Fucking lee donghae and lee Hyukjae

Fucking not letting each other go in 1+1=LOVE



cr. Buttsbonbon

Without a Word

My shining person is singing. His slightly off-tune voice is echoing from the gym where he’s running a dustmop over the wooden floors of the basketball court. My arms are loaded with emptied waterbottles as I walk back inside. He doesn’t see me slip into the storage closet to put them away.

All the others have left for the day, eager to return home or stop someplace for food. I know what waits for me, should I choose to go to mine. A lot of chaos and a full house. So I’d rather stick with him.

I poke my head around the door to watch him. He still doesn’t realize I returned. My shoulders shake with silent laughter as he starts to dance with the mop, even dipping it down like it’s a true partner. He’s too cute.

When his back is turned, I sneak across the floor, gym shoes left by the closet so I can be extra quiet. Right before I reach him, the singing stops. He turns around and wraps me up in the tightest hug he can manage.

"Gotcha Mitobe!"

I dip my head to nuzzle the soft and wild hair, damp from sweat, nodding against him. The arms relax slightly and he pulls back.

"Dinner at my house?"

Nodding, I can’t help but smile. He always knows what I’m thinking. My hand gently cups the side of his face and tilts it just so. I don’t have to say a word. He rises up on his tiptoes and brushes his lips against mine. Just what I wanted, just what I needed.

"OK. Let’s go then. I have an American basketball game recorded that we can watch!"

Our hands are linked as he pulls me out of the gym. Koga, my shining person.  My love.  Without a word, he knows this, and feels the same.

anonymous said:

Did you ever listen to Destiny's child

Of course! Writings on the Wall is one of my favorite albums.


Ah, I’m so sad to see that this show will be ending next episode. This was definitely the funniest series that I watched this season, possibly the most hilarious anime I’ve ever seen. 

Again, Nozaki continues to study people for his manga. I find it quite curious that he hasn’t yet used Sakura as an entire character reference; is it because it’s hard to profile her personality, or some other reason? It seems that he views her in more dimensions than the other characters; actually, I have a difficult time defining Sakura’s personality myself. She seems at once dreamy and down-to-earth, logical and somewhat idealistic. Unlike the typical shoujo heroine, there are plenty of times when she finds Nozaki to be quite realistic, and tires of some of his actions. 

I feel Nozaki’s pain, though. Often, when writing, there’s a point where you hit what I call the “writing wall”. It becomes difficult to think of new ideas, and you search desperately for something that would reactivate the plot or just create some action to lead back into the writing muse without seeming too ridiculous. Of course, it’s a careful balance. Too fanciful and it’s unbelievable and incredibly difficult to follow with a coherent story; too boring and you soon find yourself running out of words again. In a manga that seems like a very typical shoujo, I’m sure it’s difficult to define yourself from others because there are many things that people want to see, and things that they don’t want to see. Unfortunately, Nozaki doesn’t seem to have a very good perception of what’s an excessive surprise and what has the good balance. His actions towards Sakura, at lunch especially, were quite cute, but it’s difficult to put them into a manga without them seeming strange or awkward. Indeed, it’s the same for any type of writing- either it sounds great but then when you image it playing out in real life it’s totally ridiculous, or it works in real life but sounds dull and somewhat awkward in the story. 

And yet, in the background, we feel the question romance between Nozaki and Sakura approaching. It’s been depicted as completely one-sided for most of the anime, or at least from our view, but yes, when Mikorin asked the question about what Nozaki thinks of Sakura, I realized that the idea of romance has been slowly growing throughout the series, and, judging from the preview of the next episode, it’s going to be addressed directly. Hopefully. Knowing this anime, I’m sure there’s going to be some sort of plot twist that will be funny and disappointing at the same time. And quite frankly, I actually don’t mind if Nozaki and Sakura don’t end up going out with each other, or Nozaki doesn’t actually have feelings for her. The way they are now is fine; I mean, if there was romance added I wouldn’t complain, but it’s the evasion of romance that contributes to a lot of the humour in this series.