the whole cast is awesome

So we didn’t get Macbeth. Which is bollocks. But having seen how many schools are doing Maccy B in our area makes me think it’s for the best. And we did get Twelfth Night, which is awesome and I managed to cast the whole thing today and have a strong core of kids to take on roles that will suit them.

On that note, does anyone have any sheet music for any Twelfth Night songs/instrumentals?

Exactly 1 beef with Daredevil

Let’s be clear about this. I loved this series of Daredevil. For numerous reasons. But my native NYC’er and MCU nerd couldn’t help but notice a distinct lack of Stark Tower in Daredevil’s NYC:

I can’t be the only person who was looking for this, right?!
For reference, the metlife building isn’t even whole in Avengers:


Daredevil was FANTASTIC, all the characters and the story and the relationships and writing it was all GREAT. 

However it taught me that binge-watching is not for me so when Jess comes out I’m going to have to limit myself to 2 or 3 a day.

This play I’m in, man. It’s gonna be awesome.

The whole cast is wonderful, we all work really well together. The script is insanely charming. We’re gonna look so good up there in our costumes and yeeeaaaassss.

Daisy Pulls It Off, sucka.

My 2 cents about that whole pannel drama: When we first talked about it everyone was talking about how the whole cast was awesome and how the chemistry between Stana and Nathan was insane and they were very glad about it. The only black spot was the fact we didn’t have the deleted scene.

And yes if you remember it was the one and only thing we were complaining about. So why almost 2 years after we suddenly start talking shit about Nathan and the MilMar? Are you that dumb and naive to fall for those who wants to troll the fandom?

I’m on episode 7 of Daredevil. It’s still so good! And, as awesome as this whole cast is, I still love Foggy Nelson. Like, seriously! Bless Marvel for having a character who acts and think like a normal human being … because that keeps this whole series in perspective!