the whole cast is awesome


Yeah, that’s right! I’m tone-deaf! Are you disappointed? You’re disappointed, aren’t you!?

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Oh man I have this intense need to cosplay Ronnie. Like I can't even express it. The whole cast of Les Normaux is awesome and I love it so much. :) I was wondering how you decided to style each character? Everyone has a distinct style and I love how diverse they all are.

omg thankyou :”””””’)

You mean style as in clothes right?

hmmm I dunno it just happened I think??

At first I just put whatever on them but once their character starts building their style evolves with it?

Like Ronnie’s style is pretty cute but she’s not just cute she’s also very loud and she speaks her mind a lot, so I put little things in like jewlery and choose colours so that she doesnt look like a kid.

Elia is a vampire so I went for lots of black tones and make is clothing pretty “elegant” most of the time.(wich also fits his background of his mom being a fashion designer) 

Or I base them on their story like Seb has a more “street” style since he hung out on the streets a lot doing magic tricks and all that  but I kept the pretty jewlery to make him more “wizardly” 

Drew wears a lot of sweaters and practical/ comfortable clothing that his grandma makes for him.

Radha has a lot of jewlery and all that because I drew her in traditional indian clothes the first time and for Pam I wanted something feminine but a bit more “mature” then Ronnie since she’s the one of the 3 that keeps it all together

this was a longass answer sorry

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the maze runner? :)

NNNNGHH YES. Thank you, sweetie! :D

favourite scene: when Thomas runs into the maze to try and help Minho and Alby
least favourite scene: none, the movie is great!
how many times have i seen it: two. So far!
favourite actor in movie: oh I don’t know. That’s not true, I know, it’s DYLAN O’BRIEN *heart eyes*  but I also really love Thomas Sangster and Will Poulter and Kaya Scodelario and Ki Hong Lee and basically the whole cast is awesome.
least favourite actor in movie: see above, lol
do i own the dvd: no
favorite song in the movie: okay, OKAY. It has to be When The Darkness Comes by Shelby Merry. It’s not in the movie but it’s strictly linked to it in my head because of this video I saw like the day before I went to see the movie! It’s great.
ever met any of the actors: no (t yet, but ONE DAY I hopefully will!)
haven’t seen/will add to ‘watch list’: I had put it on my to-watch list since the first time I saw the trailer and I went to see it at the cinema! I’m glad I did :)

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