Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey being absolutely adorable and clearly in love with each other during a [Romeo & Juliet, 1968] interview.


Deleted Scene: Felicia notices Harry’s hand shaking. 


'cause we can give it time, so much time, with me


Ross! ugh,… That Ross Shor Lynch Boy. The main reason why I want Raura so much is just the way Ross looks at Laura everytime they do something together, especially when she is not looking at him. He looks at her as if Laura was his precious angel or he’s thinking “wow, this girl is beautiful” I mean I can’t argue with that,look at her, Laura is Flawless. I know theirs feelings that he is denying or hiding deep deep deep deep inside. You can’t just look a girl like that and not have any attractions or feelings for her. The way he looks at Laura reminds me of the way Austin looks at Ally. <3333 I’m Having feelings right now! BADLY because i’m imagining of what would Ross be thinking when he looks at Laura. 


I can’t even fucking handle how he’s looking at her right now.

Jesus fucking cheese biscuits, this is not fair Kristoff. You bastard, stop doing that… that thing with the face and the eyes and- UGH. You’re both too beautiful, you perfect little shits.
I just CAN’T right now.
This movie is 3 days away and I’m having this sudden influx of feels ever time I think about it. And don’t even get me started on KristAnna. Everything is KristAnna and nothing hurts…. actually everything hurts because I can’t draw anything right now and it’s my only outlet….


And may I just add that the detail in this poster is freaking phenomenal.


Maybe we should be moving on,
and figure what is done is done.
Maybe we should say goodbye
but maybe not tonight. (x)


The Lady and The Chauffeur- Four Outfits [3/4]

The Branson Dress