Yeah, that’s right! I’m tone-deaf! Are you disappointed? You’re disappointed, aren’t you!?

anonymous said:

wait uhm.. who do you dislike in roommate and why? sorry if I'm bothering you but I don't know them and I'd kinda like to know :D

hey there!!

i dislike seho. he’s kind of the reason i stopped watching in the first place, because i was rly into roommate at the beginning but then they played up the whole nana/seho love line thing, and you can see how nana just doesn’t like seho like that at all…but she got so much hate for it, that now she kind of just plays along with it. even though, she shouldn’t have to at all. also, i really love nana and it bothers me that she has to pander to seho/the audience like that when she doesn’t want to. i know in part, that it might just be the script/editing that makes seho appear like that…but i watched the first ep of s2 and he kept making all these sly remarks on gukjoo’s weight/attractiveness and it rubbed me the wrong way. i am so not here for fat shaming at all.

but on the plus side, the rest of the cast is adorable!! and when seho was making all those comments, jackson was being such a little sweetheart to her…like he kept saying nice things to her, and getting all affectionate…and god, he’s just such a nice person. i get the feeling that he’s the kind of guy that would stand up for another person if they were being teased and i’m so proud of him :D

and this wasn’t bothering me at all!! i’m so sorry this is so long omg. i’m going to start watching again prob, but for all the other cast members.