I love BDB Confessions, but I’m trying to avoid reading certain confessions because I want The Shadows to be a surprise. Ironically, I wouldn’t have bothered to read the book until it came out in paperback if it hadn’t been for J.R. Ward’s spoilers.

Okay, but Mage Wardens who have just left the Tower, you know? Think about it. Like, Mage Wardens, with slender limbs and weak muscles, wincing and grumbling during the trek to Ostagar. They’ve never walked so far in all their life.

Mage Wardens, sitting around the camp at night, holding soft, sore feet in their magically frosty palms, trying to soothe the blisters and aches this new life has brought.

Mage Wardens, not used to the sunshine, covered in freckles and sunburn, squinting and flushed with a patina of sweat.

Mage Wardens making a purchase for the first time ever, counting out their silvers and bits so meticulously that the shopkeep rolls his eyes and clears his throat most rudely.

Mage Wardens applying frost enchantments to flasks for all their companions, so none of them are ever far from fresh, cold water - or ale, in Oghren’s case.

Mage Wardens, determined to be self-sufficient individuals, trying to light the campfire, striking stones together as their companions quietly observe. Mage Wardens finally roaring in frustration, the stones sent sailing and fire, as red as the Warden’s face, flinging from their hand to the pit, because, they shout, Andraste be damned this is barbaric!

Mage Wardens, u feel ∩(︶▽︶)∩

| Your Dragon Age: Origins Choices |

bold with your choices (indepth version). 

Your hero’s gender


Your hero’s race 

dalish elf
city elf
dwarf commoner
dwarf noble
human noble

Your hero’s class


Your hero’s fate

warden died killing archdemon
warden survived the blight

Whom did the Warden romance? 

no one

Did the Warden recruit Dog? 


What happened to Loghain? 

executed by the warden
executed by alistair
killed by alistair in a duel
died killing archdemon

What did the Warden do about Sten’s imprisonment in Lothering? 

didn’t free sten
picked lock to free sten
persuaded revered mother to free sten
intimidated revered mother into freeing sten

Did the Warden recruit Sten? 


Did the Warden recruit Oghren? 


Did the Warden return Sten’s sword to him? 

didn’t recruit sten

Did the Warden recruit Zevran? 


What happened to Zevran? 

survived the blight

Did the Warden recruit Wynne? 


What happened to Alistair?  

died killing archdemon
became king
stayed with the wardens
became a drunk

Did the Warden remain as Alistair’s mistress?  

the warden and alistair were not lovers
remained alistair’s mistress
didn’t remain alistair’s mistress
warden is alistair’s queen
alistair remained with grey wardens and the warden

What was Wynne’s fate? 

the warden didn’t recruit wynne
survived the blight
died at broken circle
warden killed wynne

What happened to Leliana? 

the warden didn’t recruit leliana
killed leliana after poisoning the urn
leliana left

Did Morrigan have a baby? 

yes, after completing the dark ritual with the warden
yes, after completing the dark ritual with alistair
yes, after completing the dark ritual with loghain
yes, as a result of her relationship with the warden

Did the Warden find Flemeth’s grimoire for Morrigan? 

did not acquire grimoire
acquired grimoire peacefully
acquired grimoire by defeating flemeth

Who did the Warden support at the Broken Circle? 


Did First Enchanter Irving survive the battle against Uldred? 


Did the Warden agree to Cullen’s request to kill the mages in the tower? 


Who now rules Ferelden?  

alistair and anora
alistair and the warden
anora and the warden

Who killed the Archdemon? 

the warden

  • The Warden, Hawke, the Inquisitor and the Marquis of Serault sit at a table together.
  • The Warden:You know, they call me 'the Hero of Ferelden.'
  • Hawke:(snorts) They call me the Champion of Kirkwall
  • The Inquisitor:(laughing) I'm the Herald of Andraste!
  • The Warden, Hawke, and the Inquisitor look at the Marquis as one.
  • Marquis of Serault:(sweats nervously)
  • Marquis of Serault:...
  • Marquis of Serault:...
  • Marquis of Serault:I'm like 99 percent sure I'm at the wrong table.

Done! I figured I should just put the sketch up as I have no idea when I’ll get to colour it.

This is basically how my Warden and Zev set out on the quest they end up on in Inquisition. Even a living legend needs someone else to take the wheel now and again.

I initially started this in Zevran week so I’m saying it counts :)

Can you imagine the conversations when they all get drunk together though….?

Warden: I’ve slain an Archdemon! Killed a homicidal broodmother! I saved a goddamn country.

Inquisitor: I’ve slain Dragons! Closed rifts in the Fade with my bare hands! I saved the goddamn world!

Hawke: *mutters something*

Inquisitor: Say again, Champion?

Hawke: …I helped one of my friends blow up a chantry and set off the end of the world….

Warden: Wut.

The Hero of Ferelden's & Alistair's Grey Warden-Badassery ['nuff said]

How many Grey Wardens does it take to end a Blight, a civil war, settling the dwarven throne issue, curing the werewolves, breaking out of Fort Drakon and deciding the future ruler of Ferelden?

It makes whatever shit the Inquisitor is put up against seemed small compared to the Warden and Alistair. Makes sense for the HoF to make an appearance through a freakin’ letter to the Inquisitor. He/She is just too awesome to meet the Inquisitor in person. Even the letter sent to the Inquisitor will spontaneously combust… *imagines a self-destructing letter to cover the Hero of Ferelden’s track while he/she is searching a cure for the Calling*.

They are too badass.