John was a truly the definition of a friend. When he found out that an old friend of his was dying of cancer he invited that friend and his family to stay in his house. He opened his home unconditionally and indefinitely in order to make an old friend comfortable in his final days. That is the kind of friend John was.
—  Steve Luongo, “John Entwistle 1944-2002″

Jack White and Pete Townshend - The Seeker

È forse questo che si cerca nella vita, nient'altro che questo, la più gran pena possibile per diventare se stessi, prima di morire.

Louis-Ferdinand Céline

John loved to give gifts. He enjoyed watching the expression on people’s faces as they opened whatever he gave them. Sometimes the gift would be humorous and he would wait for you to get the joke. Other times he would touch your heart by turning up with the most thoughtful gift picked out just for you and carried half way around the world. He once scoured the toy shops in the United States until he was able replace a hard-to-find toy that was stolen from his son during a train ride. John loved the holidays and enjoyed decorating his home for Christmas. He would shop for Christmas presents year round and spoil everyone that he was close to on Christmas Day.
—  Steve Luongo, “John Entwistle 1944-2002

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