the potters so much and i’ve wanted to go to the yule ball for a long time and now i’m going to B O T H YULE BALLS

Day 6: Yule Ball

The Yule Ball popularly refers to the winter ball during the Triwizard Tournament in the Harry Potter series.  You can have Jack and Hiccup be two random students attending, or maybe one of them is a school champion.  Or maybe they’re both champions.  If you don’t want to take the Harry Potter route, you are welcome to just consider this a school dance.


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what if harry had been sorted into slytherin though

  • sarcastic bastard and no need to pretend otherwise
  • learning the names of people outside your immediate circle of friends??? please
  • usually overdramatic, sometimes morally grey
  • sirius having to deal with the fact that his godson is a slytherin. a slytherin. james potter’s son is in slytherin. remus can you believe this
  • bezzies-by-circumstance with draco malfoy with all the highlights including a) earth-shattering fights, b) someone brazen enough to curb draco’s nastiness, and c) someone unimpressed enough to tell harry to get a fucking grip and stop being so self-righteous all the time potter you frilly whingebag
  • (and a friendship with harry/draco reluctantly getting roped into his cause could have changed a whole buncha shit for the malfoys and all that Malfoy Joins the Order With Snape fic of ‘03-‘05 could have come true)
  • speaking of, a head of house/student relationship with snape might have saved his character from being entirely reprehensible
  • challenging the wizarding public’s views of slytherin house by pitting their ridiculous prejudices against their blind all-consuming love for/faith in harry
  • quirrell was a ravenclaw and wormtail was a gryffindor [insert harry’s sarcastic one-liner about all the witches and wizards who went bad being in slytherin here]
  • jkr putting her money where her mouth is re: “we’ve all got both light and dark inside us, it’s our choices who make us who we truly are” by putting the boy who lived and eventual saviour of the wizarding world in the ~evil house~
  • or even better she could have established slytherin as the ~evil house~ and then dismantled that completely by showing harry surrounded by loving, caring people forced to choose between standing beside their friend harry or supporting voldemort’s/their parents’ cause
  • harry’s group of friends torn in two by their parents’ ideology and their loyalty to harry and what they’ve seen to be true while sharing a home with hundreds of halfbloods and muggleborns
  • and then members of slytherin house fighting tooth and nail against the people who raised them because harry potter just has that effect on people
  • all resulting in an eventual about-face in people’s attitudes towards slytherins
  • and when harry has kids they’re proud at the thought of being sorted into slytherin house because their dad was a slytherin and he saved the fucking world